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Gaignun Kukai Jr.
Jr XS1.png
Jr. in Episode I
Species U.R.T.V.
Gender Male
Age 26
27 (Episode III)
12 (Appearance)
Height 140 cm
Weight 38 kg
Japanese VA Eriko Kawasaki
English VA Brianne Siddall
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Freaks
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Outer File
Xenosaga: The Animation
"Jr. #2" and "Jr. #4" redirect here for technical reasons. For the music pages, see Jr. 2 and Jr. 4.

Gaignun Kukai Jr. (ガイナン・クーカイ・Jr.), originally known as Rubedo (ルベド), is a playable character in the Xenosaga series and the main protagonist of Xenosaga Episode II.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Jr. is a young man with red hair, blue eyes and a tear-shaped earring on his right ear. The number "666" is engraved on Jr.'s left palm. In Episode I, Jr. wears a black trench coat with a cross pattern on its back with a grey t-shirt with a cross pattern on the front underneath the coat, green torn pants with yellow accents, and grey boots. At the Kukai Foundation's beach, Jr. wore a pair of white swim trunks with blue trims. In Episode II, Jr. wears a red trench coat with a cropped red turtleneck and black shirt underneath it, yellow cowboy pants and dark red shoes, with the Swimsuit skill equipped, Jr. wears a green swim trunk, and has a red dragon tattoo on his right arm. In Episode III, Jr. wears a black jacket with a grey shirt underneath it, red and black pants and yellow and red dress shoes, his swimsuit consists of dark blue shorts, a yellow life jacket, with a whistle on his neck and a yellow visor. In his younger years, Rubedo wore a blue and white jumpsuit. Despite his appearance looking like a child, Jr. is an adult at the age of 27. Because of his short structure, Jr. is referred to as Little Master by his colleagues.

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Story arc[edit]


Life at the Yuriev Institue[edit]

Rubedo was born as a conjoined twin with Albedo and as such the two have a close connection to each other. He was a Designer Child specifically designed along with the other U.R.T.V.s to be an anti-thesis to U-DO. Each of the U.R.T.V. variants have a special ability and Junior's is to control the growth of his body. Along with Nigredo they were involved in an experiment to access the subconscious domain of Sakura Mizrahi and were successfully able to interact with each other. Rubedo formed a friendship with Sakura and was able to communicate her feelings to her mother, Juli in the real world. He agreed to Sakura's request to protect her mother and soon to be born "sister" MOMO. As such Rubedo feels a close connection to MOMO.

Miltian Conflict[edit]

As the leader of the U.R.T.V.s, Rubedo was in charge of the operation when they tried to subdue U-DO on Miltia during the Miltian Conflict. However Rubedo panicked when witnessing the potential destruction of the planet and cut the link. This resulted in other U.R.T.V.s getting infected by U-DO and going out of control. This also happened to Albedo, who was never the same. Rubedo was eventually recovered by chaos and Canaan.

Later Life[edit]

After their rescue, Rubedo and Nigredo were taken in by Helmer, who helped them establish the Kukai Foundation. At an unknown point in time, Rubedo and Nigredo took care of a cat called Gaignun and chose to name themselves after it. While being the age of an adult, he has the physical size of a child, in contrast to the other still living U.R.T.V.s.

Episode I[edit]

Junior first appears investigating the disappearance of Ariadne and the destroyed Woglinde via his ship the Durandal. The Durandal is come upon by a U-TIC Battleship and the two do battle, with the Durandal coming out on top. Junior heads inside the battleship along with colleague Mary and an unnamed soldier to investigate further but are unable to come away with the enemy mainframe information they seek after it is destroyed by U-TIC soldiers.

Investigating the Zohar Emulator, Junior ends up bringing the Durandal to the region of space where the Cathedral Ship is and is able to recover the Elsa and the party members occupying it. Shion and the others head to the bridge to meet him. Junior takes everyone back to the Kukai Foundation. Along the way, Junior brings Shion and the others to a large chamber in the Durandal where they are storing the Zohar Emulators, as well as humans who have started turning into gnosis. Junior explains the origin of the Kukai Foundation to the party. Later, Junior is seen talking to Gaignun about KOS-MOS and Shion. Junior also sounds concerned for MOMO. Gaignun gives him a gift, a Makarov gun. Junior hopes to cheer up Shion as well and invites her and the others to the beach within the Kukai Foundation. Shion wonders about Junior and Gaignun's relationship and if they are brothers, father and son or clones of each other. Thinking they may split up from each other in the near future, Junior provides MOMO with a bracelet keepsake.

When the Kukai Foundation is framed by the U-TIC Organization for destroying the Woglinde, Junior is arrested along with the other party members and speculates that this is occurring due to the rights and legal privileges that Second Miltia has been invested with. When the party heads into the Encephalon within KOS-MOS to try and prove their innocence, Junior is brought along with Ziggy and MOMO to the streets of Old Miltia where he sees other infected U.R.T.V.s walking by who start firing. He sees a young Gaignun searching for him. Junion also has a vision of himself saving a young Gaignun from a young Albedo. Junior later has a vision of Albedo in a crazed state.

When a massive amount of gnosis starts appearing Junior orders all the civilians of the Kukai Foundation to head aboard the Durandal. When MOMO disappears and the Song of Nephilim appears, Junior starts having a bad feeling as if he's being dragged into an abyss. Junior feels Albedo's presence and orders the Elsa to head to the Song of Nephilim. He and Ziggy argue over who is going to rescue MOMO but head there together, with him warning the others about Albedo. Junior still feels that this is his responsibility on his own after entering but the other party members accompany him. They come across Albedo, who is holding MOMO and a Kirschwasser who was taking on MOMO's appearance tries to strangle him. Junior unleashes his power to get her off of him and grows more frustrated with Albeodo, shooting at him and unleashing his power again. This merely knocks Albedo away from MOMO but doesn't harm him. Albedo and Junior's power grows stronger, but MOMO is able to break them up. With the appearance of the Blue Testament, Albedo is able to escape but Junior and the others recover MOMO.

Albedo taunts Junior as he resurrects the Proto Merkabah. Junior and the others head into Proto Merkabah in order to stop him. At the core of Proto Merkabah Junior questions Albedo on why he is doing what he's doing. Albedo claims to be doing it for Junior's sake and asks if he has forgotten what he did to him and the other U.R.T.V.s when he severed the mental link to them 14 years prior causing them to succumb to the Song of Nephilim. Junior admits to not being able to control his fear. Albedo departs, forcing Junior and the others to defeat the gnosis formed with the reactor. Junior escapes along with the others to the Elsa which makes its way to Second Miltia.

Episode II[edit]

At the start of the game Junior arrives at Second Miltia along with the others. They are pursued by Richard and Hermann, and eventually Pellegri, who hope to seize MOMO. Junior takes part in fighting them off, and Canaan eventually arrives to help out on the Asher. Afterwards, Junior accompanies chaos to the Moby Dick's Cafe where they encounter Shion and then Jin. Junior accompanies them to the Uzuki Residence where he is excited to see all the books that Jin has gathered. Later, Junior takes part in the operation to dive into MOMO's subconscious to access the Y-Data. Before hand he talks with Juli, concerned about the way she is treating MOMO. When it is revealed that Albedo has left a trap within MOMO's subconscious, Junior and the others dive into the subconscious themselves. While there, Albedo manipulates Junior to increase his anger, causing MOMO to awaken such that Albedo can seize the Y-Data and open the seal to Old Miltia. As Albedo fades away, Junior feels a pain in his heart where he and Albedo used to be connected.

Junior takes part in an operation to head down to Old Miltia to try and acquire the Zohar before the Immigrant Fleet is able to. At this point he takes the lead on piloting Asher, which was previously piloted by Canaan and chaos. After Old Miltia is destroyed and becomes the Ω System, Junior is contacted by the recently revived Dmitri Yuriev. Junior is shocked and angry to see that his "father" has returned. Yuriev tells him to eliminate Albedo. Albedo appears at the Ω System when Junior and the others confront Sergius, and Albedo is disintegrated by Proto Omega's cannon. Junior is upset by this, saying only he can take Albedo out. After Sergius is killed by the Testaments, Albedo is revived and links with U-DO, forming the Space-Time Anomaly. Junior decides to head into the Space-Time Anomaly to have one final confrontation with Albedo. He speaks with Ziggy and MOMO, and then heads inside on his own in Asher.

While in the Space-Time Anomaly, Junior is confronted by various visions of Albedo as a child, as well as Albedo attacking Sakura, which are intended to make him more angry. Junior eventually comes upon Albedo for real and they battle one another, with Junior defeating and killing him. While victorious, Junior is still sad about Albedo losing his life and leaving him, feeling as if he's lost half his body. Junior is picked up by chaos and returned back to the Durandal where he reunites with the others. In the epilogue of the game it is revealed that Junior has found an albino dog which he calls Alby.

Episode III[edit]

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  • As a cover story, Jr. is the adopted son of Gaignun Kukai and have him as born in the year T.C. 4755 instead of his actual birth year of 4740.
  • Much like Gaignun, Jr. got his name from a cat of the same name.
  • Jr. enjoys collecting antique text and literature, as well as guns from those time periods.
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As a playable character[edit]

Episode I[edit]

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Episode II[edit]

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Episode III[edit]

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Xenosaga I & II[edit]

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Episode I


Gaignun Kukai Jr., director of Kukai Foundation.

His hobby is collecting ancient text and literature, as well as ancient (relative to his time period) weapons.

The official records state that he was born in T.C. 4755 and is the adopted son of Gaignun Kukai.

Jr. (2)

BORN: T.C. 4740
AGE: 26 years old

One of the surviving U.R.T.V. units, he is a human specially "created" as an antithesis to U-DO, the living consciousness which jeopardized the Galaxy Federation in the past.

His relationship to Albedo and Gaignun Sr. shall be revealed in further detail, in subsequent episodes.


In Psychology and Alchemy (1944), C.G. Jung refers to rubedo, or "reddening," as one stage in the process of human individuation as symbolized in alchemic terms.

A nickname for U.R.T.V. Unit #666 (Jr.), who unlike the other units, has bright red hair.

Apparently Jr. got his name because he is physically smaller in stature than Gaignun, hence "Gaignun Jr."

Episode III


Jr. Database Thumbnail XS3.png

A URTV created as an U-DO anti-existence.

A survivor of the URTVs--the special group of people created based on data collected from U-DO, the discarnate entity that threatened the Galaxy Federation in the past, in order to be its anti-existence. His official name is URTV unit number 666, Rubedo.

He was born from the same embryo as URTV unit number 667, Albedo.

He has the ability to activate the special anti-UDO waveform mode Red Dragon, which causes mutual destruction upon contact with U-DO. In order to contain that dual-edged power, Jr. has half-subconsciously halted the development of his own body. However, as this mutual destruction extends only to Jr. and the observational terminal part of U-DO, from a cost-benefit perspective, his powers cannot be called a complete anti-U-DO solution.

It is difficult to think that Dmitri, having personally experienced direct contact with U-DO, would have created the URTVs without realizing this. Perhaps it is more likely that Jr. and his kind were created out of a need to accumulate data before Dmitri could ascend to an existence equivalent to U-DO.

In fact, Dmitri, who began monitoring Albedo's subconscious through Canaan[note 1], obtained the Y-Data, revived the relic of God, and proceeded to the Ark in order to become His kin.

Jr. was able to reunite with Albedo through Gaignun's sacrifice. Although objectively his condition became that of two minds inhabiting a single body, his relationship with Albedo is like the two sides of a single being.

It is possible that their minds were originally one and the same, due to their birth as conjoined twins. Perhaps Gaignun's actions were not simply out of self-sacrifice, but were motivated by that knowledge and the desire to restore the two of them to their rightful form.


Rubedo Database Thumbnail XS3.png

URTV unit number 666.

URTV unit number 666. Jr.'s name during his time with the URTVs. Named for the alchemical process of reddening.

The name Rubedo was given to him by Dmitri Yuriev in order to aid his self-awareness; Rubedo, unlike most URTVs, was a variant with a distinct personality. Because of this, Jr. hates being addressed by this name.

See Jr.

URTV Unit Number 666

Rubedo Database Thumbnail XS3.png

URTV unit number 666 [Rubedo]

The 666th variant URTV to be born at the Yuriev Institute. Because he was born with red hair, he was named Rubedo, a name taken from C.G. Jung's "Psychology and Alchemy", in which "rubedo" refers to the process of a substance turning red. He was born a conjoined twin, his back attached to unit number 667, Albedo.

Rubedo was the first variant URTV to be born at the Institute and possessed a much stronger anti-U-DO waveform than standard URTVs. He united the URTVs as a leader figure.

As children, his younger brother Albedo never left his side. Rubedo watched over him with kindness at times and discipline at others. However, their relationship turned disastrous when the URTV force faced U-DO, and Rubedo foresaw Miltia and the URTV's future.

Understanding everything, Rubedo cut off the mental link between the URTVs, fearful that his existence would be erased. As a result, the standard URTVs and Albedo became infected by U-DO. To this day, Rubedo is tormented by guilt for having cut off the mental link.



Jr. Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png



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In other languages[edit]


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Gaignun Kukai Jr.[edit]

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  1. This is a mistranslation found in the English localization. In the Japanese version, it is said that Dmitri monitored Albedo through Gaignun instead. https://w.atwiki.jp/xenosagadb/pages/6.html