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This article is about Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. For Jin from the Xenosaga games, see Jin Uzuki.
Jin XC2.png
Gender Male
Designer Tetsuya Nomura
Japanese VA Takahiro Sakurai
English VA John Schwab
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch

Jin (シン) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the protagonist in Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is the leader of the Torna organization, and has unmatched prowess in battle, despite not wielding a Blade like most other fighters in Alrest.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Jin is a tall man with white hair and blue eyes. He wears grey armour with a white cloak, pants, and boots, as well as a white mask with horns. In battle, he wields a simple sword with a red crystal in the hilt.

Jin is very curt and businesslike. He says the minimum that he needs to say and no more, only opening up to those he greatly trusts. While he has the loyalty of all members of Torna, he does not divulge his plans to all of them, and is keen to do things alone when he can.

Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Jin first appears as part of an elite crew hired by Bana, which consists of himself, Malos, Nia, and their Blades Sever and Dromarch. He explains to the prospective Rex that they're looking for something very deep in the Cloud Sea, and are specifically looking for Leftherian help. Rex accepts, and the crew shortly finds the Ancient Ship they were looking for. The ship is raised, and Jin calls Rex to join his squad as they search inside. This pays off when they find doors sealed by Addam's Crest, which can only be opened by a Leftherian. Inside, Rex finds the Aegis, and touches its core crystal. Jin immediately kills Rex as an "act of mercy". However, Rex is revived by Pyra becoming his Blade, and the two escape the ensuing confrontation - and due to these events, Nia deserts the crew and joins Rex. Jin decides to have Akhos pursue them rather than give chase themselves.

While Jin himself doesn't appear for a time after this, he's seen in a flashback, rescuing Nia from a cell. It's also revealed that their group is called Torna, and is seen as a terrorist group by the government of Gormott.

After a time, Jin and Malos return to their secret hideout, meeting with Akhos and his Blade Obrona. They discuss future plans, which results in Jin sending Akhos after Rex's group (with sub-orders to deal with Nia), and sending himself after a shipment of Core Crystals going from Mor Ardain to Indol. While he's on his way over there, Malos and Akhos fight Rex's party. Malos claims he exists for Jin's benefit, while Akhos says his plan is to wipe out all humans, which Nia doesn't believe. Jin is next seen breaking into Ardainian ship, killing its guards to get to the Core Crystals, and sinking the ship. This news travels to Emperor Niall and his aide Mòrag, who are aware of his reputation of being an unstoppable menace.

Jin then returns to the Torna base, where he muses over Lora, a person frozen in ice. A flashback then reveals that Jin worked with Addam, Mythra, Lora, Haze, and Brighid against Malos five hundred years ago - showing he knew how to cook and didn't like fighting (and presumably can't be just a normal human to still be alive at this point). The Torna group then reconvenes to show that Mor Ardain has excavated Judicium Titan weapons from Temperantia. The last members Patroka and Mikhail then arrive, saying that Rex's party disrupted the Artificial Blade production line in Mor Ardain, and fought them off with the help of Haze (though called "Fan la Norne"), who is directing them to Indol. Jin decides he needs to cause an obstacle, so he heads to Temperantia, telling the rest to help Mikhail with the Marsanes.

Jin arrives in Temperantia and commandeers one of the Titan weapons, driving it through the neutral zone and opening fire on the Urayans on the other side. This prompts Rex's party to investigate, and results in them confronting Jin directly. In the discussion with Mythra, it comes out that he's a Blade and is generally upset over someone dying in the past, which he blames Mythra for. He then takes off his mask, revealing the blood-red Core Crystal in his forehead. In the ensuing fight, he kills Haze, "saving" her from being the Blade of Amalthus. He then rants over how Indol enslaves the Blade race, but starts to physically break down, and has to be rescued by Akhos. Rex feels distraught over what Jin has done, and wonders what caused Jin to become a bad guy. Uraya and Mor Ardain then get ready for war over Jin breaking the neutral zone, but Indol intervenes.

A flashback reveals that Jin's core was stolen from a castle by an abusive man, and was accidentally awoken by a ten-year-old Lora, who protected her from the angry man. In the present, Jin recovers in the Torna home base, while most of its members watch the peace summit in Indol, talking about how Jin's plan is to wipe out humanity and kill the Architect. Once recovered, Jin and the rest of Torna follow the party to Tantal and wait for them to collect the Omega Fetter, which they need to control Ophion and thus reach the World Tree. Jin reveals his true form and defeats the party with his super speed, which prompts Pyra to give up and go with them, in exchange for sparing everyone else.

Jin and Malos go to the Cliffs of Morytha, where Malos takes what he needs from Pyra's core to fix his own and regain all his Aegis powers, and then fights Ophion for control of it. The party soon arrives, and while fighting Jin, Rex manages to draw out the true power of Pneuma. This allows them to match Jin's speed, but the cliff collapses, sending everyone down to the Land of Morytha. Rex and Mythra find Jin first, who is still weak from earlier under attack by a Deadfire Guldo which they defeat. They then reluctantly team up to find a way back up to the Cloud Sea. They slowly find more members of their group, and it is soon discovered that Jin has a human heart, making him a Flesh Eater. Brighid and Poppi try to question Jin about the past, but he heard Lora's words from them, so he clams up.

The group then finds the remains of the Kingdom of Torna. As they travel through it, Jin explains how the Tornans worshipped the cycle of Blades becoming Titans and giving birth to new Blades. But after Torna was destroyed by Mythra in the Aegis War, Amalthus wiped out the survivors, causing Lora's death and prompting Jin to eat her heart so he could stay awakened and retain his memories of her. Rex becomes suspicious that Jin doesn't really want to wipe out humans, but Jin rebuffs him before being attacked by an Inferno Guldo which they destroy with the help from the rest of the party. They proceed further, and find that Torna has taken the Monoceros to rescue Jin, leaving Rex's party behind. Jin orders them to leave without fighting, and admits to Brighid that she has not changed. He receive more treatment for his deterioration, and muses about how he keeps Lora's body around as a reminder to never trust the Architect. Jin and Malos are dropped off on the World Tree while the rest of Torna holds off an attack by Indol. Meanwhile, Rex's party is climbing the Tree form the inside, and Nia is wondering if Jin is collecting but not using Core Crystals as a way to prevent them from being sad over loss the way he is. Mikhail is the last one to stay behind, and recalls how he met Jin back in Torna as a kid.

As Jin and Malos reach the final elevator, Jin turns back, experiencing a hallucination of Lora at the same time and insists he remain behind while Malos continues ahead, thinking about when he found the diary of his previous self back in Torna that taught him how to become a Flesh Eater. Malos is skeptical, but goes on. Rex's party arrives, and Jin says he's waiting to fight them so he can see which side the world wants to win. During the fight, Rex manages to convince Jin that he knows why Blades exist, which is enough to make him reconsider. A heavily mutated Amalthus then attacks, killing both Akhos and Patroka, as the flashback of their recruitment by Jin plays. With the party's help, Jin then sacrifices himself to destroy Amalthus.

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

The story begins with Jin and Lora fighting off a pack of crazed animals, driven by the scent of blood before coming to the ruins of a village. They find the young Mikhail, the only survivor, and take him into their group. Arriving at Feltley, they discover that Malos has already attacked and destroyed it. Addam and Mythra then show up; Addam recognizes Jin as a stolen Blade, so Jin decides they must fight. Lora and Jin's unusual fighting style of passing one weapon between them amuses Addam enough that he decides to let them off the hook, and with the arrival of their respective allies of Haze and Milton, they form a party to find Lora's mother and track down Malos. However, the thief who originally stole Jin has noticed them.

The party goes to Torigoth in Gormott to find it has also been ransacked, and Lora's mother was killed with the rest of them. Hugo and Brighid arrive and offer to share their information on Malos, but Lora balks at entering a flagship, so Jin goes without her while she tends to the graves. This backfires as the thief, Gort and his mercenaries ambush her and Haze, with the intent of killing Lora. But they were seen coming, and Jin is the first to return, cutting off both Gort's arms this time before letting him run off at Lora's request. They then hear word of what's going on with Addam's militia, and the group sets off for Aletta. Once there, they have the sparring and meal that were seen in the main game's flashback, and they are told that Malos is readying to attack the Tornan capital, Auresco.

On the way to Auresco, the party goes through Hyber. Jin comes upon the house of his previous Driver, Ornelia, where he finds the journal from his previous self that contains instructions how to become a Flesh Eater. They move on to the capital, and shortly Malos attacks, easily taking the core that has kept the Torna titan's true form sealed. In the battle, Azurda lends his assistance, and talks a bit with Jin about Ornelia. The King of Torna takes notice of Lora and knights her, meaning Jin no longer has to use his mask to hide he's a Blade, but he chooses to anyway because Lora made it for him. He then speaks more with Azurda, who mocks him a bit for repeating what he said in a previous life about Blades becoming Titans.

The party goes to confront Malos. While they are able to defeat him, Mythra is forced to use such power that she ends up destroying Torna. The party splits up, with only Mikhail remaining with Lora, Jin, and Haze. Soon after, they are ambushed by a mutated Gort, which they manage to destroy. In the time after, they find survivors of Torna, about to be attacked by Indol. Lora's death is skipped over, and Jin (now a Flesh Eater) is next seen at the ruins of Ornelia's house. He sets his diary within and burns it down as Azurda watches saying that he and Azurda won't meet again, but if they do, they'll be enemies before boarding the Monoceros.

True appearance and personality
Jin's true form.png
Species Blade
Gender Male

Jin is a Blade, the so-called "Paragon of Torna", naturally one of the strongest Blades ever known. Unlike other Blades, his Core Crystal is on his forehead rather than his chest, which turns blood red after he becomes a Flesh Eater. He also gains a new form as a Flesh Eater, where his armour is replaced with a black exoskeleton, with short featherless wings coming out of his lower back. His chest is exposed, revealing a scar over his heart.

As Lora's Blade, Jin is the stern and silent type, but still occasionally cracks some jokes. He values the safety of his Driver above anything else and will use any means necessary to keep her safe. On the other hand, he dislikes fighting in general, and prefers to focus on his other skills such as cooking.

After Torna is destroyed and Lora is killed, Jin sinks into depression. He becomes convinced that all human life should be eradicated, so that no more Blades can be awakened and feel the pain of knowing they will one day forget their Driver. He holds a particular animosity towards Indol, both for their control of the Core Crystals, and because they are led by Amalthus, whom he despises for destroying the remnants of the Tornan people. He also plans to kill the Architect out of spite for creating the world once he achieves his goal of destroying humanity.


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As a party member[edit]

Ancient Ship[edit]

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Land of Morytha[edit]

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Titan Battleship Assault[edit]

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In Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

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As a boss[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Jin appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Jin
Japan flag.svg Japanese シン Shin
France flag.svg French Jin
Germany flag.svg German Jin
Spain flag.svg Spanish Jin
Italy flag.svg Italian Jin
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified)
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional)
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

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