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Species Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Appearances Xenosaga Episode III

Jesus, also referred to as the Messiah and (by Ormus) Our Lord, is a character in Xenosaga. He appears briefly at the end of Xenosaga Episode III. The character is partially based upon the biblical Jesus.

Information on Jesus within the games themselves is very sparse; the majority of his known lore is discussed in Xenosaga Perfect Guide.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Jesus appears as a man with long brown hair, a beard, and light-coloured robes.

Jesus is stated to have been particularly charismatic. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were his closest friend and partner respectively, and while he himself could not perform miracles, he was able to use the miracles they performed to amass a strong following.


Xenosaga Episode I[edit]

Jesus is alluded to in the labels in the Durandal's Zohar Emulator room: the label on the storage unit for the Original Zohar is labelled "Marienkind", or "the child of Mary". (It is technically unknown whether this refers to Jesus, but it is extremely likely as the biblical Jesus's mother's name was Mary, and the Zohar Emulator labels share the names of the biblical Apostles).

Xenosaga Episode III[edit]

Jesus is mentioned in the cutscene Crystal Room. According to MOMO, an inscription on the floor reads "And the angel answered and said unto the women, fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said." (The line is an excerpt from Matthew 28:5-6 in the King James version of the Bible.)

Margulis and Heinlein allude to Jesus in the cutscene Truth Behind Ormus. Margulis states that Lost Jerusalem is "the land where (Ormus's) Lord sleeps"; Heinlein later explains that Ormus's official purpose was to convey the existence of Jesus to the future, but its actual purpose was to manage Lemegeton, the universe's failsafe passed on to humanity by Jesus.

Jesus is seen very briefly during the cutscene She Who Resembles KOS-MOS: in one of Mary Magdalene's memories, Jesus is seen speaking to a crowd of people, including Mary and Yeshua.


Jesus lived on Lost Jerusalem in a time long before that of Masuda and Grimoire.

  • As well as being the friend of Yeshua and the partner of Mary Magdalene, the two served as his disciples. People grew to hope in Jesus after witnessing Yeshua perform miracles via the power of Anima.
  • Aside from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Jesus had twelve particularly devout followers known as the Apostles. Similarly to the Testaments, the Apostles could directly access the power of Anima; this access caused the Failsafe to be activated.
    • The twelve containers for the Zohar Emulators in the Durandal each have a name: Peter, Andrew, Boanerges, Thomas, John, Philip, Matthew, Bartholomew, James, Thaddaeus, Simon, and Judas. As these are the names of the Apostles of the biblical Jesus, it is likely that they are supposed to be the names of the Xenosaga Apostles as well.
  • After Yeshua transcribed Lemegeton into human language, Jesus entrusted it to the people so that they would be able to transmit power from the Upper Domain to the Lower Domain.
  • Jesus's ideology was recorded in writing, but this became lost to history.


  • Although it is common for Jesus to unofficially be called "Jesus Christ" (in a Xenosaga context), he is never referred to with the Christ title in Xenosaga. (However, the Xenosaga calendar uses "Transcend Christ" as its primary year labelling system.)
  • Jesus is one of very few Xenosaga Episode III characters without a database entry. His only mentions in the database are through references in the Ormus, Mary Magdalene, and (possibly) the Salvator entries. The Rennes-le-Château entry references the biblical Jesus (deliberately distinguishing between the story and "real life").
  • Jesus is referenced by name extremely rarely; only once in Xenosaga dialogue and never in the databases (not counting the aforementioned reference to biblical Jesus).

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