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Jaws of Ice

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Jaws of Ice
Original Title (こおり) (あご)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 2:54
Used in Xenogears

Jaws of Ice (called Icy Chin on the Revival disc) is Disc 2, Track 2 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack and track 28 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack Revival Disc -the first and the last-. It is one of the tracks playable in the Nortune jukebox, under the options 'Dungeons' and 'Emotion'.

It plays as the battle music against Grahf and the Executioner in Solaris, as well as in the immediately prior cutscene. It is also the area music for the Soylent system in Solaris. In addition, it also plays during the following cutscenes:

  • Bart asks Sigurd and Citan questions about Solaris in Nisan.
  • Fei loses control when fighting the Dora.
  • Wiseman appears in front of Fei when tuning Weltall in Nortune.
  • Wiseman provides exposition on Fei's father after fighting him.
  • Fei and Citan prepare to jump on the freight train in Nortune. (The music continues as the area theme until they jump on the train.)
  • Bishop Stone takes Emeralda from the party in Zeboim.
  • Etrenank appears in the sky after the destruction of the third Gate.
  • Miang explains the goal of Deus after taking over Elly's body.