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Inns, also called lodgings, are special shops in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country that allow the player to raise and lower their level. When in areas affected by the tide of the Cloud Sea, resting at an inn can be done to change the tide's height.


Leveling up and down at an inn uses a system called Bonus EXP. Bonus EXP is not added onto a character automatically like normal experience, and the only way to level up with it is at an inn.

The ability to level down is gained in New Game Plus, and so players can only use an inn to level up with bonus experience initially.

Leveling down a character gives the character reserve bonus experience that matches the amount of experience that those levels would have had, otherwise, meaning leveling down can be reversed without penalty. This is useful to help match characters' levels to, for example, enemies encountered during quests or unique monsters, allowing to gain more EXP , WPs and SPs when defeating them. Leveling down can also be used to quickly gain bonus experience to sell to Traveling bards, which usually require high amounts of it.

List of inns[edit]

Inn Base price (G) Location
Anastatia's 600 Theosoir, Kingdom of Tantal
Aunt Corinne's House 1 Fonsett Island, Leftherian Archipelago
Coedwig Inn 200 (short rest)
400 (long rest)
Torigoth, Gormott Province
Elnatauro Inn 500 Goetuis Port, Indoline Praetorium
Folmarie Inn 300 Fonsa Myma, Kingdom of Uraya
Harghalgh Inn 250 Garfont Village, Kingdom of Uraya
Jakolo's Inn 400 (short rest)
800 (long rest)
Alba Cavanich, Empire of Mor Ardain
Lemour Inn 100 Argentum Trade Guild
Spefan Inn 100 Auresco, Royal Capital, Kingdom of Torna


In areas affected by tides, choosing to rest for a long time at an inn will change the tide, between high and low. While the tide is high, areas that weren't accessible previously during low tide can be reached, usually by swimming in the Cloud Sea. Some other areas will, in turn, be covered by the Cloud Sea, such as Gormott's Lower Level, making them only accessible during low tide.

Areas affected by tides[edit]


Resting at an inn can also trigger a small conversation between characters or engaged Blades in the party, usually pointing to a specific Heart-to-Heart's location, specific to which inn was rested at. These conversations can sometimes be mandatory for the Heart-to-Heart to be viewed. Moreover, a few Heart-to-Hearts are triggered directly after resting at an inn, namely, Vale's Weakness and Good Habits.

List of Heart-to-Hearts[edit]

A list of all Heart-to-Hearts featuring dialogue after resting at a specific inn.

Heart-to-Heart Resting is mandatory Inn
A Love Too Deep No Anastatia's
A Thespian's Life No Jakolo's Inn
A Tora and Poppi Production Yes Folmarie Inn
Addam's Appetite No Anastatia's
Atonement No Anastatia's
Bird's-Eye View Yes Coedwig Inn
Blue Blood Yes Lemour Inn
Boreas the Gourmand Yes Coedwig Inn
By the Graveside Yes Aunt Corinne's House
Five Centuries of Memory No Aunt Corinne's House
Forward-Looking Woman Yes Aunt Corinne's House
Girl Power Yes Folmarie Inn
Good Habits Yes Lemour Inn
Hard Life No Coedwig Inn
Indomitable Will Yes Aunt Corinne's House
Life Goes On Yes Harghalgh Inn
Mòrag the Chef No Lemour Inn
Nim-Speak No Lemour Inn
Not Quite Comfortable Yet Yes Harghalgh Inn
Pandoria's Troubles Yes Folmarie Inn
Patroka's Predilections No Aunt Corinne's House
Reconciliation No Jakolo's Inn
Reunion Yes Coedwig Inn
Rough Diamond Yes Aunt Corinne's House
Rub-a-Dub-Dub No Jakolo's Inn
Sheba's Dream No Lemour Inn
Sweet Strategy Yes Anastatia's
Tending to Turters Yes Anastatia's
The Ground Beneath our Feet No Jakolo's Inn
The Real Gramps No Coedwig Inn
Tora's Angst No Harghalgh Inn
Vale's Weakness Yes Jakolo's Inn
Walking Encyclopedia No Lemour Inn
What's in a Name? No Anastatia's