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High Entia

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High Entia (ハイエンター, Hienter) are a species in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. They are a civilization with highly advanced technology (when compared to Homs or Nopon) that live mostly isolated on the upper Bionis. Their imperial capital is Alcamoth which floats above Eryth Sea. It is ruled by Emperor Sorean Antiqua. High Entia can interbreed with Homs to produce offspring known as "half-bloods".


High Entia look just like Homs aside from a few key differences. Most obviously, they have a pair of white-feathered birdlike wings on their heads. They also have elf-like pointed ears, and their hair is always a silvery grey, though it can range in brightness. Of the High Entia seen, they tend to wear silvery clothing with an accent colour, with some parts surrounded by feather-shaped translucent decorations.

Half-blooded High Entia may be indistinguishable from purebloods, but it is more likely for them to have a few Homs traits, such as rounded ears. Many half-bloods have smaller wings than purebloods, which makes them stick out. They also have a dark ring through their iris, though as characters do not seem to be able to determine whether a person is half-blooded from this alone, it must not be an exclusive trait.


High Entia age much slower than Homs or Nopon; they appear to reach school age before 30, reach adulthood somewhere between 75-85, and can live beyond 300, meaning that one Homs year is somewhere between four or five High Entia years. As a result, half-bloods tend to outlive their Homs parents while still children.

While High Entia have wings, only very few of them can use them to fly. It is unclear whether this is a genetic or a trained ability, or what its limitations are.

Pure-blooded High Entia contain a genum that turns them into Telethia if they come in contact with high concentrations of ether.


The High Entia were created by Zanza together with the Giants when he granted intelligence to some Telethia. These two species were the first sentient lifeforms on Bionis, apart from Zanza himself.[1] The peoples of Bionis and the Machina of Mechonis lived together in harmony until the Telethia attacked Alcamoth. The ancient battle between Bionis and Mechonis broke out and the High Entia sealed Arglas' body, now possessed by Zanza, away on Prison Island. His soul was sealed away in Ose Tower on Valak Mountain together with the Monado. The High Entia would pass on this story for millenia.[2]

The founders of the High Entia empire researched the cause of their transformation into Telethia and constructed a theory about crossing with Homs. The High Entia Tomb was built to preserve these records and left a system to confirm one's Homs ancestry rate.[3] They develop a defence system for Alcamoth in anticipation to an eventual Mechonis attack.[4]

Around the time the Mechon start attacking Bionis, the Bionite Order gains more and more influence. The 47th ruler of the High Entia Lumian disbands the order, but they still operate in secret for the rest of history.[5]

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Notable High Entia[edit]

As an enemy[edit]

There are a few enemies among the High Entia. All of them are story-exclusive enemies with the exception of the quest-exclusive Resentful Gael'gar in Future Connected. As they are people, the Monado cannot hurt them.

Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

Enemy Area Level
Guard EntiaStory-limited Alcamoth 33
Scout EntiaStory-limited Alcamoth 32
XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png Tyrea XC1 enemy icon frame boss.pngStory-limited High Entia Tomb 38
Wizard EntiaStory-limited Alcamoth 34

Future Connected[edit]

Enemy Area Level
XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png Gael'gar XC1 enemy icon frame boss.pngStory-limited Bionis' Shoulder 70
Resentful Gael'garQuest-exclusive Bionis' Shoulder 76

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English High Entia
Japan Flag.png Japanese ハイエンター High Enter
France flag.svg French Hayenthe
Germany flag.svg German Hochentia Hoch (high) + Entia
Spain flag.svg Spanish Éntida
Italy flag.svg Italian Haientia
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch High Entia
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese High Entia
Russia flag.svg Russian Высоких энтий
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 海恩塔
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 海恩塔
Korea flag.png Korean 하이엔터


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