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This is the FAQ page for Xeno Series Wiki. It doesn't really have any actual "frequently-asked questions"; it's more a guess as to what questions are likely to be most relevant to new users.

What is this place?[edit]

This is a wiki (publicly-editable encyclopedia) focused on the Xeno series (a loosely-related series of video games that happen to share themes and a title that starts with "Xeno").

Isn't there a pretty complete wiki about this series already?[edit]

There are such wikis on the Wikia/Fandom wikifarm. They may be older or more complete than we are, that is true. But a lot of people don't like how Wikia/Fandom runs things, while others just like the idea of an independent wiki better anyway. It also means we get to be in the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, which is cool.

How can I help?[edit]

As of this writing, the main page has links to a few maintenance categories such as the list of stubs (shorter-than-they-should-be articles), which have been pre-tagged as "this is known to need help". But you could also just wander around, clicking links or typing in the search bar, until you find a page you feel like contributing to.

Can I take stuff from the Wikia/Fandom and add it here?[edit]

We'd rather you not, if only because when search engines see two identical blocks of text, they'll probably prefer the older one (i.e. not us). Official art is probably fine, though it'd be nice if you could get it from the original source instead.

How come it seems like [this game] has so many more pages/content than [other game]?[edit]

Most editors will only have enough knowledge to contribute to the pages on one or two games of the series, and they are likely to be biased towards the most recent entries. That's just how it is unfortunately.

Why did someone else ruin my edit?[edit]

That depends on how hyperbolic you're being about "ruin". Maybe the thing you were trying to do could have been done a better way, and a more experienced editor has done so. Maybe you had a good idea but someone else undid it because they know the history of why we don't do it that way. Or maybe we have vandals that just mess up other peoples' stuff because they're garbo. Try to see things from the other person's point of view before you assume option 3.

I want to fill in some info, but all these templates use funny numbers instead of useful text, what do I do?[edit]

If the game in question is well-researched enough, we might set our templates to take the actual numbers from the game as input, which results in this. The template's documentation should explain where its values come from. If you still don't understand, you can always reach out to a knowledgable editor for help.

Alternatively, you can simply fill in what you know in however format you wish, and mark your edit with Template:Data needed. This will signal to others that this page requires technical attention.

I've filled in some info, but nothing's changed, what did I do wrong?[edit]

Chances are that the thing you expected to change has not yet realized a change has been made, because the wiki doesn't necessarily do all such updates at once. Try previewing the target page or making a null edit (saving an edit that makes no changes) to see if that works. If not, maybe you made a mistake with your original edit, or maybe the wiki's busy doing other stuff right now.

The light hurts my eyes. Can you darken the skin?[edit]

If you create an account, you can enable a dark theme in your preferences. (MediaWiki doesn't allow for setting skins/themes for no-account users.) Each skin has a dark theme available.

This part of the dark skin isn't dark, why not?[edit]

It is not easy to coerce MediaWiki (the base wiki system) or Semantic MediaWiki (a data extension) into presenting a dark-background-light-text skin - there's always something that assumes otherwise and glows in the dark. Take a screenshot and hand it to Sir Teatei Moonlight on his talkpage or the Discord, and he'll try and work out how to fix it. Note that due to how the theme extension functions, this cannot be done by other staff members.

However, some parts of Semantic MediaWiki are coded as essentially "I'm white and that's more important than whatever you want". This means literally nothing can be done about it.

Why does stuff look broken? Also I'm viewing the wiki on a phone.[edit]

Mobile browsers do a lot of things that make it actively difficult for us to make things work/look fine there. We'll do what we can to fix such issues, if you can document and report them. Regardless, wikis are recommended to view in desktop mode in general, especially for things like wide tables or fancy maps.

What's this weird icon in the search bar?[edit]

In an attempt to reduce the chances of spoiling readers by seeing "Good Guy (final boss)" in the search suggestions dropdown when they're searching for "Good Guy", we turned the dropdown off by default. However, this is still a very useful thing to have, so if you're willing to take the risk, we allow you to turn it back on. This weird icon controls that: Suggestions off.svg shows when it's off, and Suggestions on.svg shows when it's on. (It's a bit broken on some pages and won't show either. We don't know why. It should still behave as you last set it.)

You spoiled me! Why didn't you have a spoiler warning?[edit]

We do. It's at the top of every page on the wiki unless you log in and explicitly click the "dismiss" link (which hides it for a month or less, then it comes back). It's not worth our time to read over every page on the wiki and decide what is or isn't worthy of a spoiler tag. And even if we did, we can't guarantee that someone has edited in a spoiler where it shouldn't be that no one else has noticed yet. We do what we can to stop this, but you still have to be careful about it.

Main article: Xeno Series Wiki:Spoiler policy

I uploaded a new version of an image, but it didn't change, or is now stretched. What gives?[edit]

The website explains.

More seriously, your browser is basically assuming that images don't change, and so only ever shows you the old version instead of asking the wiki what the new version is. Usually this is a good thing, but in this case you actually do want to re-download the image. You can do this with a "hard refresh" or "cache clear", and is usually done by holding Ctrl (or equivalent) and hitting the refresh button. See Wikipedia's page on the subject for more details.