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HP (XC2)

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HP (short for Health Points) is a Driver stat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a Team stat in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It represents a combatant's health. A party member is incapacitated if their HP reaches zero. HP can be decreased by inflicting damage on an opponent, using certain moves that decrease a character's own HP, or falling from a significant height. It can also be healed through HP potions, healing Driver Arts/Vanguard Arts/Specials, or effects from accessories or a character's Affinity Chart. The HP of all party members is restored over several seconds when out of combat.

Maximum HP can be increased by levelling up, equipping accessories that increase maximum HP, using Blades that passively increase maximum HP, or unlocking Driver Skills that increase maximum HP. The maximum amount of HP a playable character can have is 9,999.

In battle, the HP of all active characters appears in the upper left of the screen together with their names and levels. It is represented both as a number and as a horizontal blue bar with a length proportional to the character's HP (where it being at maximum length indicates that the character is at their current maximum HP).

Recoverable HP[edit]

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In Torna ~ The Golden Country, when a playable character takes damage from an enemy attack, a proportion of the lost HP is recoverable instead of being lost entirely, displayed as a red segment in the HP bar. Recoverable HP does not count towards a character's current HP, so it doesn't take damage and it doesn't help a character avoid being defeated, and slowly drains over time. Performing a Vanguard Switch will restore all recoverable HP to normal HP. In essence, a Vanguard Switch heals the user based on how much damage has been taken recently.

Recoverable HP remains untouched when a character is healed; granting 500 healing to a character with 100 HP and 300 recoverable HP will result in having 600 HP without changing the 300 recoverable HP. However, it is still capped by maximum HP, so if the character's max HP in this example is 700, the recoverable HP will be reduced to 100. It is therefore important to consider the benefits and risks of healing a character right now but losing some recoverable HP, versus leaving a character at low health but poised to gain much back with a Vanguard Switch.

Jin can consume all of his current recoverable HP using Inexhaustible in order to boost his stats.

HP values[edit]

Each character's HP increases by the same amount (ignoring rounding effects) each level up.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

CharacterMin value (level 1)Max value (level 99)
Jin (chapter 1)8448438
Jin (chapter 8)8448438
Jin (Titan Battleship Assault)8448438

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

CharacterMin value (level 1)Max value (level 99)


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