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Species Tornan
Gender Male
Age ?
Japanese VA Syunsuke Sakuya
English VA John Eastman
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (flashback)
Torna ~ The Golden Country

Gort, also known as Bluefist is an antagonist in Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is a Core Crystal thief who has a history with Lora since he was Rynea's lover. Gort also appeared in flashbacks in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Personality and appearance[edit]

When Gort is first seen in a flashback, he is only wearing jeans. After Jin has severed his right arm during his attempt to kill Lora, Gort wears a small vest with bandages around his waist and cowboy pants, with his right arm replaced by a large blue prosthetic.

Gort is driven by malice, with little to no regard for the lives of others. He is even willing to harm a child, evidenced by his attempt to kill the 10-year old Lora just to get Jin's Core Crystal back into a dormant state, and his main goals throughout the events of the story are to get revenge on Lora and Jin for the loss of his right arm by making them suffer. Gort is also intelligent; knowing about Haze's ability to restrict other Blades, he and his mercenaries didn't bring any Blades with them when he confronted Lora in the ruins of Torigoth.

Story arc[edit]

When a ten-year old Lora awakens Jin from his Core Crystal, he was outraged, raging how expensive the core he stole from the castle was. He then decides to kill Lora to return Jin to his core much to his lover, Rynea's protest. However Jin saves her, severing his right arm in the process, and knocking Gort unconscious.

17 years later, during the Aegis War, Gort works as a Core Crystal broker. He is first seen spying on Lora and the party before recognizing Jin among them. He then contacts an unknown individual through his Blade and reports the destruction of Feltley Village, the Core Crystals that he stole, and Jin's sighting, before he decides to track Lora to get revenge on her.

Knowing about Haze's ability to restrict Blades, Gort and a few hired mercenaries refrained from using them when they ambushed Lora and Haze at Torigoth's cemetery while they are mourning Rynea, cruelly mocking her mother. Gort tells her that he plans to kill her to take Jin's core back before showing off his prosthetic to her. Gort then ordered his henchmen to surround them, but Jin and the party arrive just in time; severing both his last organic arm and his prosthetic one. As Hugo is arresting his henchmen, Lora orders Jin to spare him, fleeing in terror.

As he flees running around Gormott, he falls to the ground and is found by a group of Indoline warriors led by Stannif, who takes him to Indol. Stannif and Amalthus discuss about how Gort would be a good guinea pig to start their experimentations with Blade Eaters.

When Lora, Jin, Haze and Mikhail are around Spessia, Gort appears in front of them with a chimera-like appareance, confirming that the Indoline Praetorium have experimentated with him and the results were poorly. Jin states that Gort has lost his mind. After the battle, Lora deals the final hit and finally kills Gort and ends his pain, Lora assures that her mother can now rest easy.


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As an enemy[edit]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Gort
Japan flag.svg Japanese ゴウト Gouto
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 高特
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 高特
South Korea flag.svg Korean 고트