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Gormott is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is a deer-like Titan. Since it walks around the Cloud Sea it experiences tides. It is the home of the Gormotti race and houses the Gormott Province. In Torna ~ The Golden Country, it was simply known as Gormott.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Chapter 2[edit]

Following the events that happened on the Ancient Ship, the party crashes in Gormott's lower level. After Rex wakes up with only Pyra around, he decides to search for the others. He quickly finds a dying Gramps, who fades away into the ether, before revealing that he had instead reverted to a larval state. Him and Rex argue before they advance further into the Gormotti forest.

While making their way up, they find Nia and Dromarch, struggling to deal with a Wormeater Brog. The two Drivers dispatch the beast and the party makes camp for the night. Later that night, Gramps and Pyra meet together, with the former asking about the latter's intentions. Pyra expresses her goals of going to Elysium and stopping Jin and Malos before promising Gramps that she will take care of Rex. When the day comes, and with Nia's help, they finally get a bearing as to their whereabouts, near the belly of the Titan Gormott, before deciding to make their way to the nearest town.

As the party finally make their way in Torigoth, Gormott's biggest city, they find wanted posters for the members of Torna (including a poorly drawn version of Nia, much to her dismay). Moreover, they arrive in the middle of the Ardainian army's Driver recruitment. After watching a new Blade being born to a new Driver, they make their way to one of Torigoth's back alleys.

There, they are intercepted by Ardainian soldiers, headed by captain Padraig. After dispatching them with relative ease, their attempt at running away is cut short by the arrival of Brighid, the Jewel of Mor Ardain, who erects a wall of blue fames. A battle ensues, in which Nia and Dromarch are both incapacitated by the army's ether nets, restricting their use of ether. While Rex and Pyra make their last stand against Brighid, a strange projectile destroys a nearby water pipe, extinguishing Brighid's flames and allowing them both to run away, though they reluctantly leave Nia and Dromarch behind.

During the escape, they meet a Nopon, who invites them into his home. Tora reveals that he is the one who destroyed the water pipe, before introducing himself as Tora. While the party gets acquainted with Tora's place, Rex makes his intent to rescue Nia known, before they decide to eat. At the same time, captain Padraig makes his report to Dughall, Gormott's consul. They briefly argue before another soldier arrive to announce that the Special Inquisitor, Mòrag, has arrived from Mor Ardain. While the party eats, Dughall went to meet with the Special Inquisitor, who asks to speak with Nia. While she is interrogated, Nia let Rex and Pyra's name slip, to Mòrag's delight.

The party makes a round around Gormott, discovering that Nia is to be executed soon in the process. After reconvening at Tora's House, they come up with a plan to rescue Nia, by infiltrating the Titan battleship she is kept in. Before they do so, Tora asks them to help him finish his artificial Blade. Once they have hunted the few remaining parts, Tora activates his new artificial Blade, using a thunderstorm's lightning, settling on naming her Poppi.

The party successfully infiltrates the battleship and they are able to free Dromarch, then Nia. While making their escape, they are intercepted by Dughall and his Blade Dolmes in the ship's Hangar. After dealing with the consul, they escape the battleship into Torigoth Relay Base where Mòrag was waiting for them. Dromarch recognizes Mòrag as the Flamebringer, the strongest Driver in the Empire. Mòrag expresses her intent to stop the Aegis before she clashes with the party. Unable to measure up with Mòrag in a direct confrontation, the party make a diversion, managing to get out of the relay base. By combining their efforts, they are able to destroy a nearby water tower, stopping Mòrag in her tracks due to Brighid's weakness to water, allowing them to escape successfully.

They run midway through the Titan's upper level before stopping. Nia and Dromarch thank them for their helped before beginning to split up. Rex tries to convince her to stay with them with the story of Elysium, and is barely able to do so. They make camp at Traveler's Resting Tree where they mend their wounds.

Chapter 3[edit]

After the events of Torigoth, the party is well rested and ready to make their way to the World Tree. Determining that Gormott is the Titan closest to the Tree at this time of the year, the party resolves to find a ship to reach it. As they are unable to take any of the ones back in Torigoth, Tora tells them that one of his grandfather's friends, Umon, is a shipwright living in Gormott, leading to the party making their way to his shipyard.

After arriving to the shipyard, the party meets Umon, introducing themselves, Tora having to come up with a few lies to justify them needing one of Umon's ships. Umon agrees to let them borrow a ship, though they need to bring him some materials to fix it beforehand. After gathering everything Umon asked them, the party make their way back to the shipyard, discovering that the Titan ran away due to Umon forgetting to feed it. After they find the Titan, feeding it a Green Pollen Orb so it listens to them, the Titan comes back to the shipyard and the ship's reparations are finally completed. The party boards the ship and leaves the Gormott Province, heading for the World Tree.

Chapter 4[edit]

After Roc's Core Crystal is stolen by a thief in Argentum, the thief stealing a salvager's ship to make their getaway, the party follows him to Gormott, ending up back in Torigoth. There, they track down the thief to a deserted Umon's Shipyard, now occupied by the thief and his friends. Having been rumbled by the party, the Gormotti kid summons some Puffots, which are quickly dispatched by the party.

Rex gets the Core Crystal back and, noticing that he and his friends are all children, inquires about their reason for stealing it. After a small back and forth, the thief finally reveals that they want to avenge their village, that had been attacked by bandits. The thief, introducing himself as Rhys, tells them the whereabouts of the bandits just as another kid arrives to report that the bandits are planning to attack Torigoth, taking advantage of the unrest provoked by the consul being recalled. Understanding that it is partly their fault, the party resolves to stop the bandits, Rex asking Rhys to tell the city guards that those who destroyed Torigoth's water tower are hiding in Twin Trunks Hill.

While making their way to the Brigands' Hideout, the party is blocked by an ether miasma. Seeing no other way around, Rex resolves to awaken Roc, who quickly does away with the miasma, inquiring about his former Driver Vandham while at it. The party rushes inside the hideout, confronting the bandits and defeating them. Right on cue, a contingent of Ardainian soldiers approaches the hideout and the party decides to let them deal with the defeated bandits. The party leaves Gormott, taking the stolen ship back to Argentum, and bringing the children along to apologize.

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

After meeting each other in the Lasaria Region, Addam decides to follow Lora and her team on her quest to find her mother, Haze having found out her whereabouts in a small village on Gormott. The newly formed party travels to the Titan, eventually arriving at Torigoth Village. There, they find the village reduced to cinders, pillaged by an unknown party. Traveling farther in, they arrive at a cemetery, with many fresh graves and a lone lifeless Gormotti man there. Taking a closer look at the tombstones, Lora notices a particular one, a charm hanging from the cross. Finding it to be charm she made for her mother, she deduces that the grave is her mother's.

After taking a moment for Lora to grieve, the party retraces their steps back to the village, where they come across Brighid accompanied by Ardainian soldiers. Mistaking the party for the bandits who pillaged Torigoth, the two parties engage in battle, culminating in Mythra and Brighid going head-to-head, the former starting to use her Artifice. Noticing where the battle was going, Lora asks Haze to stop the two Blades, who uses her dampening power to separate them. The battle finally ends with Hugo and Aegaeon's arrival, Haze releasing Mythra and Brighid.

Hugo apologizes for his guards' actions, before Addam introduces him as Hugo Ardanach, Mor Ardain's Emperor. The party wondering what the Ardainian Emperor is doing in Gormott, Hugo explains that he is after the Aegis. Both royalties agree that they should work together, Aegaeon suggesting for them to discuss at their flagship, moored in Lascham Cove. Not liking the flagship's "stuffy environment", Lora elects for Jin to go in her place, her and Haze staying behing to tend to her mother's grave.

Before going to the flagship, the party makes a detour to a patch of scorched land believed to be traces of Malos's destruction. They turn out to instead have been caused by a Ropl, which the party dispatches. Having finally made their way to the flagship, the party discusses the actions of the Coeian remains on Gormott, revealing that they were the ones that destroyed Torigoth Village. Something disturbs the meeting, Aegaeon going to investigate, returning with a report of mercenaries heading to Torigoth. While the party is puzzled by the mercenaries' reason for heading there, Jin is the first to realize that Lora and Haze stayed there, rushing out of the room.

Back in Torigoth Cemetery, Lora is still in front of her mother's grave. Gort arrives accompanied by mercenaries, Lora recognizing as the man whose arm Jin had cut to protect her. Gort states that he wishes to take revenge and take Jin back. Haze suggests that she holds them back while Lora flees, an idea dismissed by her Driver who points out that the mercenaries did not bring any Blades due to them knowing about Haze's power.

Becoming frustrated at the duo resisting them, Gort activates a hidden blade inside his prosthetic before ordering the remaining mercenaries to surround them. Jin arrives at the scene, swiftly dealing with the mercenaries. In desperation, Gort rushes at Lora, Jin cutting both of his arms off. The remaining mercenaries trying to flee are stopped by the party while readies to finish Gort off. Lora orders him not to, Jin letting Gort go, who runs off deeper into Gormott, Hugo ordering a few soldiers to chase him. After the events she went through, Lora decides to follow the rest of the party to the Ardainian flagship. Meanwhile, in another part of Gormott, Gort is still running for his life, cursing the party. He finally slips, falling to the ground, before noticing that Indoline warrior monks had appeared before him. One of them reaches their hand toward Gort's head, who yells in fear, while Stannif watches them.

While on their way to the flagship, the party is stopped by a soldier, who informs them that a patrol found a young Gormotti near Seigle Fell, before losing his tracks. The party resolves to find the boy, reuniting him with his sister, before the two reject Hugo's offer to take them to Mor Ardain, deciding to wait for their father in Gormott.

Following their little adventure, the entirety of the party finally arrives at the Strategy Room, where Hugo informs Addam that the King of Uraya made the Tornan Prince's militia part of the Urayan army, ordering them to move to Torna. Taking the news in stride, Addam reluctantly asks Hugo to tell his militia to go to Aletta. Noticing Addam's uncharacteristic reaction, Lora decides to go after him. She finds him at a balcony on the port side of the flagship. The two have a heart-to-heart there, Addam confessing his fears and worries over Mythra's power, and the possibility that she could escape his control like Malos did with Amalthus. Some time after, the party resolves to take a ship to Aletta, now accompanied by team Hugo, going there aboard a passenger ship for fear of the flagship arriving in Torna without authorization being mistaken as an act of aggression.



Not much is known about the history of Gormott before the Aegis War, other than the Gormotti most likely were born on the Titan, before gathering together into clans. At some point, these clans came together to govern the Titan, forming the a republic[1]. It is unknown whether this republic was still in place at the time of the Aegis War or even afterward, as no mention of it is made in Torna ~ The Golden Country.

At the time of the Aegis War, following the fall of Coeia, remnants of its troops, as well as bandits, began to pillage villages in Gormott such as Torigoth Village[2]. To solve the situation, and gather intel on the Aegis's whereabouts, Mor Ardain sent a Titan warship to Gormott with the aim of rounding the remaining Coeian soldiers. While doing so, an Ardainian diplomat, Vient Horrison, met with Hal Jarque, an envoy from the White Chair, to discuss the two nations' cooperation in future. The conference ends with the Gormotti intending to maintain friendly relations with the Ardainians[3][4].

These friendly relations came to an end around 450 years later, around 50 years before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with Mor Ardain's invasion of Gormott. The invasion ended a success for the Ardainians, with Gormott surrendering after the White Chair, boasting the nation's greatest fortress, was razed[5][6]. Gormott was annexed and became the Gormott Province.

Ten years before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mor Ardain waged a territorial war on Gormott, the Gormotti War. The war resulted in many Gormotti losing their lives, while many others fled to other nations such as the Indoline Praetorium[7][8]. This war coincided with the end of a conflict between Mor Ardain and Uraya and may have been a part of it[9].

In the present, while the Gormotti Titan didn't suffer from an extreme rise in temperature like the Ardainian one (0.01 point after a decade against Mor Ardain's 6 points over a century), it still has grown weaker like many of Alrest's Titans[10][11]. This is shown by some of the wood grown on the Titan decreasing in quality, such as Gormotti Walnut, as well as harvests, while still bountiful, declining year on year[12].


Before Gormott's annexation, each city of Gormott was represented by a Chief. Every Chief would meet with the High Chief to decide on policies to govern Gormott[13]. The towns of Gormott were also ruled by clans. Whether the Chiefs were also the heads of the clans is unknown. Among those clans, seven of them were especially powerful and considered as Gormott's main clans[14].

After Gormott's annexation, the Chiefs lost most of their political power, in favor of a consul appointed by the Ardainian empire to administer the province. The Chiefs now mostly act as the Gormotti representative of their city[13]. While Mor Ardain is well established in Torigoth, due to it having the biggest base in Gormott, the Ardainians do not have as much influence in other regions[15].


Before its annexation, Gormott had its own army. After the nation's annexation, the army was disbanded, with the Gormotti army becoming a part of the Ardainian army[5][16]. Ardainian bases can be found in select towns, such as Torigoth, while most towns depend on a small defense corps, a militia, to keep order and defend themselves.


Gormott mainly consists of two layers: The Lower Level with a dense forest, and the Upper Level which is mostly grassland with a few forests exploited by Gormotti. The Upper Level also boasts multiple lakes of different sizes, with their water dripping down through small streams to the Lower Level, creating marshes.


Gormott is notable for its high number of towns and villages mentioned, most of which are never seen in-game.

  • Torigoth - The only village explorable in-game. The largest city on Gormott and Tora's hometown. During the events of Torna ~ The Golden Country, it was Rynea's home, but the village was completely razed by Gort.
  • The White Chair - A large town, described as a fortress, that existed during the era of Torna ~ The Golden Country. It was razed by the Ardainians around fifty years before the events of the main game, which led to Gormott's surrender.
  • Town of Echell - Nia's hometown which her father was lord of. At some point after her sister died, their mansion disappeared, as mentioned by Dax.
  • Cordell Village - A small village on the outskirts of Gormott razed by bandits around chapter 3 of the main game. Survivors of the town were dispersed, some ending up in Garfont Village or staying in Gormott such as Rhys.
  • Pom Village - A big importer of Torigoth-made Mannam Juice. It is also known for its famous, though unnamed, fruit, its juice, and handicrafts. It also produces wine.
  • Lasanne Village - A village only mentioned in the Merc Mission Stranded Merchant.
  • Town of Mirma - A village where the mercenaries from All's Fair fled to. Only mentioned in the Merc Missions Obstinate Pursuit and Chase Is On.
  • Town of Blakka - A village only mentioned during the Merc Missions Landslide Prevention and Wine Delivery.

Other locations[edit]

While many locations and landmarks are seen in-game, some more are only mentioned in flavor text.


Due to the Gormotti Titan being lush and fertile, Gormott's economy relies mainly on agriculture and woodworking. Wood is chopped directly from Gormott's forest, part of it being directly exported, while the rest is used for woodworking. The rest of the wood is used to make furniture, musical instruments, and other applications, which can also be exported. Most of the wood is exported to the Argentum Trade Guilds or Mor Ardain. Gormotti wood is sought-after due to its quality[17][18].

Gormott also produces many crops with its agriculture, with some towns specializing in certain produces. As an example, Cordell Village specialized in the production of Moonbeam Bananas[19]. This leads to trade between towns, with a product produced in a certain town being popular in another town. This is the case for Mannam Juice, which is produced in Torigoth then exported to the village of Pom[20].


As the native inhabitants of the Titan, the Gormotti are the most common race in Gormott. The Gormotti do a wide array of jobs, which make their cities function, though many of them are farmers, loggers, and craftsmen due to the Gormotti Titan's fertile ground and forests.

The second most common race found in Gormott are the Ardainians, some of whom are the soldiers stationed in the Titan's military bases. Many Ardainians immigrate to Gormott for a more peaceful life and to escape their homeland's climate[21][22]. As the Ardainian Titan's condition worsens, more and more Ardainians decide to jump ship to Gormott, which can exacerbate tensions already present between both races.

Despite the two living together, like in Torigoth, many Gormotti still harbor ill feelings toward the Ardainians[23][24]. This has lead to some refusing to associate with them, attacking the Empire directly, or even trying to free Gormott by their own means, as shown during Star-Crossed Lovers, We Meet Again, and Marvelous Mercenaries. On the other hand, some have adapted to being under Ardainian rule, considering themselves to be under their protection[5].


Despite Gormott becoming a province of the Ardainian Empire, the Ardainians have not interfered in Gormotti culture[5]. Gormotti love music, with their national instrument being the Torigonda[25]. The Gormotti have their own folk music, a piece of which is heard during Bearing Her Soul. Gormotti cuisine is considered to be quite delicious by the other nations[26]. Paratha is one ot Gormott's stape foods[27]. The Gormotti still perform ancient rituals, such as the Ritual of Plenty at Kizan Valley during which a maiden will pray for the year's harvest to be good[28].


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Gormott makes a cameo appearance in the stage Cloud Sea of Alrest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • The name Gormott is likely derived from Gourmand, a French word for 'glutton'. This is in accordance with how Titans or nations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are often named after the seven deadly sins or seven virtues in various languages.
    • Gormott's Japanese name, 'Gula', is likewise named after gluttony in Latin.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Gormott Province
Japan flag.svg Japanese グーラ (りょう) Gula Territory
France flag.svg French Province de Gormott Gormott Province
Germany flag.svg German Provinz Gormott
Spain flag.svg Spanish Provincia de Gormott
Italy flag.svg Italian Provincia del Gormott
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 古拉领
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 古拉領
South Korea flag.svg Korean 굴라


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]



Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]



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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


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