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Goldmouth Close View.jpg
Location Argentum Trade Guild
Music Argentum

Goldmouth is a ship in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which houses the Argentum Trade Guild. It is the first settlement visited and only the lower floors are accessible until Chapter 1 is completed.


Goldmouth is a gigantic ship propelled by a Titan sharing the same name. Bustling with activity, it spans many floors, serving different purposes. It also has ports, decks and docks on its sides to moor the ships of the many visitors coming to the guild. Moreover, the guild moors its own ships there, such as the C.S.E.V. Maelstrom, and its salvagers use the decks for their salvaging activities.

Its first floor is dedicated to trading, with the Argentum bazaar, the main shopping area of the ship, the Central Exchange and desks dedicated to dealing with the importations and exportations of goods from different nations. The Chairman's Room can also be found there.

Its second floor is a lounge featuring some greenery, such as a tree in its center, with benches lined around so that residents and visitors alike can go relax. A balcony can also be found there, overlooking the Salvage Deck.

Its third floor features a canteen and an inn for tourists and visiting traders to rest at, a small stage can also be found there where artists can perform for the patrons.

Its fourth floor features, on the inside, the residential district of the ship, lining the interior walls of the ship with Nopon houses, while, on the outside, it features a deck where flying ships can land and take flight. In a closed off room, a running wheel can be found, powered by Nopon, putting pressure on the Goldmouth Titan so that it moves.

The fifth floor features both a viewpoint of the outside of the ship, with some sofas and some more greenery for travellers to take a rest, and the wheelhouse where the ship is piloted by a team of Nopon.

The sixth and final floor is dedicated to the bedroom of the guild's chairman, Bana, guarded by a couple of Nopon at all times.

Up on the rooftop, left relatively untouched, is the Noponya shrine, an ancient shrine supposedly dated from the time of the guild's founding.


List of NPCs in Goldmouth. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression. Missable means that this particular NPC can be missed or move to another location depending on choices during quests.








  1. Fame and Family completed.
  2. New Game Plus exclusive.
  3. M.I.A. Nopon completed.
  4. Fly in the Ointment completed.
  5. Making Love Source completed.


Normal enemies[edit]

Quest-exclusive enemies[edit]



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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Goldmouth
Japan flag.svg Japanese ゴルトムント Goldmund
France flag.svg French Goldmouth
Germany flag.svg German Goldmund
Spain flag.svg Spanish Bocáurea From "boca" (mouth) and "áurea" (golden)
Italy flag.svg Italian Goldmouth
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 格尔特蒙特
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 格爾特蒙特
South Korea flag.svg Korean 골트문트


  • The name likely comes from Gold and Mouth, likely relating to the Nopon merchants' greed as they figuratively fill their mouth with gold.
  • The Japanese, Chinese, and Korean names use the German pronunciations of Gold and Mund, meaning "gold" and "mouth".