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Species Agnian
Gender Female
Age 10th term (eq. 19 years)
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Shino Shimoji
English VA Georgina Sadler
Appearances Future Redeemed

Glimmer is a playable character in Future Redeemed. She was a soldier of Colony Gamma and the Founder of House Rhodes of the present day City.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Glimmer has red hair tied back into a ponytail, red eyes and a green crystal in the same shape as Pyra and Mythra's Aegis Core Crystal. She wears miko inspired clothing, and wields a staff/stringed Blade called the Wildfire Kithara in battle. When played, this blade summons fire to attack enemies and support allies.

Glimmer has a strong personality, and tends to act selfishly and is very rude to others. She is initially a zealot and as such, she denies the truth of the world around her and initially remains fanatically loyal to Agnus, even after being freed from her Flame Clock and becoming an Ouroboros. She would go as far as giving Colony Eta the current location of the Liberators; after W's death and a lecture from Rex, she is finally forced to accept the truth of the world. Her statue in the Memorial Hall also describes her as exceedingly gentle, and kind at heart.

Story arc[edit]

Future Redeemed[edit]

During a battle with Colony 5 at Vermillion Woods, Glimmer and her squad spots Nikol and immediately attacks him. When Nikol and Glimmer are the only ones left standing, the two battle it out until the fight is broken up by Matthew and A, unknowingly imbuing her with the power of Ouroboros, being picked up by Matthew by the neck and tossed to Nikol before being beaten up by him. Despite this, he continues assaulting Matthew, before Moebius Q and R attacks the two. While Matthew and A are distracted, Glimmer took the opportunity to ambush Matthew, only for A to kill both Consuls and destroy the Flame Clocks, freeing her.

Despite this, she remains loyal to Agnus and continues attacking Nikol while Matthew and A went to collect food. Matthew then disciplines the two, telling them that their fighting days are done, their Consuls are dead, their Flame Clocks are destroyed, and their Iris clocks are replaced by the Ouroboros ring. During a campout, Glimmer is unable to accept the fact that she is no longer an Agnian soldier, upset that she is close to her Homecoming, blaming Matthew for taking it all away. Matthew then offers food to Glimmer, saying that she's not thinking straight. When the group fell asleep, Glimmer manages to sneak out in the dead of night, with A being the only one to notice her departure.

As she makes her way to back to Agnian territory, Glimmer came under attack by a pack of Volffs. During the fight, she unknowingly used her Ouroboros power. Immediately however she came to terms of the loss of the Flame Clock before being ambushed by Panacea and her group of Liberators, in which she is defeated. Before Panacea is able to kill her, she noticed the Ouroboros ring in Glimmer's Iris. One of the Liberator leaders, Shulk then appears and suggests to capture her instead.

Glimmer is taken to the Liberator's camp, tied to an Automaton. Shulk then orders Panacea to untie her, deem her allies of the Liberators. Shulk then tries to interrogates her. When Shulk asks who destroyed her Clock, she gives out the descriptions of Matthew and A. Later, behind everyone's back, Glimmer gives Colony Eta, the Liberators location, knocking out the guards and escape.

When she met with Colony Eta's Consul W however, he attacked her due to being freed from the Flame Clock, saying she serves no purpose due to the loss of her Flame Clock, declaring that she's fated to die. Shulk then saves her as she is about to be killed, revealing the real nature of Consuls to her, as W transform into his Moebius form, continuing his assault on the two. Matthew, A, and Nikol then joins the fight. After being injured, W fused Colony Eta's Ferronis, and a Kevesi Ferronis together to double his power before focusing his effort on killing Glimmer, until Nikol and the other Liberator leader, Rex shields her from the blast. Matthew then encourages Glimmer to face W, reluctantly drawing her Blade and with their combined efforts manages to defeat him.

After W's fall, Panacea implicates Glimmer for luring him in the first place, with Rex recognizing the runaway Agnian soldier. Rex then scolds Glimmer for trying to run back to Agnus. Glimmer, still blindly loyal to Agnus, brushes off Rex, calling him a liar, ranting about that she didn't asked to be freed, still upset over being robbed of her Homecoming, even crying over it. It wasn't until Rex states that Moebius is her enemy, and that her friends are dead that she was finally forced to accept the harsh truth that she can no longer return to Agnus and decides to join the party. During a conversation between Rex and Linka, the latter comments on how Glimmer resembles Pyra and Mythra.

While staring at Agnus Castle, Nikol joins her, she tells him that she won't run away again, knowing that she cannot return to Agnus now she is no longer bound by the Flame Clock. Nikol claims that if they hadn't fought each other, they wouldn't met like that. Nikol confesses he is often bullied due to his inability to call a Blade; now his bullies are dead. He also glad, that he didn't have to kill her after being freed from his Flame Clock, saying that they've became friends. When morning breaks, the party depart camp for Colony 9.

When the party arrives, Glimmer asks Shulk if this Colony 9 is the one from Keves in which Panacea replies that it is not, as this place is the original Colony 9.

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Glimmer manages to live to at least her 80s but her fate after that is unknown. A statue honoring Glimmer and representing House Rhodes can be found in Memorial Hall in the City alongside the other five Founders.


  • In A Melody Sustained, Glimmer begins to learn how to play the newly repaired lute she found on the Black Mountains, due to the similarities of her own blade she uses in battle. She is taught by A on how to play the lute. Additionally, an animation at a Rest Spot shows A instructing Glimmer how to play the lute.
  • Rex directly acknowledges Glimmer as his daughter both to Shulk and A. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that Pyra is her mother, between the Pneuma core on her chest and that her hair color aligns with the baby Pyra holds in a photo at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
  • Her initial demeanor in Future Redeemed seems to contrast with what the Rhodes statue attests of her. However, this could largely be attributed to her stressful life as an Agnian soldier, and the difficulty of coping with removal from said life. Her mood lightens up significantly as the story progresses.
  • Glimmer is one of the only humans to live past the 10-year limit imposed on Kevesi and Agnian soldiers, surpassing the age of 80. She shares this distinction with Nikol and Mio.
  • Her skill as a Healer is stated to have greatly advanced the nascent City's medical capabilities.
  • As the founder of House Rhodes, Glimmer is the ancestor of Tessa.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Glimmer/Gameplay (FR)

Glimmer's class is Kitharode, a Healer class focusing on buffs and healing.

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  • Glimmer's appearance shares many similarities with Pyra and Pneuma:
    • She has same shape of core crystal as them.
    • Her hair color is same as Pyra and her hairstyle is the same as Pneuma.
    • She also resembles one of Pyra's early designs.
    • However, her personality is similar to Mythra.
    • Glimmer's Chinese name "火光" means "Fire Light", which are the Blade Elements of Pyra and Mythra respectively.
  • Glimmer's Japanese voice actress, Shino Shimoji, also voices Pyra, Mythra and Pneuma.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Glimmer
Japan flag.svg Japanese カギロイ
France flag.svg French Glimmer
Germany flag.svg German Glimmer
Spain flag.svg Spanish Glimmer
Italy flag.svg Italian Glimmer
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 火光 Fire light
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 火光 Fire light
South Korea flag.svg Korean 카기로이



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