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Garfont Village

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Garfont Village
Garfont Village Far View.jpg
Location Kingdom of Uraya
Connects to Head
Music Garfont Mercenaries
Garfont Mercenaries/Night

Garfont Village is a town in Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Garfont Mercenaries are stationed there. Blades currently disengaged from the party are found here.


Garfont Village is located in the head of the Urayan Titan. The village sits at the bottom of what used to be a lake, with the Shrine of Journeys, Light, Offering and the Old Valantia being where the water level used to be. The town is centered on the Plaza of Reprieve and Waypoint Market with a few paddies of Gromrice and puddles of water near the walls. The translucent hide above the Old Valantia brings in natural light. The town has three points of entry, Garfont Town Gate, leading to another part of the Titan's Head and its Stomach, Garfont Rear Gate, leading to the upper part of the Titan's Head and a small path behind Old Valantia, leading to the Titan's Stomach.


List of NPCs in Garfont Village. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression. Missable means that this particular NPC can be missed or move to another location depending on choices during quests.





After Rex takes over the Merc Group, Blades that were awakened by the parties, that are either not currently engaged or not sent on a Merc Mission, may appear around Garfont Village. The locations they appear in are set and unlock by increasing the Merc Group's Merc level, though the Blade appearing there is random and will change after skip traveling. The locations where they can be found are:

  • By Garfont Town Gate
  • By Mercenary HQ
  • Behind Mercenary HQ
  • Under Vargel Tavern's tent (only during the day)
  • Near the ladder to the Old Valantia
  • Next to the cooking equipment in Plaza of Reprieve (only during the day, by default)
  • In front of the Shrine of Light
  • Near some crates in the middle of Waypoint Market
  • In front of Lleman Blacksmiths
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  1. A Smith's Pastime completed.


Quest-exclusive enemies[edit]




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  • Vandham might have gotten the idea of making a village for orphans from Minoth. Minoth himself probably got the idea from Lora, after listening in on her conversation with Jin and Haze, where she tells them that she wishes to build a house for war orphans, at the end of Safety Measures.

Auto dialogues[edit]

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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Garfont Village
Japan flag.svg Japanese フレースヴェルグの村 Village of Hraesvelg
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 弗雷斯贝古村庄
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 弗雷斯貝爾古的村莊
South Korea flag.svg Korean 흐레스벨그 마을