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Flame Nova

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Flame Nova
XC2 Affinity Chart icon Blade Special.png
Blade Pyra
Level XC2 menu icon level 1.png
Hits 1
Description Absorb ether from the air and transform it into fighting spirit.

Flame Nova is Pyra's level 1 Special.


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Attack type Ether
Aggro 5
Hit mod 0%
Critical mod 0%
Pierce no
Hit Frame Dmg. Ratio Reaction
1 47 100%
Distance 10m
Area Single target
Range none
Level 1 300
Level 2 360
Level 3 420
Level 4 480
Level 5 540
Max Affinity 576
Level 1 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 60%.
Level 2 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 70%.
Level 3 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 80%.
Level 4 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 90%.
Level 5 Increases damage dealt to beasts by 100%.
Max Affinity Increases damage dealt to beasts by 100%.
Button Challenge
Nr. Start End Challenge
#1 42 75 B Button circle
33 frames, of which
10 frames sweet point

Affinity Chart[edit]

Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II Defeat Feris enemies in Gormott. (Excludes unique monsters.) (x6)
Revealed after chapter 2 begins.
They were perfect for a little combat practice.
III Use Flame Nova. (x11) What's this feeling...? It's like power is welling up within me!
IV Perform a Blade Combo. (x10) How did you like my strength?
V Defeat a Vay Taos at the World Tree. (x4)
Revealed after the party enters the World Tree.
That was a difficult enemy... But I was able to beat it thanks to you.