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Fierce Deluge

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Fierce Deluge
XC2 Affinity Chart icon Blade Special.png
Blade Praxis
Level XC2 menu icon level 3.png
Hits 9
Description Use water ether to attack with high-speed repeated thrusts.

Fierce Deluge is Praxis's level 3 Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Attack type Physical
Aggro 5
Hit mod 0%
Critical mod 0%
Piercing False
Property none
Hit Frame Distribution
1 8 18.18%
2 17 9.09%
3 24 9.09%
4 30 9.09%
5 34 9.09%
6 40 9.09%
7 43 9.09%
8 48 9.09%
9 54 18.18%
Target Opponent
Area Single target
Range 10m
Level 1 500
Level 2 540
Level 3 580
Level 4 620
Level 5 660
Max 680
Level 1 Increases damage dealt from the side by 100%.
Level 2 Increases damage dealt from the side by 110%.
Level 3 Increases damage dealt from the side by 120%.
Level 4 Increases damage dealt from the side by 130%.
Level 5 Increases damage dealt from the side by 150%.
Max Increases damage dealt from the side by 150%.
Button Challenge
Nr. Start End Challenge
#1 30 73 B Button mashing
6 times within
30 frames

Affinity Chart[edit]

Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II Defeat a Genni Pagul in Leftheria. (x5)
Revealed after the party enters the Cloudway in Leftheria
C'mon, let's go do another battle right now! I want to show you my killer spear technique!
III Use Fierce Deluge. (x6) I've really got that one down pat now. You watch, I'll nail it next time too!
IV Go to the Royal Guard Barracks and complete the quest "Blade-Sharp Memory".
  • After chapter 7 begins
  • After having access to Nia, Tora, Mòrag, and Zeke
Don't worry, Theory... I swear I won't forget you...
V In Leftheria, speak to Praxis at Corrinne's house to view the Heart-to-Heart "Rough Diamond".
Revealed after increasing Praxis' Fierce Deluge to level 4.
I wasn't sure before, but I am now. I think I can keep the promise I made to Theory!

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Fierce Deluge
Japan flag.svg Japanese ウォルケンブルフラッシュ Wolkenbruch Rush (German "Wolkenbruch" ("cloudburst") + English "Rush")
France flag.svg French Déluge grondant
Germany flag.svg German Gewaltige Flut Enormous flood
Spain flag.svg Spanish Diluvio Extremo
Italy flag.svg Italian Diluvio spietato
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 暴雨闪光
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 暴雨衝擊
South Korea flag.svg Korean 월켄블 플래시