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Fei Fong Wong
Fei full body.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 177 cm
Weight 67 kg
Chest measurement 97.5 cm
Waist measurement 72.5 cm
Shoe size 27 cm
Finger ring size 15
Clothing size M
Fragrance Eternity for Men (Calvin Klein)
Designer Kunihiko Tanaka
Japanese VA Hikaru Midorikawa
English VA Brian Tochi
Appearances Xenogears
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
This article is about Fei in general. For gameplay information, see Fei/Gameplay.

Fei Fong Wong (ウォン・フェイフォン, Wong Fei-Fong) is the main protagonist of Xenogears.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Fei is of a muscular build, with long, knee-length black hair typically maintained in a ponytail and brown eyes.

Fei seeks to do the right thing and save others, but his inability to control his power causes him considerable anguish. He feels very guilty after the destruction of Lahan Village and at many points is reluctant to pilot a Gear, fearing his destructive powers. Fei has good relationships with many of the party's characters. He has considerable love for Elly, considerable respect for Citan and is has a strong friendship with Bart.

Story arc[edit]


Fei is the modern day incarnation of the Contact, the individual meant to destroy Deus and free the Wave Existence from its captivity within Zohar. Previous incarnations of his include Abel, Kim and Lacan. It is possible that there were other incarnations that the game never gets into the details of.

Fei was born 18 years ago, the son of Khan and Karen Wong. At four years old, Fei's mother awakened as the latest incarnation of Miang. Recognizing that her son was the Contact, she started having experiments performed on Fei's soul fusion. Fei went through great anguish as a result of the experiments. He tried to tell his father about it to no success. Eventually the pain became so unbearable that Fei created a second personality on which to force all the pain and suffering. This second personality became known as Id, while the original personality was known as The Coward. 10 months passed. Grahf arrived at Fei's home, seeking him as as Fei's body is the perfect reincarnation of Grahf's original body, Lacan. Fei's power went berserk. At the last minute, his mother took control of her body and threw herself in the way of a blast that was about to kill Fei. She died as a result. Fei was taken away by Grahf.

For many years, Fei remained with Grahf, as his Id persona. Fei's father would pursue him and Grahf and one night, 3 years before the event of the game fought them. He killed Grahf and was able to successfully seal away Id. While Grahf took over Khan's body, his will was strong enough to temporarily exert himself as Wiseman. As Wiseman, Khan left Fei at Lahan Village in the care of Chief Lee.

Fei had sustained great damage and he was on the verge of death for many days, but eventually recovered. Fei had lost nearly all his memory and neither the Coward personality nor the Id personality were at the forefront. Rather, he established a new, third personality over his years at Lahan Village and his interactions with the villagers. Fei practiced martial arts and enjoyed painting. He befriended other villagers including Alice, Timothy, and Dan. He also befriended Citan, who in secret established a home just outside of Lahan Village in order to watch over him.

Present day[edit]

Fei lives a peaceful life in Lahan Village and is excited for the upcoming wedding between his best friends, Alice and Timothy. The night before their wedding, he visits Citan's house in the mountain in order to borrow a camera for the next day. Heading home he spots Kislev Gears attacking the town. Fei rushes to help and gets in one of the Gears, Weltall, in order to fight the others off. However Fei loses control of the Gear after witnessing Timothy get killed. Weltall destroys the entire village, killing Alice and many of the other villagers. Fei awakens the next day with the rest of the villagers either afraid of him or hating him. At the advice of Citan, Fei leaves, heading into the nearby Blackmoon Forest. There he meets and is held gunpoint by Elly. When a monster attacks her, Fei saves her and they spend time talking with each other. When Fei tells Elly about what happened at Lahan Village he starts wallowing in the misery of what happened and blaming the Kislev Gears for what happened. Elly tells him its own fault for fighting and he admits to being a coward. The two briefly split up, but when Elly is attacked by a Rankar Dragon, Fei jumps into Weltall, brought there by Citan, and saves her. Elly leaves at Citan's advice and Fei and Citan head to Dazil village in order to get Weltall repaired. Fei says he hates Gears and would rather return to Lahan to help rebuild, but Citan says he has no choice at this point as Kislev and Aveh are looking for him and Weltall. When Citan heads out on his own, Fei wanders into the desert, eventually getting lost. He encounters Grahf, who admits to Fei that he ordered the attack on Lahan in order to get Fei into Weltall and that he seeks to kill God. After Grahf departs and Fei fights a Wyrm, he and Citan are captured by Aveh. Fei is now even more depressed after hearing what Grahf had to say.

The transport ship carrying Fei and Citan is attacked by Sand Pirates, led by Bart. When Fei and Citan escape they are immediately confronted by Bart in his Gear, Brigandier. Fei doesn't want to fight him but feels like he has no choice and the two are caught in quicksand and fall to the Stalactite Cave below. While Bart wants to continue their fight, Fei convinces him that they should work together and they become more friendly with each other. They meet Balthasar who helps them in escaping from the cave, but angrily orders them to leave upon seeing Weltall, whom he calls the host for the slayer of God. Having departed the cave, Fei catches up with Citan and the other Sand Pirates and they head to their hideout. There he and Citan learn of Bart's history and the Sand Pirates' desire to retake the throne of Aveh. Bart is eager to have Fei help him, but Fei initially refuses, hating to fight. Eventually he relents and decides to help Bart. He accompanies Bart to Bledavik where they hope to save Bart's cousin Margie from Shakhan and Gebler. The two split up, with Fei entering a Battling Tournament while Bart sneaks into the castle. As part of the Battling Tournament Fei has to fight Dan, who swears revenge for his sister's death, as well as Wiseman, who shares Fei's fighting techniques and flees, forfeiting the title to Fei. Fei then heads to Fatima Castle to fight Bart, taking on Ramsus. Ramsus upon encountering Fei immediately is reminded of Id. While fleeing, Fei runs into Elly and asks her to come with them but she declines.

Fei accompanies Bart and the others to Nisan where Sigurd and Citan reveal their past from Solaris about them, although Citan leaves out anything about his mission to watch over Fei. when they visit the Nisan Cathedral and see a portrait of Sophia, Fei immediately identifies her as Elly, while Citan identifies it as Fei's painting style. Fei agrees to help Bart and the Sand Pirates with an operation to take control of Aveh. Fei heads to the mountains in order to attack the Aveh troops on the Kislev border. On the way however he is attacked by Elly and her squadron. Fei defeats them and is able to restrain Elly after she takes 'Drive'. He continues onto the border where he easily takes out the Aveh and Gebler forces there. But when Grahf arrives and significantly powers up Vanderkaum's Gear Dora, Fei transforms into Id destroying Dora and killing Vanderkaum, as well as trashing the Dora, Ramsus' Wyvern and even the Yggdrasil. Fei is taken captive by Kislev and brought to Nortune where he is held in D-Block with an explosive collar around his neck. Fei befriends local supplier Hammer and is soon reunited with Citan. Fei is encouraged to join the Gear Battling Tournament and while he initially shows hesitation, he eventually relents and takes part. The subordinates of Rico try to kill Fei and he transforms into his Id persona and kills all of them. Being completely unaware of this however he teams up with Rico and Citan to investigate the Sewers where they were murdered, killing the creature Redrum instead. Fei is confronted by Wiseman again, who reveals to him that he was a fellow student with Fei's father. Through Wiseman's advice and an injured arm that Rico suffered in the sewers, Fei is able to defeat Rico and become battle champion, clearing him to be able to leave Nortune. Before he goes however he both helps free the framed Rico from execution as well as protect the entire city from being destroyed by a Gebler attack. Fei once again runs into Elly as part of the attack and is finally able to convince her to turn on Gebler and join with him.

Fei heads to the Goliath Factory along with his friends and is able to steal the Goliath, but is confronted by Grahf and then shot out of the sky by Bart. Fei is stranded on a piece of wreckage in the Aquvy area along with Elly and the two grow closer to each other. They are eventually rescued by the Thames. Fei is then seriously injured in an attack by Ramsus and the Gear Haishao. Fei is brought to the Ethos Headquarters, where he receives medical treatment, and is then transported back to the Yggdrasil to recuperate. During this time he once again transforms into Id while the party is seeking to find the nanomachine colony Emeralda within the Ethos Dig Site. Fei and the others make their way up Babel Tower, eventually reaching Shevat where they help defend the country against a Solaris attack. Fei then participates in the rescue of Nisan from Shakhan and the retaking of Aveh by Bart. The party seeks to make it to Solaris by destroying three surface-based Gates and Fei and Elly head to Babel Tower in order to help destroy one of them. Fei and the party then head into the Sargasso in order to destroy the third gate. There they take on Emeralda and she joins up with the party afterwards. Emeralda mistakes Fei for her creator and one of his prior incarnations, Kim.

Fei and the others head to Solaris, with Fei splitting off with Elly and Citan. He is soon separated from the two of them however and makes his way to the third class citizen area. Fei eventually runs back into Elly and the two are forced to go on the run when Fei negatively reacts to discovering that Bart and the others have been captured. They make their way to Elly's house, where Fei is falsely considered an intruder by Elly's father. He splits back up with with Elly but is soon reunited with Citan then Elly as they make their way through the Soylent System and into Krelian's Lab. When Elly questions Citan's motives, Fei is held captive and much is revealed to him including the fact that Citan has been on a 3 year mission to watch over him and the goal of Solaris and the Gazel Ministry to revive God. During this time Citan purposely taunts him to make him turn into Id so he can directly interact with that persona. Fei eventually is able to escape when it is revealed that Citan did not betray the party after all and removed everyone's limiters while here. Fei and the others flee from Solaris but along the way are betrayed by Hammer and stopped by Grahf and Miang, disguised as the Executor. Fei turns into Id in front of everyone and ends up destroying the entirety of Solaris. He then sets his sights on the Yggdrasil but through Elly's effort he changes back to normal.

With Shevat panicking over the destructive power of Id, Fei flees in Weltall with Elly, but is defeated by Ramsus and his new omnigear, Vendetta. Weltall crashes to the woods below, but thanks to Grahf's influence he and Elly are found by Taura and nursed back to health. Taura creates a device for Fei that enables him to suppress Id and provides a similar feature for Weltall, upgrading it to Weltall 2. Fei has another encounter with Ramsus in the woods but with his new Gear easily defeats him. Fei and the others seek out the remaining Anima Relics and after the Gazel Ministry use the Gaetia Key, Mahanon rises out of the sky. Seeking to protect Elly and the good she is doing for everyone, Fei has a fight with her, demanding that she not come along. The two make up afterwards and have sex. At Mahanon Fei and the others are defeated by Grahf. At Krelian's request Grahf refrains from seizing Fei's body and Fei and the others are used as bait to lure out and capture Elly. Fei is devastated by losing Elly. The party then heads to Merkava to try and rescue her. There Elly turns into the final Miang after Ramsus kills the current day version of her. When Elly departs along with Krelian to be absorbed into Deus, Fei chases after them and disappears.

Fei is later found in a coma. Due to the fear of his power as Id, he is frozen in carbonite by Shevat. This proves unable to hold him however and Id breaks out, heading to Bethlehem, the land where the Zohar lies. There Fei is able to reconcile with each of his personalities including Id and the Coward and all of his personalities become united. Fei also has direct contact with the Wave Existence and Weltall is upgraded into Xenogears. Fei discovers that Wiseman, who has also come to Bethlehem is actually his father, but it is in fact a trap by Grahf, who had taken Khan's body. Fei fights back Grahf and defeats him. The Zohar then restricts Fei's ability to move so Grahf sacrifices himself to free him. Fei and the others pursue a renewed attack on Merkava in order to destroy it then head into Deus. There they take on and defeat it. With the Zohar destroyed, all Gears have stopped functioning with the exception of Xenogears. When Elly moves Deus away from the planet in order to prevent its destruction, Fei follows, eventually falling into a dimensional rift and having a final encounter with Miang, as Urobolus. Fei and Elly make their way back after one final conversation with Krelian and return together in Xenogears.

Fei's personalities
Fei sad portrait.png

Fei has dissociative identity disorder as a result of the pain and trauma he suffered as a child at the hands of a Miang-possessed Karen. The split personalities are as follows:

  • "The Coward", the original personality who's compromised of only happy thoughts.
  • Id, the destroyer personality who took on the brunt of the trauma.
  • Fei, the artificial persona. This is the personality that is active for most of the events of the game.
  • At some point, Fei developed a fourth personality that feels and thinks nothing.


  • Fei enjoys painting during his free time.
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As a playable character[edit]

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