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Face Nemesis

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Face Nemesis
Face Nemesis XC1 art.png
Species Face Mechon
Gender Female
Age A few months at most
Japanese VA Mio Umeda
English VA Jo Wyatt
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. 4

Face Nemesis (フェイス・ネメシス, Face Nemesis), also known as Silver Face, is an antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles. She is a Face Mechon first encountered on Prison Island, but seems to hold back against the party.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Face Nemesis is a Face Mechon mostly covered in silver armour. It has a much cleaner and more refined form than the other Faces, with distinctly humanoid proportions, a multi-plated skirt-like structure, and an angelic halo. It wields two blades.

Face Nemesis seems to have an agenda distinct from that of its master. She acts strangely compared to the other Faces, and makes no move to attack those from Bionis.

Story arc[edit]

As Shulk's party approaches Makna Forest, the construction of Face Nemesis is completed. It is seen to have what looks like a person placed inside, and the final step is a "soul transfer" overseen by a Vanea, who refers to the Face as Lady Meyneth.

Face Nemesis's first assignment is to join Metal Face for the Mechon attack on Alcamoth and Prison Island. Upon arrival, she attempts to speak to the Giant Zanza, who seems to have been killed by Metal Face but nevertheless responds to her telepathy. Shulk interrupts the talk before it really begins, with Face Nemesis trying to say that she means no harm, but Shulk is adamant and vengeful for the death of Fiora. In the ensuing battle, Shulk unlocks the Monado's power and attacks Metal Face. Face Nemesis intervenes and gets her cockpit cut open, revealing that it is piloted by Fiora - but speaking in a different voice, and seemingly with her memory gone. The Mechon then leave.

Once Face Nemesis is repaired, the controller of Fiora's body decides she wants to see Shulk again, so she travels to Valak Mountain. However, Metal Face interrupts so nothing can be accomplished. Egil is upset that Face Nemesis acted outside his orders, so once Shulk's group reaches her in Galahad Fortress, he begins exerting manual control over her system to force her to fight them. Eventually, she unleashes a new power to break free of Egil's control and attacks him, which causes the partial destruction of the fortress. Face Nemesis is heavily damaged and collapses onto the Fallen Arm.


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As an enemy[edit]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Face Nemesis
Japan Flag.png Japanese フェイス・ネメシス Face Nemesis
France flag.svg French Facia Némésis
Germany flag.svg German Gesicht-Nemesis Face Nemesis
Spain flag.svg Spanish Cara Némesis
Italy flag.svg Italian Face Nemesis
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Face Nemesis
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Cara Némesis Face Nemesis
Russia flag.svg Russian Лик Немезиды
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 费斯·涅墨西斯
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 費斯‧涅墨西斯
Korea flag.png Korean 페이스 네메시스


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