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Original Title 日常 (にちじょう)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 1:55
Used in Xenosaga Episode I

Everyday (also known as Nichijô) is Disc 1, Track 17 on the Xenosaga Original Soundtrack and Disc 2, Track 15 on the Xenosaga Episode I album. ('Everyday' is an unofficial translation, as seen in the VGMdb listing of the album.)

It plays in the following cutscenes:

Album Notes[edit]

Album notes written by Yasunori Mitsuda. No official translation exists.

ゼノサーガの、重たくシリアスな楽曲群の中で、唯一ホッ と出来る明るい曲です。 というか能天気な曲です。 (笑)

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