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Species Kevesi
Gender Female
Age 9th term (eq. 18 years)
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Megumi Han
English VA Kitty Archer
Emily Carey (Child)
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Eunie (ユーニ, Eunie) is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She is a soldier from Keves, and the childhood friend of Noah and Lanz.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Eunie is a girl resembling a High Entia, characterized by the small white wings atop her head. She has shoulder-length light brown hair and blue eyes, and her main outfit consists of a sleeveless skintight jumpsuit, a black hooded jacket with yellow-green accents, and black sneakers with the same green accents. Additionally, she also wears a belt adorned with a power frame and a black choker. During her time as a soldier, Eunie wore sleeves on top of her jumpsuit and black shoe with power frames on them. Her term mark is located on the right side of her breast. In battle, Eunie wields the Gunrod which can be upgraded into the Caduceus Gunrod.

Eunie is known for her rough, sharp-tongued personality. She is quite headstrong, which causes her to clash with characters like Lanz and Taion frequently; however, she is also shown to be thoughtful and sensitive to the emotions of others, as well. After discovering her own husk at the Old Kana Battlefield, she develops post-traumatic stress disorder and is repeatedly overwhelmed by the memory of her previous incarnation's death at the hands of D. Remembering this traumatic event would cause her hands to shake in addition to shortness of breath and becoming paralyzed by fear at the sight of D, although she is soon consoled by Taion and the rest of the group, encouraging her to face D later on.

Like the rest of the party, she wishes to change the world in order to stop the needless bloodshed orchestrated by Moebius within the colonies of Aionios. Due to experiencing her past incarnation's death, she is often introspective about her many previous lives, as shown by her conversations with Monica in the City and Taion in the Lost Colony.

As Ouroboros[edit]

Ouroboros Eunie.png

When interlinking with Taion, Eunie takes on one of two Ouroboros forms: one associated with herself, the other with Taion. Eunie's Ouroboros form appears as a feminine red-and-black humanoid with a glowing core in the lower torso. Membrane-like wings sprout from its head, and it may sprout much larger, more intricate wings from its back which grant the capability of free flight. Without these wings, the form uses either two turret-like guns which float to either side or a large cannon.

Eunie's Ouroboros has immense healing capabilities; it is able to instantly and fully heal significant injuries sustained by Eunie's allies. Offensively, it focuses on ranged attacks: the turrets fire small quick shots, whereas the cannon is slower but fires a more sustained, powerful shot. Large volleys of weaker ranged attacks may be fired from the wings.

Story arc[edit]


A young Eunie and her friends Noah, Lanz and Joran are seen dashing through a crowd for the Queen's anniversary in Colony 9. When the clock strikes six, time appears to stop and everyone except for Noah freezes in place.

Chapter 1[edit]

Eunie, Noah, Lanz, Mwamba and Riku take part in the battle against Colony Sigma in which they are victorious. Eunie teases Noah about taking his off-seeing duties too seriously and then laments the fact that the transports took off without them, forcing the party to make the long trek back to Colony 9 on foot.

In a flashback, a young Eunie is shown fighting in a training exercise alongside Noah, Lanz, and Joran. They end up losing the standoff with Garvel's team after Joran decides to put himself in harm's way in order to heal Lanz. Afterwards, an angry Lanz attempts to punch Joran for his recklessness only for Noah to stop him, followed by Eunie who claims that Joran did the right thing. She later reminds Noah of his birthday, which he forgot about. The next day, the four friends attend a Homecoming; one that is conducted by the Queen of Keves herself.

Back in the present, the party heads to the bathing tent after arriving to Colony 9. While in the tent, it is revealed through conversation that Joran had died a couple of years ago. Eunie asks Noah if he is still hurt by Joran's loss, to which he replies that he's "not over it, but getting there", pointing out that Lanz had been the most affected and that they should worry about him instead. Once Lanz joins them in the bath, he and Eunie get into an argument about who earned the most points in the earlier battle.

The next day, a royal decree is issued by the Castle. Colony 9's mission is to destroy a large ether source of unknown origin in the Alfeto Valley. Agnian forces are noted to also be targeting the ether source, alongside a potential third party. With these orders, the main group (accompanied by Mwamba and Riku as before) make their way into the valley.

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  • Eunie enjoys looking for Fourtune Clovers.
  • She is repulsed by Aspar but likes Pippitos for their fluffy fur [1].
  • She has a strong dislike of heights from where she is at risk of falling to her death.
  • Her body has a high affinity for ether, making her an efficient user of ether arts [2].
  • In her past life, Eunie was a Sharpshooter of Colony 18. She was killed by Moebius D after the colony was promoted to Gold rank.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Eunie/Gameplay (XC3)

Eunie's primary Class is Medic Gunner, a Healer class which focuses on healing and ranged arts. She can interlink with Taion.


  • During various scenes in the initial announcement trailer, Eunie's wings are a darker color. This was later corrected during the following trailers, and in game.
  • Eunie's Ouroboros form resembles the E.S. Zebulun from the Xenosaga trilogy.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Eunie Possibly a diminutive of Eunice, which derives from the Greek name Εὐνίκη (Euníkē) meaning "good victory".
Japan flag.svg Japanese ユーニ (See English)
France flag.svg French Eunie
Germany flag.svg German Eunie
Spain flag.svg Spanish Eunie
Italy flag.svg Italian Yunie Yunie
Russia flag.svg Russian Юни Eunie
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 优妮 Eunie
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 優妮 Eunie
South Korea flag.svg Korean 유니 Eunie






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