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Enemy (XC1)

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This article is about enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. For enemies in other games, see Enemy (disambiguation).

Enemies (referred to as monsters in-game) are located all over the world of Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. The player can initiate combat with an enemy with a auto-attack, a Battle Art, or by luring it. Enemies may also initiate combat if they are aggressive and the player enters their field of perception. When an enemy is defeated, it awards EXP, SP, and AP, and is likely to drop a treasure chest.

Enemy categories[edit]

Enemies can be divided into different categories:

  • Normal enemies - An enemy that does not fit any description below. They respawn each time skip travel is used, the area is loaded again, or the party is incapacitated.
  • Bosses - Major enemies that need to be defeated to progress the game's main story. Not all enemies in story battles are necessarily bosses. Bosses carry a special XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png boss nametag XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png. Usually, An Obstacle in Our Path plays during major boss battles.
  • Story-exclusive enemies - Enemies that are part of story battles, but not considered bosses.
  • Quest-exclusive enemies - Enemies that only spawn during certain quests. Some quests do not require defeating the enemies that are exclusive to this quest. Some enemies keep respawning even after their quest has been completed or expired.
  • Unique Monster - Unique enemies that, compared to normal enemies, carry better loot and are significantly more of a threat. After being defeated once, they will only respawn 30% of the time. Unique Monsters carry a special XC1 enemy icon frame unique.png Unique nametag XC1 enemy icon frame unique.png. You Will Know Our Names plays during Unique Monster battles. Defeating a Unique Monster for the first time awards the player with an Affinity Coin. In Future Connected, it will drop an Arts Coin instead.
  • Fogbeast - An enemy type exclusive to Future Connected. While not an extra threat by themselves, they can call all surrounding enemies to assist in the battle. Fogbeasts usually plays against Fogbeast battles. Defeating it will yield an Arts Coin.

Enemies can be part of multiple categories at once, such as quest-exclusive Unique Monsters or Fogbeast bosses.

Detection and aggression[edit]

Enemies will always join the fight if the party attacks or uses an art on them (even if it's a miss). On the other hand, whether an enemy initiates a battle on its own depends on multiple factors. Each enemy has its own type and range of perception; if it spots the party leader within this range, it will attack. Most enemies will not attack if the party leader is too strong (six or more levels above the foe), unless the enemy is a boss, story-exclusive enemy, or unique monster.

Enemies have different methods of detection, visible on its nametag.

  • No detection - When no symbol is visible on the nametag, the enemy is non-agressive, and will not initiate battle on its own.
  • XC1 enemy icon detect sight.png Sight - The enemy initiates battle if the player gets within range of its field of view. Most sight-based enemies have a cone of vision. Many bosses can "see" in all directions, so they cannot be snuck up on.
  • XC1 enemy icon detect sound.png Sound - The enemy initiates battle if it hears the player running within range. Walking is quiet enough to not trigger them.
  • XC1 enemy icon detect ether.png Ether - The enemy initiates battle if the player uses an ether-based art within its range, even if said art is harmless.
  • XC1 enemy icon detect kindred.pngNone.pngXC1 enemy icon detect kindred.png Kindred - The enemy will join a fight that is happening nearby, even if they cannot see the party or are otherwise non-aggressive.
  • Some enemies form "squads", which are denoted by a triangle above their heads when one of them is targetted. If one member of a squad joins a fight, so does the entire squad.

If a party member is wearing the appropriate Cloak gem, the detection range of all enemies against them is reduced, making it easier to slip past foes. The gems come in three flavours: Earth Cloak for those that walk, Aerial Cloak for those that fly, and Aquatic Cloak for those that swim.

Classis and species[edit]

Enemies can be grouped in two major ways: a high-level "classis" group, and a more specific species.

List of classes[edit]

Not all classes have a specific gameplay effect, other than party members preferring or loathing to fight against certain ones.

  • Mechon cannot be damaged by physical attacks, and take half damage from ether attacks, unless toppled or hit by anti-Mechon weapons such as the Monado.
  • Faces are supreme Mechon that cannot be hurt by the Monado.
  • Mammals have no particular characteristics.
  • Reptiles have no particular characteristics.
  • Winged foes are not necessarily capable of flight. For unclear reasons, their Awakening auras are weaker.
  • Insects include ants, spiders, caterpillars, and such. Some achievements track how many are killed.
  • Etheral enemies either have no physical form, or are High Entia drounautics powered by ether. Some achievements track how many are killed.
  • Aquatic foes do not necessarily swim, though most live near water. Some achievements track how many are killed.
  • Telethia are broadly capable of using the Soul Read aura to dodge physical attacks. Some skills target them specifically.
  • People cannot be damaged by the Monado, even when toppled.
  • Aberrations are mostly ancient creatures of mystery origin.

List of species[edit]

Note: The detection type only applies to normal enemies.
Name Classis Detection
Ardun Mammal , Sight
Aries Mammal
Armu Mammal
Balgas Aberration Sight
Bunnia Mammal , Sight
Bunnit Mammal , Sight
Bunniv Mammal , Sight
Feris Mammal , Sight
High Entia Person *
Hox Mammal , Sight
Mechon Mechon , Sight, Sound
Ories Mammal Sight
Telethia Telethia Sight
Volff Mammal , Sight
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