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Elysium in the Dream

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Elysium in the Dream
Original Title (ゆめ) (なか)楽園 (らくえん)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Vocals Manami Kiyota
Length 2:49
Used in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Other versions Elysium, in the Blue Sky
Where We Used to Be
Orbital Ring
White All Around Us

Elysium in the Dream is Disc 1, Track 10 on the Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack and Disc 6, Track 10 on the Xenoblade Chronicles Original Soundtrack Trinity Box. It is a remix of Elysium, in the Blue Sky.

It plays in the following cutscenes:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

  • Rex agrees to take Pyra to Elysium.
  • Nia, waiting in an Ardainian cell, reminisces on a similar scene when she met Jin.
  • Vandham teaches Rex about the realities of life and the unavoidability of participating in war.
  • Pyra recounts the First Aegis War after Mythra's reawakening.
  • Addam's party in Aletta discusses the Driver/Blade bond (flashback).
  • Corrine tells Pyra about Rex's mother and how he arrived at Fonsett.
  • Pyra asks Mòrag why she's making no attempts to stop them in Indol.
  • Amalthus explains the Great Void and how to pass it.
  • Eulogimenos reveals the dirty secret of Tantal's lineage.
  • Eulogimenos tells the effects of their isolationism and Indol's blackmail, and explains why he attempted to destroy the Aegis.
  • Nia tells Rex what happened after her father's death.
  • Jin, in the remains of the Tornan Titan's womb, tells of Torna's foundation upon the life cycle of Blades, and reveals that Amalthus was the one that destroyed Spessia and the Tornan refugees.
  • Nia, in the World Tree, asks the other Blades whether they'd want to extend their lives.
  • Jin reads his diary from when he was Ornelia's Blade, and learns how to become a Flesh Eater. (flashback)

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

  • Addam and Hugo discuss driverhood and royalty.
  • Jin reads his diary from when he was Ornelia's Blade.
  • Zettar remembers failing to become a Driver, and Amalthus discusses his view of divine will.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

  • Nia and Mio discuss being able to properly meet one another in the Memorial Hall.

Album notes[edit]

Album notes written by Yasunori Mitsuda. No official translation exists.


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