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This article is about the Elysium in lore. For the location, see Elysium (location).
Elysium in Pyra's memories

Elysium is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is allegedly a paradise located at the top of the World Tree. Pyra and Mythra's main motivation is to find and reach Elysium, with Rex vowing to protect and escort them as their Driver. The Aegis and their drivers are able to access an imaginary version of Elysium based on their memories. This version is seen several times throughout the game, with the real version seen towards the end of the game.

Landscape and Appearance[edit]

The dream version of Elysium is nothing more than a small, grassy field with a single tree in the center. A wide blue sky with white, puffy clouds are overhead.

The real Elysium is a lifeless, desolate city environment with destroyed buildings and a crumbling infrastructure.


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In the year 20XX, Elysium functioned as a residential area for the researchers on the First Low Orbit Station. After Klaus activated the Conduit, the inhabitants of the station were flung into distant dimensions and Elysium became a lifeless wasteland.

Millennia later, Amalthus is the first to climb the World Tree, but he found Elysium empty, aside from Malos and Mythra's Core Crystals in which he took as proof that he reached the so-called divine realm.

Five-hundred years later, Rex was transported to a memory of Elysium after being killed by Jin. There, he meets Pyra who requests him to take her to the real Elysium in exchange for bringing him back to life.

Malos later appears in Pyra's dream of Elysium revealing that he kidnapped Cole's adopted daugher, Iona. He then tells her to come alone to the site of her awakening: Olethro Ruins to save Iona.

Rex later meets a memory of Addam there after fending off his Phantasms. He claims that Rex is the one who brought him here. Addam then asks Rex what he seeks, answering that he didn't want any of that, although he claims that power is useful; the power to protect. Addam then tells Rex that he has the power to protect Pyra and Mythra, saying that they're afraid of their own power, also saying that he feared the power of the Aegis as well. He then cryptically claims that when he takes on the weight of their fear, marks him as the true Driver of the Aegis. Pyra and Mythra, in Elysium's memories takes notice that the church bells have stopped, prompting them to return to the real Elysium as fast as possible.

When the party finally reaches the real Elysium, they find it a barren wasteland, all of its buildings destroyed, leaving both Rex and Pyra distraught. As they explore the empty wasteland, they come across an abandoned church, there the party is greeted by the Architect's voice, welcoming them further before opening a hidden staircase. Before meeting him, the party is subjected to a phantasm of their inner demons.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Elysium A concept of an afterlife in Greek religions where the souls of heroes resided in paradise. Also known as the Elysian Fields.
Japan flag.svg Japanese 楽園 (らくえん) Paradise
France flag.svg French L'Elysium
Germany flag.svg German Elysium
Spain flag.svg Spanish Elíseo
Italy flag.svg Italian Elysium
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 乐园 Paradise
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 樂園 Paradise
South Korea flag.svg Korean 낙원 Paradise