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Elsa (XS1) art.jpg
Main Engine Logic Drive
Length 166m
Weight 8400t
Weaponry "rigged from stem to stern with unauthorized hidden weaponry"
Crew Members Matthews, Tony, Hammer, chaos
Affiliation Kukai Foundation

The Elsa von Brabant, more commonly known as the Elsa, is a ship that appears in all 3 games in the Xenosaga series. It operates on behalf of the Kukai Foundation and is run by Captain Matthews, Tony and Hammer.


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Episode I[edit]

Matthews leads the Elsa towards the wreckage of the Woglinde after it is destroyed by the gnosis. There they come across KOS-MOS, whom they initially mistake for a corpse. KOS-MOS demands they bring her to Second Miltia and Matthews, Tony and Hammer relent to her demands after she threatens to shatter the window and kill them. The Elsa comes across Shion and Allen's escape pod shortly afterwards and after Shion threatens to kill herself and Allen, and chaos appears on the bridge, KOS-MOS allows them to come on board. The Elsa soon finds itself encountering Ziggy and MOMO, who are escaping from the U-TIC Organization and board the ship. Shion and the others join up with them to fight off U-TIC's Auto-Techs. The Elsa remains as the main transportation of the party throughout the rest of the game. It travels to the Dock Colony, then is trapped in the Cathedral Ship. After it makes its way out of the Cathedral Ship, it docks with the Durandal and the party heads to the Kukai Foundation. Near the end of the game it is used to travel to the Song of Nephilim and Proto Merkabah. At the end of the game the Elsa makes its way into the atmosphere of Second Miltia. It is about to burn up before KOS-MOS is able to cool the ship down, and it makes a safe descent.

Episode II[edit]

The Elsa can be seen early in the game when the party arrives on Second Miltia. It appears again later in the game after Shion escapes from the Dämmerung and is making its way towards Old Miltia. The Elsa and its crew must fight their way through the Ormus Stronghold when they take a detour between two black holes. The Elsa then lands on Old Miltia as the party travels through it towards Labyrinthos. The Elsa manages to escape from Old Miltia as it is destroyed, forming the Ω System. The party travels into the Ω System on the Elsa then again use it to make their escape as it is replaced by the Space Time Anomaly.

Episode III[edit]

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As an area[edit]

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The Elsa appears as an area throughout the Xenosaga series, usually as a hub for the party.


Episode I


Length: 166m
Weight: 8400t

A Lohengrin class high velocity interstellar cruiser.

Formerly a luxury vessel owned by a criminal organization, it was converted into a cargo ship by Captain Matthews, and used as part of the Kukai Foundation's fleet.

Though not apparent from the outside, Matthews made quite a few modifications, such as the installation of hidden compartments to stow unlicensed weapons. He also upgraded the propulsion system to the latest Logic Drive (logic propulsion device), making it the fastest ship in the galaxy (according to Tony).

The name "Elsa" comes from the heroine of Wagner's opera, Lohengrin (1850).

Episode III


A passenger-freighter transport owned by Matthews.

A Lohengrin-class passenger-freighter transport (length: 166 meters, weight: 8400 tons) captained by Matthews.

Originally a high-speed personal space cruiser, it was granted to Matthews by a certain person as compensation for his services. It was later remodeled by Matthews, Tony, Hammer, and the rest of the Elsa's crew, who now use it for retrieving junk and other objects.

The ship is rigged from stem to stern with unauthorized hidden weaponry, a fact that is unnoticeable from the outside. Its main propulsion engine has been replaced with the latest model logical drive, heavily tuned. In Tony's words, it boasts the fastest speed of any space vessel in the universe.

After landing on Second Miltia, it was refurbished to add alterations to the structure and internal layout of the ship. In particular, the A.G.W.S. hangar on the bottom of the ship was enlarged to where it could maintain several E.S.s at once. This remodeling was headed up by the Professor.

Matthews is in love with his swan-like ship, but it is currently put up as collateral for a loan from the Kukai Foundation.

Xenosaga I & II



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Official artwork[edit]

Episode I[edit]

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Episode II[edit]

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Episode III[edit]