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For other articles titled "EXP", see EXP (disambiguation).

EXP, short for Experience Points, are the points used for increasing one's level in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. Once the required amount of EXP is collected, the character automatically goes up one level. EXP is still collected while at the maximum level of 99, but it has no further effect. There is no practical cap on total EXP.

The amount of EXP needed to reach the next level increases with each level, as listed here. EXP and level are carried over into New Game Plus.

In the Definitive Edition, EXP is not earned when playing in Time Attack mode. The Definitive Editon also introduces Expert Mode, which stores most EXP gained in a "box" that can be accessed later, instead of granting the EXP to character immediately. It also allows unrestricted conversion between EXP and levels, both up and down.


Experience can be obtained in the following ways:

When Expert Mode is active, all sources of EXP are put in the "box" except for EXP gained from enemies (whether from defeating them, or from Yoink!).


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