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Species Nopon
Gender Male
Age Old
Japanese VA Yasunori Yamada
English VA David Peart
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Future Connected

Dunga (ドンガ, Dunga) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the chief of Frontier Village.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Dunga is an old Nopon with purple fur, a tall tuft of pineapple-styled hair, and a magnificent curled beard and mustache. He wears a blue robe with complex designs of various colours.

Dunga is the Nopon elder of Frontier Village, and de facto leader of the Nopon race. He has his people's best interests at heart and is more than willing to help others.

Story arc[edit]

When Shulk's group reaches Frontier Village, Melia calls for Chief Dunga and asks him to grant the Homs passage to Eryth Sea, while she herself plans to stay behind for the moment. Shulk senses that Melia needs help, and offers it. Dunga overhears the conversaion and chooses to pledge his own help in the form of the village's yearly Heropon. He sends for Riki, who joins Shulk's group as they go to vanquish the Telethia in Makna Forest.

After they return victorious, Dunga declares that Riki's debts have been successfully erased by his deeds. However, he goes on to say that he has new debts, and that a new prophecy says he must join the Homs on the rest of their travels. This is clearly a lie to get rid of Riki for longer (and casts the entire "Heropon" thing into doubt as well), but Riki has no choice but to accept.

Dunga later acts as the Nopon leader of the allied force, and is present as they fight.

Dunga is briefly seen at the end of Future Connected.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Dunga
Japan Flag.png Japanese ドンガ Donga
France flag.svg French Dunga
Germany flag.svg German Dunga
Spain flag.svg Spanish Dunga
Italy flag.svg Italian Dunga
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 咚可
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 咚可
Korea flag.png Korean 돈가


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