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Species Ardainian
Gender Male
Japanese VA Keiji Hirai
English VA Callum O'Neil
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Dughall is a minor antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the selfish bureaucrat of the Empire of Mor Ardain, stationed as the Consul of the Gormott Province, in Torigoth.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

At the beginning of Chapter 2, Dughall is seen for the first time congratulating Chairman Bana on his successful business ventures and frauds. Bana reprimands him for his recklessness, citing the possibility of Indol tapping their communications. The discussion then shifts to Bana telling Dughall some big news, most likely about the Aegis's presence in Gormott.

Later, Padraig reports Nia's capture to Dughall in the consulate, with the later berating him as his orders were to capture the Aegis then renews said orders. The discussion goes on with Padraig asking Dughall what kind of color emerald, the color of the Aegis's Core Crystal is with the latter losing his temper. The discussion ends with Dughall knocking Padraig out with a green vase and another Ardainian soldier coming in to tell Dughall that the Special Inquisitor Mòrag just arrived from Mor Ardain.

Dughall goes in person to welcome Mòrag on the bridge to the newly arrived Titan Battleship. To his surprise, Mòrag already knows about the Aegis being in Gormott. While he is reluctant with Mòrag's request of interrogating Nia, he is forced to comply, and is later seen attending the interrogation.

Once the party rescued Nia and Dromarch from the Titan Battleship, while they are trying to escape, he intercepts them in the Hangar, piggybacking off of Mòrag's plan to lure the Aegis, wanting to capture her himself. The party battle him, noticing his cowardice, hiding behind his Blade, Dolmes, and taunting them with his lack of concern for its well-being. He is finally defeated, musing on his failed "triumphant return" to Mor Ardain before falling unconscious.

Off-screen, he is removed from his duties as Consul and recalled back to Mor Ardain.


  • While he fights with a Blade, Dughall doesn't use a Blade Weapon, instead using an Ardainian steam rifle and grenades.
  • According to Ashmi, Dughall was over the moon after being assigned as Consul of Gormott, due to the land being largely peaceful. He notes that, in the end, Dughall failed to serve his full term in office.
  • Many inhabitants of Torigoth, such as Edgar, note that, while Dughall was a no-good, corrupt Consul, he did still manage to keep the town generally peaceful.

As an enemy[edit]