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Dreamworld Elysium

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Dreamworld Elysium
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This article is about the minor area. For the Elysium in lore, see Elysium.

Dreamworld Elysium is a minor area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a temporary area where Rex wakes up after Jin stabs him through the heart on the Ancient Ship. The area is enclosed in invisible walls which stop the player from exploring too far from the objective. Furthermore, the area does not feature any landmarks or locations and all menus and HUD elements, aside from the objective tab, are disabled.


Rex ends up in Dreamworld Elysium after being stabbed through the heart by Jin. There, he meets Pyra, noticing a bell being rung and wondering if the Praetorium is nearby. Pyra tells him that where they are is Elysium, before breaking him the news of his death. She asks Rex to take her to Elysium, explaining that the one they are currently in is a memory. She offers to revive him as the Driver of the Aegis, by giving him half her life force, which he agrees to. The two seemingly leave Dreamworld Elysium as Rex is revived.

Later, while staying at Folmarie Inn, Pyra is visited by Malos in Dreamworld Elysium, who tells her that they kidnapped Iona and to come to the place of her awakening alone.

Much later, after the party fends off the Phantasms and a burst of light engulfs the Vault of Heroes, Rex ends up in Dreamworld Elysium. There, he meets Addam. Rex recalls his first meeting with Pyra in Dreamworld Elysium and Addam confesses never having been to Elysium, thanking Rex for bringing him there. The two then talk about Rex's aim before Rex wakes up.

After the events of Chapter 7, Pyra and Mythra are seen in Dreamworld Elysium. They notice that the bell has stopped ringing, Pyra wondering if it was the sound of their heart. The two then resolve to leave Dreamworld Elysium and be with Rex, before waking up in the Land of Morytha.


Dreamworld Elysium takes the form of a hill at the edge of a cliff, surrounded by a forest, with a single tree found near the edge. From the edge of the cliff, a lake as well as a town and a church can be seen.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Dreamworld Elysium
Japan flag.svg Japanese (ゆめ) (なか)楽園 (らくえん) Paradise in the Dream
France flag.svg French Elysium onirique Dreamlike Elysium
Germany flag.svg German Traum von Elysium
Spain flag.svg Spanish Elíseo onírico
Italy flag.svg Italian Elysium onirico
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 梦中的乐园 Paradise in a dream
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 夢裡的樂園 Paradise within the dream
South Korea flag.svg Korean 꿈속의 낙원