Debuff Cancel

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Debuff Cancel
Caption Cancels debuffs from enemies.
Type Buff
Base value 0
Base duration Indefinite
Base cooldown 20s
Trigger interval 3s
Base probability 50%

Debuff Cancel (called out as Revitalise) is a Blade Art and associated buff in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It cleanses all debuffs currently active on the recipient. The effect triggers 50% of the time whenever the Blade's Driver is debuffed; this check is attempted constantly, so due to the retry lockout, in practice it is retried every 3 seconds.


Blade Cooldown modifier
Adenine 1x
Akhos 0.75x
Catalyst 0.5x
Corvin 0.75x
Dromarch 0.75x
Finch 1x
Floren 1x
Mikhail 0.75x
Perun 1.25x
Shulk 1x
Ursula 0.5x

In addition, Poppi can use this art when equipped with AC System Reset.