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Dead Zone

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Dead Zone
XC2 Affinity Chart icon Blade Skill.png
Blade Akhos
Level I effect Restores 45% HP each time an enemy is defeated.
Level II effect Restores 53% HP each time an enemy is defeated.
Level III effect Restores 60% HP each time an enemy is defeated.
Level IV effect Restores 68% HP each time an enemy is defeated.
Level V effect Restores 75% HP each time an enemy is defeated.

Dead Zone is one of Akhos's Battle Skills in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Affinity Chart[edit]

Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II Use The Alrestogony. (x1) The Alrestogony is a great inspiration to me. You should try reading it sometime.
III At the theater in Uraya, view the Heart-to-Heart "The Literary Life".
Revealed after chapter 4 begins
What a marvelous place! It would make a fine stage for one of my plays.
IV Evade an attack. (x9) Tell me honestly... What did you think of my performance?
V Use Akhos's favorite pouch item from the Seafood category. (x3) A superb dish is as gratifying as a superb play, don't you think?

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Dead Zone
Japan flag.svg Japanese 死界
France flag.svg French Zone morte
Germany flag.svg German Totenreich
Spain flag.svg Spanish Zona Muerta
Italy flag.svg Italian Zona morta
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 死界
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 死界
South Korea flag.svg Korean 사계