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Dark Professor

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Dark Professor
Dark Professor.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Appearances Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III (post-mortem)

The Dark Professor, is a minor antagonist in the Xenosaga series. He is a rival scientist of the Professor and the creator of the Dark Erde Kaiser.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The Dark Professor is an old man who is mostly bald with white hair and glasses. He looks extremely similar to the Professor, other than his clothing being a red palette swap of the Professor.

Story arc[edit]

Episode II[edit]

In the post-game, the Professor reveals to the party that he's dedicated himself to building giant robots due to a man he thinks is his twin brother, the Dark Professor, although they are not actually related. The Dark Professor is also interested in giant robots and as part of an evil scheme involving Forbidden Devices has created the Dark Erde Kaiser. As part of a post-game sidequest, the player must travel through 3 optional dungeons before finally reaching the Space Coliseum where the Dark Professor can be found. There the Dark Professor proclaims that he hopes to conquer the Encephalon and control all humans who come into contact with the U.M.N. The Professor confronts him and the Dark Professor summons the Dark Erde Kaiser, whom the party must defeat. Upon his defeat, the Dark Professor initially lies about his plans being intended to prevent the Professor from suffering the same fate as him. He admits he was just kidding and while admitting defeat, says there are enemies even stronger than the Dark Erde Kaiser that exist in the world, including at Old Miltia and the Desert.

Episode III[edit]

A year later, the Dark Professor passed away from overworking on the Erde Kaiser Σ in an effort to defeat Shion.


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