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Crow Beat

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Crow Beat
XC2 Affinity Chart icon Blade Special.png
Blade Mikhail
Level XC2 menu icon level 1.png
Hits 1
Description Soar into the air and attack with black wings.

Crow Beat is Mikhail's level 1 Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Attack type Ether
Aggro 5
Hit mod 0%
Critical mod 0%
Piercing False
Property none
Hit Frame Distribution
1 2 100%
Target Opponent
Area Circle around user
Range 5m radius
Level 1 300
Level 2 340
Level 3 380
Level 4 420
Level 5 460
Max 480
Level 1 Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 60%.
Level 2 Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 70%.
Level 3 Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 80%.
Level 4 Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 90%.
Level 5 Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 100%.
Max Increases aggro drawn from Specials by 100%.
Button Challenge
Nr. Start End Challenge
#1 33 57 B Button circle
24 frames, of which
12 frames sweet point

Affinity Chart[edit]

Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II Engage in combat alongside a female Blade. (x5) I'll show you how a real cool dude fights.
III Use Crow Beat. (x11) Like what you're seeing?
IV Defeat a Margot Sovereign at the World Tree. (x4)
Revealed after the party enters the World Tree
Well, I guess I wanted to test out my weapon anyway.
V Use Crow Beat. (x13) How's this move for perfection?

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Crow Beat
Japan flag.svg Japanese クロウビート
France flag.svg French Coup du corbeau
Germany flag.svg German Krallen der Krähe
Spain flag.svg Spanish Aleteo de Cuervo
Italy flag.svg Italian Battito di corvo
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 乌鸦痛击
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 烏鴉打擊
South Korea flag.svg Korean 크로우 비트