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Species Blade
Gender Female
Designer Atto
Japanese VA Natsumi Takamori
English VA Morgan Cambs
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
This article is about Crossette in general. For gameplay information, see Crossette/Gameplay.

Crossette (ヒバナ) is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can become the Blade of Rex, Nia, Mòrag, or Zeke. Crossette is a fire elemental Blade who uses the Bitball weapon type and is classified as a healer. She was added to the game as part of the version 1.5.1 update as part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass. She can be obtained from the Ebullient Core Crystal.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Crossette is a female Blade with orange eyes, pointed ears, and pale skin. Her hair is short, with a braid in the back, and is predominantly white with black stripes in her bangs She has two horns, one of which is capped with a golden ring. When Crossette is excited, flames erupt from the horns. She wears a white lined crop top, skirt, and thigh high leggings. Her arms and legs appear to be mechanical and have a fire pattern painted on to them. Two paper lanterns dangle behind her back. She wears a belt of firework charges around her waist, and has a large ribbon with a flame pattern on her back. Her Core Crystal resembles a crossette star.

Crossette is incredibly energetic and driven. She idolizes Pyra greatly for both her kindness and culinary skills. Despite her admiration for Pyra, she sees Mythra in a far more negative light.


Ardent Cooking[edit]

By speaking to Lenka in the Galad Residential Zone in Gormott with Crossette, Nia, and Pyra in the party; a sequence will begin in which Lenka explains that her parents are away and that she is very hungry and sad. Pyra offers to cook something for Lenka, which ultimately leads to Crossette calling Pyra her hero. Afterwards Crossette gains the first level of her Ardent Cooking Field Skill.

Later by speaking to Rami in the Admar Storage Zone in the Empire of Mor Ardain with Crossette, Mòrag, and Pyra in the party; a sequence will begin in which the party sees Rami crying. Crossette recognizes this situation as being the same one Lenka found herself in and offers to make Rami a meal to help him feel better. After she finishes Crossette laments that her dish got a bit "Explosive." Though Mòrag and Pyra enjoyed the food, they remind Crossette that a child's taste buds are more sensitive than an adults. Afterwards Crossette gains the second level of her Ardent Cooking Field Skill.

Later by speaking to Nascion in the Fonsett Residential Area of the Leftherian Archipelago with Crossette and Mythra in the party; a sequence will begin in which Crossette recognizes that Nascion, Arrin, and Erina are all hungry and upset. She offers to cook for them, only for Mythra to remind her about what happened with Rami. Crossette reassures Mythra that she's been practicing. Rex reminds Mythra that she can't cook while Crossette explains why she like Pyra, whilst stating that Mythra is unlike her. The both of them continue to bicker. Afterwards Crossette gains the third level of her Ardent Cooking Field Skill.

Later by speaking to Elivira in the Theosoir Residential Area in the Kingdom of Tantal with Crossette, Zeke, and Pyra in the party; a sequence will begin in which Crossette notices Elivira is crying. After Elivira says that her parents have been gone for a long time Crossette asks if Elivira is hungry and upset. Elivira says no, which surprises Crossette. Elivira explains that a bully hid her house keys and that she is locked outside. Crossette, angered that someone would do such a thing rushes off. She later returns with the house keys. Afterwards Crossette gains the fourth level of her Ardent Cooking Field Skill.

Bright Spark[edit]

Crossette's Blade Quest, Bright Spark becomes available during Chapter 10 in the Fonsett Residential Area of the Leftherian Archipelago. The party stumbles upon Lettina, who tells them that three of the kids from the village, Nascion, Arrin, and Erina went out to play but have yet to return. Crossette, whom is eager to save the children, runs off. Before the rest of the party leaves Lettina tells Rex that her husband Raimond went to look for the kids and hasn't come back either. When the party finds Raimond he informs them that a group of Ignas took the kids. When the party finds the ignas they realize that they are both well organized and possess blades. Crossette, wanting to act quickly rushes in. This causes the igna leader to retreat with the kids. The party manages to rout the ignas and ultimately catch up to the leader in the Lud Cloudway. Mythra tells Crossette not to rush in again, to which Crossette begrudgingly agrees. The party discusses potential methods of reaching the children and defeating the ignas, but before a consensus is reached one of the children disobeys the igna's and gets hit. This angers Crossette, causing her to rush in despite her prior promise. She manages to make an opening allowing the rest of the party to approach. Once the ignas are defeated and everybody returns home, Crossette asks Pyra is she's more like her now. Pyra teases Crossette, leading her to vouch to make Pyra see her as an equal. Afterwards Crossette gains the fifth level of her Ardent Cooking Field Skill.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Crossette/Gameplay (XC2)

As an NPC[edit]

Crossette can be found at a random location in Garfont Village after Rex takes over the Merc Group, provided she is not equipped to her Driver or sent on a Merc Mission. The specific locations she may be found at are listed here.


I wanna go on an adventure with my hero!
Pyyyyyyraaaaa, take me with youuuuu!


  • Crossette's English name is likely a reference to a crossette firework star. Furthermore the explosions caused by her specials also resemble those of a crossette star.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Crossette reference to a crossette firework star
Japan flag.svg Japanese ヒバナ "Spark" or "Fire Flower"
France flag.svg French Crossette
Germany flag.svg German Crossette
Spain flag.svg Spanish Crossette
Italy flag.svg Italian Crossette
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 火花
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 火花
South Korea flag.svg Korean 히바나