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Crimson Knight

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Crimson Knight
Original Title 紅蓮 (ぐれん)騎士 (きし)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 2:43
Used in Xenogears
Other versions Blazing Knights (20th Anniversary)

Crimson Knight (called Blazing Knights on the Revival disc, sometimes unofficially referred to as Knight of Fire) is Disc 2, Track 3 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack and track 29 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack Revival Disc -the first and the last-. It is one of the tracks playable in the Nortune jukebox, under the option 'A Battle'.

It is the standard boss theme, playing as the music in the following scripted fights, often including the immediately prior and subsequent cutscenes:

It also plays as the music in the following cutscenes:

A version of the track that is identical except that it is slower plays in the following cutscenes:

  • Ramsus's ship descends into Bledavik.
  • Elly prepares to lead the Gebler Special Forces for the first time.
  • Elly and the Gebler Special Forces are briefed on their mission to support the Hecht.
  • Elly and Dominia argue before carrying out the Hecht mission.
  • Ramsus gives the order to attack the Kislev ship.


  • At 0:43 in the track, an audio clip plays saying "Total sentence imposed is ten". This was taken from Christian Brando's trial for manslaughter in 1991, said by superior court judge Robert W. Thomas; the full sentence was "Total sentence imposed is ten years in the state prison".[1]

Blazing Knights (20th Anniversary)[edit]

Blazing Knights
Original Title 紅蓮 (ぐれん)騎士 (きし)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 4:25
Used in Xenogears

Blazing Knights is a remix of Crimson Knight performed at the Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert -The Beginning and the End-, and is the 15th track on the associated Blu-Ray disc.