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Consul N

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Species Moebius
Gender Male
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Ryohei Arai
English VA Harry McEntire
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Future Redeemed

Consul N (エヌ) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Future Redeemed and the leader of the Kevesi Consuls. He bears a striking resemblance to Noah. N is also referred to as the "Golden Consul", due to the color of his armor, and "High Consul", seeing that he is the highest-ranking Consul assigned to Keves.

Appearance and personality[edit]

N's appearance and hairstyle are identical to Noah albeit with longer hair without being tied in a ponytail and a more sinister expression. Unlike the other Consuls, N wears full golden armor with red lines running throughout, and a red X on his chest as well as a golden mask to conceal his face. N doesn't display a Moebius form unlike the other Consuls; instead, he fights in his humanoid form. In combat, he uses a dark version of Noah's Veiled Sword.

N is cold, ruthless, and devoid of emotions. Glimmer notes that his eyes doesn't have any light within him, in contrast with other Consuls. He is not above blackmail, as seen when he blackmails Ethel by threatening her with the destruction of Colony 4 via the Annihilator if she doesn't kill the party. N is also sadistic and cruel, laughing at the party when it was revealed that the Queen of Keves was just a mechanical imposter during the skirmish at Keves Castle, as well as forcing the party to watch as Mio's life supposedly ends during her Homecoming, just to break Noah's spirit. N has shown no hesitation in slaughtering his own kin, as seen with his attempted murder of Na'el during his assault on the City. (However, when Ghondor gets in the way, he does show slight hesitation as his son bleeds to death). Despite this, he is willing to aid Matthew and the party in defeating Alpha. After M's suicide, N becomes jealous of Noah for having Mio on his side. However, all these motivations are the result of his sorrow and despair after losing Mio in the past and Z's manipulations.

Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

N is first seen observing the lemniscate that D projects into the sky at Keves Castle after his scuffle with the party. N is later seen alongside M seen during a meeting with his fellow Consuls, reminding D that his encounter with the party is fate. He then sends K after the party. N is later seen watching the party's progression at the Amphitheater with Z, Y, and X, with Z notifying them that the eclipse is approaching.

N then observes a battle between Kevesi and Agnian forces on the theater screen while R and V play what appears to be the Aionios version of chess. N visibly disapproves, and is sent off to Keves Castle by Z. N then visits Cammuravi in the Ivory Gaol of Agnus Castle, addressing him by his full title "Smouldering Cammuravi" before his Iris glows.

When Ethel reports to the Queen of Keves, N is standing beside her, before demonstrating the power of the Annihilator weapon (which harnesses the power of the Annihilation event) on the Urayan Mountains, awing Ethel. N reveals that the weapon can be used anywhere, before the Queen decides to target Colony 4 with the Annihilator. Ethel and Bolearis protest, and N justifies it by stating that they were freed from their Flame Clock. N then blackmails Ethel into killing the party, sending Cammuravi alongside her in her mission, as well as new Ferronises made specifically to combat the party and with Flame Clocks tied to Ethel and Cammuravi's lives. N says that it is "entertainment", mentioning that forcing her rebirth is not fun to him.

N observes Bolearis fleeing the castle. When O and P report to N, they express worry that Bolearis will report to the party; N is not worried about that, confident that they'll come to him as it is the party's nature. After O and P's deaths, D, J, and N are seen looking outside a window of Keves Castle. J wonders if the party will come, which N reaffirms. In response to D mockingly asking if he's gonna give them a hug, N states that he wants to show the Queen how hope dies, further explaining that she occupies the same existence that Moebius does.

When the party reaches the Throne Room in their escape, N personally confronts the party when the Queen descends to the Throne Room, accusing them of intruding on the Queen's presence. N's very presence causes Noah to develop a headache. During the Queen's battle with the party, it is revealed that the "Queen" is in fact a mechanical impostor of the real one. N laughs at this revelation, seemingly saying to the real Queen that she hasn't given up on her "false hope". When Noah's head starts hurting again, N claims it is fate as he draws his Blade. Just as he is about to engage the party, the Lost Numbers begin their attack, seizing the cradles that are being housed in the throne room, with the party using the ensuing chaos as an opportunity to escape. After the skirmish, N removes his mask, lamenting how the passage of fate escaped his grasp, but remarks it will be within his reach once again. M appears and asks him what will he do; N's answer is to give them "a time unchanging".

N and M later ambush the party as they attempt to escape from Li Garte Prison Camp, bringing three Gyrinus-type Levnises with them after Shania and several Lost Numbers betray the group. After the party destroys one of the Levnises, M volunteers to take on the party, much to N's surprise. After she is defeated, N overwhelms the party. Lanz and Sena attempt to sacrifice themselves to annihilate N, but are thwarted by X. N then kills Anton before taking the party prisoner at Agnus Castle until the day of the eclipse, which coincides with Mio's Homecoming. N later visits the party while they are imprisoned in the Ivory Gaol, cruelly mocking Noah. Knowing that the party is aware of the cycle of rebirth, he reveals that there's an exception: if someone reaches Homecoming, they will never return.

On the day of the eclipse, N orders the Agnian soldiers to bring the party to the Ascension Grounds (with M, X, Shania, and the Queen of Agnus attending). Before Mio fades away, he drops Noah's flute in front of him to goad him into sending off Mio which the broken Noah is unable to. After Mio seemingly disappears, N attempts to execute Noah. M intervenes, revealing that she was in fact Mio, alive and well and that M took her place before and during the Homecoming. Horrified and distraught over the revelation that M died, N breaks down, screaming in despair. He then lashes out furiously at Noah for supposedly causing her death, ignoring Noah's attempts to reason or question him. Mio reveals that M had lost the will to live because of N's actions. Outraged by M's death he attacks Noah in a rage, but is defeated by Noah drawing the Sword of Origin from his Ouroboros form. N's sword is destroyed and he is severely wounded in the process. After the party defeats X's false Queen of Agnus, X teleports N and herself back to Origin.

It is also revealed that N and M are in fact, preincarnations of Noah and Mio. In their past lives, Noah and Mio were once soldiers of the City fighting against Moebius. Noah was present when an Ouroboros Stone was activated. Later, Mio dies in his arms, and Z appears, tempting Noah. The scene cuts to another incarnation of Noah waking up and being greeted by Mio at a Kevesi camp, preparing for their battle against Moebius. Later, a dying Noah and Mio are greeted by Z as he kills his fellow soldiers in Origin. In the second flashback, Noah and Mio are seen fleeing from their party, and later freeze in a blizzard. In the third flashback, Noah joins Mio after she gives birth to their son Ghondor, but she soon dies a couple of years after giving birth, leaving Noah distraught. Noah later also dies, leaving Ghondor behind. In the fourth flashback, Noah is seen in the Amphitheater, watching his previous lives on the screen. Z then appears, introducing himself before tempting Noah into becoming a Moebius. Noah chooses the "endless now" option, becoming N. He then steps into the screen and sees Mio at one end of a forking path, and he follows this path to walk together with Mio on the horizon.

N is seen in one final flashback, in which Z manipulates him to kill the people of the City to revive Mio as the Moebius M. N is hesitant, but regardless carries out the task. Horrified, M demands N to tell her why he did it; his answer is that he "didn't want to lose anyone anymore", which angers M. N continues that they'll live together forever as Moebius, further horrifying M.

After his defeat, N remains despondent for the remainder of the story until Z reminds N that he desires eternity, goading him to take up the Sword of the End for his "endless now" philosophy. He then intercepts the party at the Eternal Prison in Origin as they reach Melia. N displays jealousy towards Noah for having Mio by his side, as well as claiming that Melia is the fulcrum of Origin and that he will drag Noah into the despair he feels. N still refuses to listen to Noah even after being defeated once, responding to Noah confronting him about his massacre of the City's people by blaming him for M's death. It isn't until he is defeated again that he is finally convinced otherwise and decides to reunite with Noah. His spirit is absorbed into Noah; N sees himself at the same landscape he saw in the Amphitheater, while the rest of the party sees his body disappear.

N and M make a final appearance after the party defeats Z∞; their spirits separate from Noah and Mio, and they sacrifice themselves to deliver the final blow to Z.

Future Redeemed[edit]

N is first seen killing his son Ghondor in a flashback. N is later seen alongside Z in the Amphitheater, watching Matthew, A, and Nikol's progress. In a flashback, N is seen attacking Na'el during the City's fall. Z later sends N to kill Alpha.

N interrupts the battle between the Alpha-possessed Na'el and the party at Raguel Lake with the intent of killing Alpha, and by extension, killing Na'el. Matthew then tries to attack N one-on-one but is defeated, injuring Matthew and Na'el. Just as N is about to kill the possessed Na'el, Matthew protects her and attempts to kill N, only for A to stop him, revealing that N is Matthew's great-grandfather. N reveals that in exchange for eternal life by Z, he was tasked with protecting the world. Matthew then correctly guesses that he also became Moebius, just to see Mio again. N then warns the party that he will bar their way to Alpha to kill him before teleporting away.

N later confronts the party at Prison Island's Prison Terrace, determined to kill Alpha before the party. Glimmer notes that his eyes have no light at all. Matthew asks N why he's stopping the party. N responds that Alpha is waiting for them, as well as claiming that Matthew is the one keeping Na'el in the world, preventing Origin from departing. N engages the party, but is unable to defeat them. N and Matthew clash with each other, which activates a memory from Origin, allowing the whole party to see a flashback of the City's destruction.

During the flashback, N approaches Ghondor. Ghondor recognizes N as his father, questioning his actions. N reveals that Na'el is being possessed by Alpha to his son, then declares his intention to stop Alpha. N attacks and defeats Na'el. Just as N is about to kill Na'el, Ghondor takes the hit, impaled by N's sword. As Ghondor bleeds to death, he asks whether Mio wished for N's actions; N responds that "the burden is mine alone to bear". After his son's death, M appears as the flashback ends. N reveals that the people of the City are the source of Alpha's power, justifying his mass murder of the City's people. Angered, Matthew punches N, and he falls to his knees, offering no resistance. Alpha then seemingly vaporizes N out of nowhere.

N later saves Matthew and Na'el from Alpha, again justifying his actions in that they maintain the "endless now". He leads Matthew in combining the power of his sword with Matthew's gauntlet, allowing the party to Interlink to deliver the finishing blow to Alpha. After Alpha's death, and Shulk, Rex, and A's departure, N and the future Founders go their separate ways. N warns them that Moebius will never end and they will guard the "endless now" to their deaths.

Past lives
Noah past life.png
Species Kevesi
Gender Male

In his past lives, Noah usually wore a camo green jacket, a lime green undershirt, black pants, and black military boots. Noah uses the same sword N uses in the present.

Prior to becoming Moebius, Noah continuously reincarnated throughout history. Unfortunately, each of his incarnations end in his and Mio's death, which Z uses to convince one of his incarnations to become Moebius.


  • N is a preincarnation of Noah.
  • Prior to becoming Moebius, N used to be a Kevesi soldier for the City.

As a boss[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Future Redeemed[edit]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English N
Japan flag.svg Japanese エヌ N
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) N
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) N
South Korea flag.svg Korean N


  • N shares similarities to other characters within the Xeno series; see Thematic parallels for details.
  • There was a model error in the cutscene in which Z convinces him to take up the Sword of the End in Chapter 7; it erroneously displayed N's original sword. This was later fixed in the Ver. 1.2.0 patch.
  • As Glimmer notes, N's eyes lack a distinctive light spot present in Noah, Mio, and M's eyes. The glint is similarly absent from the eyes of N's preincarnations.

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