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Consul M

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Species Moebius
Gender Female
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Minami Tsuda
English VA Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Future Redeemed

Consul M (エム) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She is a Consul and bears a striking resemblance to Mio.

Appearance and personality[edit]

M's appearance and hairstyle are identical to Mio albeit with longer hair. Unlike the other Consuls, M wears full silver armor with red lines with a gem similar to a Flesh Eater Core Crystal on her chest as well as a silver mask to conceal her face. M doesn't display a Moebius form unlike the other Consuls; instead, she fights in her humanoid form. In combat, she uses a dark version of Mio's Dual Moonblades.

Much like N, M is cold, ruthless, devoid of emotions, and loyal to him. Like N, she can be also cruel, urging the party to kill Mio when she hijacks her body, as well as threatening to use her to kill the rest of the party. But in reality, M has suicidal depression, she feels imprisoned because of her immortality forced on her by N and yearns for death. She also despise taking life from others to live, despite being a Moebius herself.

Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

M is first seen alongside N during a meeting between her fellow Consuls. M is later seen walking towards N at Keves Castle's Throne Room after the Lost Numbers escaped with several cradles. As she removes her mask, she asks N what his next actions will be.

N and M later ambush the party as they attempt to escape from Li Garte Prison Camp, bringing 3 Gyrinus-type Levnises with them after Shania and several Lost Numbers betray the group. After the party destroys one of the Levnises, M then volunteers to take on the party, by demonstrating her body-hijacking abilities to the party, (unknown to N at the time, M switched places with Mio). Before engaging the party, M sheds a tear. During the battle, she took control of each of the party members and turn them against each other. She then urges them to kill Mio and threatens to use her to kill the party while she hijacks her body before Taion uses his Mondo as a means to detect when she will use her Eclipse Soul ability. After she was defeated, N overwhelms the party after Lanz and Sena's attempt to sacrifice themselves were thwarted by X who used her staff to forcefully cancel their Interlink. N then takes the party prisoner at Agnus Castle until the day of the eclipse which coincides with Mio's Homecoming.

On the day of the eclipse, after N brings the party to the Ascension Grounds (with N, X, Shania, and the Queen of Agnus attending), the party, then watches in horror as Mio seemingly disappears. After the Homecoming, N then attempts to execute Noah, only for M to intervene, revealing that she was in fact, Mio, alive and well and that M took her place during the Homecoming, causing N to break down. Mio then reveals to N that M passed all of her memories to her and that she has lost the will to live because of N's actions as well as being tired of taking the lives of others, using Mio's Homecoming as a means of suicide.

It was also revealed that N and M are in fact, preincarnations of Noah and Mio. In their past lives, Noah and Mio were once soldiers of the City fighting against Moebius. Noah was present when an Ouroboros Stone was activated. Later, Noah has a dream of Mio dying, with Z then appearing, seducing him. When he woke up, he was greeted by Mio at an Agnian camp, preparing for their battle against Moebius. Later a dying Noah and Mio were greeted by Z as he kills his fellow soldiers in Origin. In another flashback, Noah and Mio were seen fleeing from his soldiers, accused of treason. After that, they were later seen freezing in a blizzard. In yet another flashback, Noah arrives just in time for Mio to give birth to her son, Ghondor, but she soon dies a couple of years after giving birth to Ghondor, with Noah grieving her loss, Noah then also dies, leaving him behind.

After her death, she mostly appears in flashbacks. One such flashback involves her and N in the City. M's body is seen on the stage of the Amphitheater as Z manipulates N into killing the City's inhabitants in exchange for bringing her back to life, a task that's he reluctant at first but carries out regardless. After N kills most of the City's inhabitants, M is horrified of being revived as a Moebius by N's slaying of the City's inhabitants and demands why he did it. N answers that he didn't want to lose her anymore, angering M, with N telling her that they'll live together forever as Moebius.

In a flashback involving M and Queen Nia. Nia, aware of M's predicament, told her that she can jump to her death, but it wouldn't be able to kill her due to her being a Moebius. Nia claims that she knew M when she was still human before she reveals that she will be hibernating soon to avoid Z's power. She then gives M the key to the Cloudkeep, saying when she awakes, the world will change for the better. M asks why she chose her to guard the key. Nia then cryptically claims that she and N will meet their true selves. At a Lost Numbers camp in Eagus Wilderness, M gives the key to Ghondor.

In another flashback 1000 years ago, M stops V from executing a soldier who was at the end of his tenth term, allowing an early incarnation of Crys to perform the earliest known Homecoming. According to her, it is also Z's wish.

After N is defeated a final time in the Eternal Prison in Origin, Mio reveals that M wanted to stay with him forever. This was enough to convince N to make peace and reunite with Noah. N and M make a final appearance, with their spirits separating from Noah and Mio to finish off Z∞ by sacrificing themselves to deliver the final blow to him.

Future Redeemed[edit]

M makes a brief appearance in the City after N kills his own son, Ghondor.

Past lives
Mio past life.png
Species Agnian
Gender Female

In her past lives, Mio usually wore a black fur jacket, a dark green undershirt, black pants, and black military boots.

Prior to becoming Moebius, Mio continuously reincarnated throughout history. Unfortunately, each of her incarnations ends in death.


  • She has the power to hijack an individual's body using Eclipse Soul, not even closing their eyes is enough to stop it.
  • M is a pre-incarnation of Mio.
  • Prior to becoming Moebius, M used to be an Agnian soldier for the City.

As a boss[edit]


  • Due to switching places with Mio before the first battle, M is the only Moebius to technically:
    • To be a playable party member, albeit for a brief moment (not counting Triton who is a Hero).
    • Not to be technically fought directly.
  • M is similar to Mother Sophia from Xenogears; see Thematic parallels for details.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English M
Japan flag.svg Japanese エム M
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) M
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) M
South Korea flag.svg Korean M

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