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Combat (XCX)

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Combat or battle is a central gameplay mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The game uses a real-time battle system which takes place in the overworld.

Combat is initiated when the player deals damage to a targeted enemy, an enemy is alerted to the player and is hostile, or when a story or quest initiates a battle.

The player controls a singular party member at a time, and the party must consist of the player created character. Up to 3 other party members can be active, bringing the maximum up to 4 party members. Each character will auto-attack with their melee and ranged weapons. Each character can switch between using their ranged or melee weapon to auto-attack, either manually or by selecting an Art that correlates to the weapon type.


Each character has a melee weapon and a ranged weapon they can equip, determined by their Class. While recruitable characters are fixed in their Class and cannot change their weapon types, the player character is able to swap between Classes and can therefore use any weapon in the game. There are 6 types of melee and ranged weapons each.

Melee weapons[edit]

Ranged weapons[edit]



Each weapon has a selection of Arts tied to it, which are learned as characters level up their Class Ranks. Arts are selectable abilities that result in an effect that benefits the player during battle, either by dealing large amounts of damage, supporting party members, or hindering enemies. When an Art is used, it has a cooldown that refills over time before the Art can be used again. When an Art is ready to be used, a gauge can be filled up by auto-attacking with the Art's correlating weapon, and once this is filled it can power up the Art by having it deal additional damage, have a secondary effect, or allow it to not require the cooldown time period before using the Art again. Some Arts require a number of Tension Points to be used, and are indicated with a TP symbol on the Arts icon.

There are 5 types of Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  • Yellow: ranged Arts. Note that this does not necessarily mean the art belongs to a ranged weapon.
  • Orange: melee Arts. Note that this does not necessarily mean the art belongs to a melee weapon.
  • Green: buff Arts. Used for supporting teammates.
  • Purple: debuff Arts. Can inflict a debuff effect on enemies.
  • Blue: aura arts. These are similar to buffs but are active for a certain period of time once the Art is used.


Main article: Overdrive

Overdrive is a mechanic unlocked after Chapter 5 of the main story. It requires 3000 Tension Points to activate Overdrive.

Skell combat

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Other in-combat effects and techniques[edit]


Each party member has their own Tension gauge in combat.

Soul Voices[edit]

Main article: Soul Voice

During battles, party members can call out for an ally to use a specific type of Art. When another party member responds by using an Art of the called out type within the time limit, this activates a Soul Voice which has a beneficial effect on the party.