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Colony 6 reconstruction

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Colony 6 reconstruction is a mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles where Colony 6 is rebuilt after the Mechon raided it. It is essentially a series of quests, with each one creating more buildings and resources in Colony 6 are they are completed. Reconstruction is entirely optional for completing the story, but it is required to unlock the vast majority of quests, NPCs, affinity, and so on in the region.

Reconstruction can begin after Otharon, Juju, and Dickson part ways with the party at the Sororal Statues in Satorl Marsh. It must first be initiated by relocating the people from the Refugee Camp back to the colony, done by completing the timed quest The Road Home. If this quest later becomes unavailable, it is replaced with To Colony 6!. If a majority of the story is progressed before either quest is completed, the refugees move back by themselves. At this point, the party can talk to Juju outside the Reconstruction HQ in order to select a module to build. Each module costs a certain set of collectables, materials, and gold, and is constructed immediately.

Current Status[edit]

The Current Status shows three different stats for Colony 6:

  • Completion shows the completion rate of Colony 6 reconstruction. It starts at 0% and can reach up to 100%. It can be increased by building new modules (2-6% each) or by inviting new immigrants (2% each). Reaching a certain completion rate is a prerequisite for inviting some NPCs. Increasing it may also affect the music that plays in Colony 6:
  • Population shows the population of Colony 6. It starts at 12 (10 named NPCs from the Refugee Camp plus Juju and Otharon) and goes up to 150 inhabitants. It can be increased by constructing new modules and by inviting more people. Population is a prerequisite for inviting some NPCs.
  • Ether Planters shows the current status of the ether planters in Colony 6. During certain points, a Defend Colony 6 surprise quest may pop up that disturbs the ether planters until the enemies are defeated and the quest completed. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to show that such a quest is currently active.


Each completed module adds a specific block of buildings, parks, gardens, trees, and so forth. There are four categories of module:

  • Housing is primarily for increasing population capacity.
  • Commerce opens new shops.
  • Nature levels up the rank of ether crystals mined from all deposits in Colony 6 and the Ether Mine. The rank of the crystals mined is II or equal to the Nature level, whichever is higher.
  • Special adds several pickup locations that offer collectables otherwise only found in distant regions. They are the only way to obtain such collectables (aside from potential trading) if those areas become inaccessible.

Each category must be built in order (Housing level 3 cannot be built until level 2 is), but categories do not have to be kept even (Housing may be level 5 even if nothing else is level 1). Modules are not technically restricted by story progress, though they require items from later areas, so they basically are in practice.

Several modules require items that may be difficult to obtain if their native area becomes inaccessible, so many players recommend stocking up on them beforehand. In the Definitive Edition, the Nopon Archsage sells all items for all modules for Noponstone, after the story has reached the final major area.

Category Level Cost Comp. Pop. Items required

Level 1 9,000 G +2% +4 Drop rare.png Spotted Volff Hide x2 Steel SilkCollectable strange.png Steel Silk x2
Level 2 19,000 G +2% +8 Drop rare.png Bunnia Scent Wood x4 Fossil MonkeyCollectable animal.png Fossil Monkey x1
Level 3 55,000 G +3% +15 Drop rare.png Eks Iron Heart x1 Drop common.png Sturdy Armour x4 Oil BranchCollectable nature.png Oil Branch x2
Level 4 120,000 G +3% +18 Drop rare.png Ponio Hoof Seal x5 Drop rare.png Royal Volff Hide x3 Warning LampCollectable parts.png Warning Lamp x3 Retro DiodeCollectable parts.png Retro Diode x2
Level 5 300,000 G +3% +27 Drop rare.png Vang Star Wing x2 Drop rare.png Gogol Horn x3 Red FrontierCollectable strange.png Red Frontier x2 Black StyreneCollectable nature.png Black Styrene x2 Rainbow ZirconiaCollectable strange.png Rainbow Zirconia x3

Level 1 10,000 G +2% +1 Drop rare.png Igna Hide Jacket x2 Amblygon TurtleCollectable animal.png Amblygon Turtle x2
Level 2 22,000 G +2% +1 Drop rare.png Hode Plank x3 Ready CoilCollectable parts.png Ready Coil x2
Level 3 55,000 G +2% +1 Drop rare.png Shiny Kromar Hide x3 Drop rare.png Slick Kromar Stone x2 Blue LadybirdCollectable bug.png Blue Ladybird x2
Level 4 100,000 G +3% +1 Drop rare.png Piranhax Fishmeal x5 Drop rare.png Silver Antol Fibre x8 Sour TurnipCollectable veg.png Sour Turnip x3 Mossy PanelCollectable nature.png Mossy Panel x2
Level 5 250,000 G +4% +2 Drop rare.png Ocean Elixir of Life x1 Drop rare.png Ancient Sardi Meat x4 Art Core CoilCollectable parts.png Art Core Coil x2 Fortune FeatherCollectable nature.png Fortune Feather x1 Hill FireflyCollectable bug.png Hill Firefly x4

Level 1 5,000 G +1% +0 Drop rare.png Sharp Hox Spur x2 Dark GrapeCollectable fruit.png Dark Grape x2
Level 2 18,000 G +2% +0 Drop rare.png Quadwing Bag x2 Empress BeetleCollectable bug.png Empress Beetle x3
Level 3 40,000 G +2% +0 Drop common.png Jagged Tail x3 Despair CloverCollectable flower.png Despair Clover x2 Ice CabbageCollectable veg.png Ice Cabbage x2
Level 4 99,000 G +3% +0 Drop rare.png Caterpile Silk x3 Drop rare.png Hox Daylight Spur x3 Oil OysterCollectable animal.png Oil Oyster x3 White PlumCollectable fruit.png White Plum x3
Level 5 280,000 G +5% +3 Drop rare.png Ardun Elder Beard x3 Drop rare.png Tokilos King Egg x1 Lewisia SilverCollectable flower.png Lewisia Silver x2 Black Liver BeanCollectable veg.png Black Liver Bean x2 Black BeetleCollectable bug.png Black Beetle x2

Level 1 8,000 G +3% +0 Drop rare.png Light Rain Element x1 Kneecap RockCollectable nature.png Kneecap Rock x1
Level 2 25,000 G +3% +2 Drop rare.png Dust Element x2 Sea BerryCollectable flower.png Sea Berry x3
Level 3 50,000 G +4% +0 Drop rare.png Squall Element x2 Drop rare.png Snow Element x2 Lemonade SkyCollectable strange.png Lemonade Sky x3
Level 4 130,000 G +5% +0 Drop rare.png Flexible Selua Cell x3 Drop rare.png Steel Selua Cell x3 Rainbow SlugCollectable animal.png Rainbow Slug x2 Azure HollyhockCollectable flower.png Azure Hollyhock x2
Level 5 400,000 G +6% +3 Drop rare.png Inferno Element x2 Drop rare.png Bolt Element x2 Blue Light AmpCollectable parts.png Blue Light Amp x3 Angel Engine XCollectable parts.png Angel Engine X x2 Rabbit DiodeCollectable parts.png Rabbit Diode x3


This list shows all NPCs which can be invited to Colony 6 by talking to them after certain conditions are met. An exception to this is Nopo'rikh, who is not one of the Refugee Camp immigrants, but instead moves in during the quest Missing Lodger. All immigrants (except for Nopo'rikh) increase the population and completion rate by a certain amount. Some invitations are mutually exclusive between two NPCs, which effects available quests, affinity links, and trading options.

NPCs can still be invited after they have moved to a different location by becoming refugees themselves. These are technically different invitations and therefore listed here separately.

NPC Area Comp. Pop. Conditions
Werner Colony 9 +2% +3
Oleksiy Colony 9 +2% +3
Rosemary Colony 9 +2% +2
Peppino Colony 9 +2% +2
Nic Colony 9 +2% +3
Perrine Colony 9 +2% +3
Mefimefi Colony 9 +2% +3
Nopo'rikh Colony 6 +0% +0
Norara Frontier Village +2% +3
Pokapoka Frontier Village +2% +2
Minana Frontier Village +2% +3
Gowago Frontier Village +2% +3
Berryjammy Frontier Village +2% +3
Hoko Frontier Village +2% +2
Don Argentis Frontier Village +2% +2
Talonyth Alcamoth +2% +2
Ma'crish Alcamoth +2% +3
Jer'ell Alcamoth +2% +2
Yura Alcamoth +2% +2
Don Argentis Alcamoth +2% +2
Zel Argentis Alcamoth +2% +4
En Argentis Alcamoth +2% +4
Neonik Fallen Arm +2% +3
Shilx Fallen Arm +2% +4
Talonyth Bionis' Leg +2% +2
Ma'crish Bionis' Leg +2% +3
Jer'ell Satorl Marsh +2% +2
Zel Argentis Satorl Marsh +2% +4
En Argentis Eryth Sea +2% +4
Yura Valak Mountain +2% +2


The player is rewarded with an item for either getting all four categories to a certain level or getting a single category to the maximum level.

Condition Item
Housing level 5 Oriental GlassesXC1 icon equipment head g.png Oriental Glasses XC1 icon gem slot red.png
Commerce level 5 Titan ArmsXC1 icon equipment arm 8.png Titan Arms XC1 icon gem slot yellow.png
Nature level 5 XC1 icon gem slot red.png EXP Up IV (40%)
Special level 5 Master GlassesXC1 icon equipment head g.png Master Glasses XC1 icon gem slot yellow.png
All level 1 XC1 inventory icon key item.png Ultra Small Reactor
All level 2 XC1 icon gem slot red.png EXP Up III (25%)
All level 3 XC1 icon gem slot green.png Topple Plus IV (40%)
All level 4 XC1 icon gem slot blue.png Debuff Resist V (50%)
All level 5 Titan PlateXC1 icon equipment torso 8.png Titan Plate XC1 icon gem slot blue.png

Surprise Quests[edit]

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