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This article is about collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. For collectibles in other games, see Collectible (disambiguation).

Collectables are items in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected. They are randomly obtained by picking up blue item orbs that are spread across the world. Each major area in the game has its own set of collectables. An exception are collectables from the "Other" category, which must be obtained through trading.

Collectables have several purposes.

  • They can be sold to shops for money.
  • They can be traded to named NPCs in order to get other items, including other collectables. The trade value of a collectable is ten times higher than its sale value.
  • They can be added to the Collectopaedia. Only one copy of each collectable may be added. Filling in the Collectopaedia grants rewards of weapons, equipment, or gems.
  • They can be components of completing quests, including Colony 6 reconstruction.
  • They can be gifted from one party member to another in order to increase the affinity between them (or decrease, if the receiver dislikes it).

Many collectables are native to areas that later become inaccessible. These collectables never become completely unobtainable, as they can be found in certain locations in Colony 6 at higher Special reconstruction levels. (Some, but not all, can also be traded for.) However, because of how many collectables are being squeezed into few collection points, it is difficult to luck into anything in particular. It is therefore wise to try and ensure that one has a completed Collectopaedia page plus a decent amount of collectables before moving on from an area, in case they are needed later.

In the Definitive Edition, collectables that can be used in Colony 6 reconstruction can be obtained from the Nopon Archsage in exchange for Noponstone, after a late point in the plot.

Collectables are split into eight different categories:

  • Collectable veg.png Vegetables
  • Collectable fruit.png Fruits
  • Collectable flower.png Flowers
  • Collectable animal.png Animals
  • Collectable bug.png Bugs
  • Collectable nature.png Nature
  • Collectable parts.png Parts
  • Collectable strange.png Strange


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