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Region Swordmarch
Weather unknown
Connects to Great Sword's Base
Erythia Sea
Music City

The City is an Area in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Reaching the City is the primary goal of the party. The City was the home of Guernica Vandham and is where the Lost Numbers reside.


Future Redeemed[edit]

Main article: Old City

The City is located in Erythia Sea and is the home of Matthew and Na'el. After the City's fall, A finds a half dead Matthew outside the ruins and nursed him back to full health. The two later overlook the ruins of the City at Hope's Rest. Matthew and A later made a grave for his late grandfather, despite the fact that natural born humans fade into gold motes after death.

Matthew's main objective throughout the story is to find City survivors after its fall at the hands of Moebius. On the way, he met, Nikol, a Kevesi soldier from Colony 5, Glimmer, a soldier from Colony Gamma, Shulk, and Rex, leaders of the Liberators and their students Panacea and Linka. Eventually it is revealed that the City was destroyed because of Alpha abducting its citizens, using them as a source of power to destroy Aionios. Eventually the party defeats Alpha and the Founders began rebuilding the City.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

The current City is founded by Matthew, Na'el, Nikol, Glimmer, Panacea, Linka, and a seventh individual and is now situated on top of Swordmarch, statues of them were built in Memorial Hall. After the party becomes Ouroboros, the dying Guernica directs them to the City atop of Swordmarch to find their hope. Eventually, after a two month journey, the party reaches the base of the Great Sword and are greeted by his daughter Monica and Shania who led them into the City. Inside, the party learns about the true nature of life and the Founders.

Eventually, the party is sent on a mission to free Ghondor from Agnus Castle which fell apart due to Shania's betrayal, but Ghondor manages to escape. After Ghondor reaches the City, she gets into an argument with her mother before being warned by Mio about Shania's betrayal, prompting them to move the City underneath the world.

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XC3 colony icon City.pngXC3 affinity chart icon City.png
The bastion of hope that Noah and friends have hoped to find. Home to those who resist Moebius.
Nation City City
Location Swordmarch
Commander City's Bulwark Monica
Lieutenant(s) Travis
Affinity Level Rewards XC3 icon affinity star.png 1 Silent Steps
XC3 icon affinity star.png 2 Shiny Hunter
XC3 icon affinity star.png 3 Slow Digestion
XC3 icon affinity star.png 4 Item Retriever
XC3 icon affinity star.png 5 Speed Jogger



Rest Spots[edit]




  • The City's role and nature is similar to Shevat from Xenogears.
    • Both are cities that were originally on the surface of their respective worlds before moving to a higher place due to war: Babel Tower and Swordmarch respectively.
    • Both hid themselves from their enemies, Solaris and Moebius respectively due to war.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English City
Japan flag.svg Japanese シティー
France flag.svg French Cité
Germany flag.svg German City
Spain flag.svg Spanish Ciudad City
Italy flag.svg Italian Città City
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 都市
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 都市
South Korea flag.svg Korean 시티