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Challenge Battle Mode (XC2)

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This article is about the mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For the mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, see Challenge Battle Mode (XC3).
List of available challenge battles, part 1

Challenge Battle Mode is a mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Much like the Time Attack mode in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and the Challenge Battle Mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it consists of a set of unique battles that can be fought in order to obtain special rewards.

Challenge Battle Mode can be found in the Land of Challenge, by taking a portal at Olethro Playhouse in Olethro Ruins, which appears after collecting the Nopon Summons from the Challenge Battle Mode DLC. More challenges become available depending on specific conditions, such as progressing the story, defeating a specific unique monster, beating another challenge battle, or collecting a DLC key item. There are 27 challenges in total, one of them being temporary.

Additionally, three Rare Blades are tied to the Challenge Battle Mode, Shulk, Fiora, and Elma. The former two will join the party immediately upon entering the Land of Challenge while Elma will join upon completing Otherworldly Fighter. The three cannot however leave the Land of Challenge until specific Challenge Battles are completed, namely Dino Drama for Shulk and Fiora, and Elma: Redux for Elma.


Each challenge has a difficulty mode, which match the regular game's difficulties, namely Custom, Easy, Normal and Bringer of Chaos. Some challenges will however force certain party formations, such as limiting the amount of party members to two or forcing a particular character to participate. Challenges have a level restriction, meaning that if the character's level is higher than the level shown, it will be reduced back down to this level. Blade powers may also be restricted, meaning that certain Blades' weapon stats will be reduced if they exceed the restrictions.

During challenge battles, enemies will come in waves, with the number of waves shown in the challenge's description beforehand. Challenge battles also have a time limit of 60 minutes, after which the challenge will be failed. Enemy waves will appear depending on time, meaning that more enemies may appear even if the current wave of enemies was not defeated yet. If every enemies in a wave were defeated before the next one appears, said next wave will appear a few seconds afterward.

Moreover, no EXP, WP, or SP is gained during challenge battles and time progresses like normal. Ether cubes will be dropped by enemies during the battle, which must be picked up to obtain rewards. Three tiers of rewards unlock as ether cubes are picked up, unlocking a treasure trove of increasing rarity for each tier unlocked, with the amount of ether cubes needed depending on the specific challenge battle. These treasure troves can contain Noponstones, Flawless Noponstone, some gold, accessories, Core Chips, and Aux Cores, up to tier 6 which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The timer keeps running even during chain attacks, Specials or third stage Blade Combos. The challenge battle can be paused, stopping the timer, by sheathing the weapon and pressing the "+" button. There, three options can be chosen: Give up on the challenge, retry it, or to keep going. After defeating the challenge battle's final wave, a few seconds will be given to collect the remaining ether cubes before the player is teleported back to the Land of Challenge and given their rewards.

List of challenges[edit]

Check the individual challenge articles for more detailed information, such as restrictions, item rewards or enemies involved.


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