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Xord XC1 art.png
Species Face Mechon
Gender Male
Age ~1
Japanese VA Tessyo Genda
English VA Jonathan Keeble
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. 4

Xord (ゾード, Zord), also known as Bronze Face (褐色 (かっしょく)のフェイス, Brown Face) is a secondary antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles. He is a Face Mechon that kidnaps Juju on the Bionis' Leg.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Xord is a Face Mechon mostly covered in brown armour. He is shaped somewhat like a beetle with banana-shaped arms and legs, mainly composed of spherical curves. He carries a giant hammer in his right hand.

Xord is little more than a glutton. His entire existence is based around eating Homs and bragging about it, with no regard for life. He sees himself as invincible with Homs as a non-threat, and a few times claims that he is tougher than Metal Face (which, given his bulkier build, is not unlikely).

Story arc[edit]

After Shulk and Reyn reach the Bionis' Leg, they meet Sharla and Juju, and are told that Colony 6 has been occupied by the Mechon. Juju is sick of sitting around not counter-attacking, so he runs off on his own. Shulk gets a vision of Juju being taken by a Face Mechon, which he assumes to be Metal Face, the one that raided Colony 9. Upon catching up to Juju, they rescue him from a Mechon M71. Xord arrives, labelled only as "Mysterious Face", and attacks. The Homs are unprepared to see a different Face Mechon, who is not only immune to the Monado just like Metal Face, but can also speak. Xord easily captures Juju, but an apparent malfunction prompts him to leave before he can soundly defeat the trio, and he takes Juju to Colony 6.

Intending to sneak into Colony 6 through the Ether Mine, the trio reach the Central Pit to find a scene of carnage; it is clear that this is where many Homs have been eaten. Xord appears and shows off that Juju is still alive, while also taunting the group over being unable to defeat him. He also tells them his name, which he distantly comments as something he can't remember.

Xord fights the trio to a standoff. The battle is interrupted by Otharon, driving a mobile artillery whose bulk is a match for the Mechon. After a shoving match, Otharon successfully causes Xord to fall into the ether river below the mine, and himself is saved by Shulk and Reyn. Juju is again rescued, and the party make to leave.

But Xord is not finished; he boards the Freight Elevator to fight again, his body badly corroded by the ether river and no longer immune to the Monado. No longer invincible, he is defeated, and his damaged limbs are blasted off by ether surges. Xord expresses respect that Shulk beat him without the true power of the Monado, and muses on how he learned truths when he became how he is. Shulk demands for more clear answers, but Xord leaves, thrusting the remainder of his body off the elevator to explode in the shaft below.


  • According to the Monado Archives, Xord was the first Face Mechon ever constructed.[1] Instead of having a separate pilot, Xord consists only of the brain and organs of a Homs directly integrated into the Face Mechon, rather than a full body.[2]
  • While not stated explicitly in Xenoblade Chronicles, there is little question that Xord's original Homs identity is that of Désirée's father. Désirée states during quest dialogue that her father was a blacksmith lost in the Battle of Sword Valley, and his shop was called "Xord's Smithy".
    • The Monado Archives entries for both Xord and Désirée make the connection explicit.
      Xord - A skilled machinist known as "Xord the blacksmith" in Colony 9, and father of Désirée.[3]
      Désirée - Daughter of Xord, a skilled machinist.[4]
    • The "Bronze Face" trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U also states it directly, by saying "his giant hammer recalls the old life of his Core Unit, Xord--blacksmith."

As a boss[edit]

Xord fights the party a few times, one of which is an unwinnable fight.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Xord
Japan flag.svg Japanese ゾード Zord
France flag.svg French Xord
Germany flag.svg German Xord
Spain flag.svg Spanish Xord
Italy flag.svg Italian Xord
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Xord
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Xord
Russia flag.svg Russian Ксорд
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 佐德
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 佐德
South Korea flag.svg Korean 조드
Bronze Face
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Bronze Face
Japan flag.svg Japanese 褐色 (かっしょく)のフェイス Brown Face
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Bronze Face
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Cara de Bronze Bronze face
Russia flag.svg Russian Бронзолик
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Definitive Edition[edit]


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