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Bledavik is an area in Xenogears. It is the capital city of the country of Aveh.


Bledavik as the capital city of Aveh is under the control of Shakhan and Gebler. Fei, Bart and Citan head to the city with the hopes of rescuing Margie from Shakhan. They first arrive around the same time that Ramsus and Miang first come to Bledavik to meet Shakhan and take over for Vanderkaum.

Fei, Bart and Citan wander the city and come across a nun from Nisan. Eventually they come up with a plan to rescue Margie. Fei will join a Battle Tournament occurring in the city, with the goal to distract the guards in and around Fatima Castle. Meanwhile Bart will sneak into the castle using the underground sewers. Assuming the player is able to get that far, Fei is able to make it all the way to the Battle Tournament finals, taking on Wiseman, who eventually forfeits. Bart makes his way through Fatima Castle and rescues Margie. However on the way out, Bart is confronted by Ramsus and Miang. Through Fei's involvement, the three of them are able to escape, and they are further assisted by Elly once making it to the Gebler quarters below.

Bart later leads a force to Bledavik to try and take it over from Shakhan while Fei participates in efforts at the Aveh - Kislev Border. However this mission ends up in failure as Ramsus and Miang successfully predicted what Bart would do. Bart and the others are saved by Maison when he appears with Citan's Land Crab.

Later in the game when Shakhan takes over Nisan, Bart sees this as an opportunity to finally take over Bledavik. While he and the other party members remain in Nisan, a separate force heads to Bledavik and is able to take it over in Shakhan's absence. Bart returns to Bledavik and speaking before the people, announces his intentions to abandon the monarchy. The party is able to revisit Bledavik when desired for the remainder of disc 1. It is inaccessible on disc 2.


Bledavik is located in the southwestern portion of Aveh.


Battle Tournament[edit]

Fatima Castle[edit]


Name Buy Price
G6-1200 1200G
WELT-02500 800G
HEIM-03200 1800G
BRIG-02700 900G
MS 7.5 1000G
Iron GWhip 1600G
Resp Circuit 2500G
Def Circuit 2500G
C Circuit 250G
Magnetic Coat 4000G
Lens Cover 2500G
Engine Guard 5000G
Tank Guard 3000G
Ar Repairer 4000G
Motion Guard 4000G
Name Buy Price
Magical Rod 50G
Arcane Rod 100G
Iron Whip 120G
WhippaSnappa 280G
Leather Vest 150G
Leather Hat 80G
Power Ring 200G
Speed Ring 1200G
Name Buy Price
Aquasol 20G
Rosesol 100G
Zetasol 100G
Physisol 10G
Mentsol 20G
Omegasol 50G
Survival Tent 150G
Name Buy Price
Radish 10G
Ariberry 10G
Elfanana 10G
Durian Juice 10G
Nisan Water 10G
Aveh Beer 10G
Bartweiser Lite 50G
Spiced Cake 20G
Icy Cake 30G
Toy Gun 80G
Minigear 120G