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Battle narration

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Battle narrator
Japanese VA Kentaro Tone
English VA Stanley Townsend
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country feature battle narration. During combat, certain situations will cause a voice to announce the situation, or praise the player. Its volume can be controlled using the "Battle Narration" volume slider in the options.

The voicelines are slightly different in the English and Japanese versions of the game, but they are English utterances in either case, and they play in identical situations. Some situations have multiple potential voicelines, only one of which is chosen (assumed to be at random).


Line Condition
Good! "GOOD" button challenge
Great! "COOL" button challenge
Excellent! "EXCELLENT!" button challenge (1st or 2nd in a row)
Superb! "EXCELLENT!" button challenge (3rd-5th in a row)
Astounding! "EXCELLENT!" button challenge (6th-9th in a row)
Magnificent! "EXCELLENT!" button challenge (10th+ in a row)
(Blade Combo stage) (Driver Combo stage)! Fusion Combo inflicted with Break or Topple
(Driver Combo stage) (Blade Combo stage)! Fusion Combo inflicted with Launch or Smash
Chain Attack, Start!
A Chain Attack is initiated
An enemy is Overkilled in a Chain Attack
Elemental Burst! An element orb is burst in a Chain Attack
Lucky Break!
Follow-up chance!
An enemy is Launched by a party member
Full Burst! A Full Burst is initiated
Chain Attack, Finish!
A Chain Attack ends without Overkill
Enemy down! A Chain Attack ends with Overkill
Driver Combo, complete! An enemy is Smashed by a party member
Blade Combo, third stage! Awesome. A 3rd-stage Blade Combo is inflicted on an enemy
Chain Attack ready! The Party Gauge is filled to maximum
Great chain! Unknown
Superb chain! Unknown
Fantastic chain! Unknown
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  • There is little indication that the battle narrator exists in-universe; the voice is never attributed with a body, and seldom acknowledged by characters. A rare exception is a banter event in Torna ~ The Golden Country, in which Haze and Lora quote one of his lines and Minoth mentions that the quote is familiar.
  • The order in which the narrator announces Fusion Combos depends upon the Driver Combo stage. The reason for this is unknown; it may have been to avoid "Break Wind", a euphemism for farting in English.
  • The English battle narrator voice, Stanley Townsend, also voices Triton in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.