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Bana (XC2)

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This article is about the character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For the NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected, see Bana (XC1).
Bana XC2.png
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Japanese VA Akio Otsuka
English VA Stephen Critchlow
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Bana (バーン) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the greedy chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Bana is a large teal Nopon, wearing a red apron adorning the Argetum symbol and backpack with a monocle and several pieces of gold jewelry.

Bana is all about the money. He revels in his riches and is always looking for more, with nothing off the table if it means more gold, going far as conspiring with Torna and even kill to get it.

Story arc[edit]

Bana, Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild, hears of a skilled salvager called Rex. He calls for Rex and offers him a job for a total of 200,000 G, which is quickly accepted. The job goes well at first, but Rex gets away with the Aegis, instead of Malos and Jin bringing it back with "sad" tales of a dead crew. This infuriates Bana, since he was partly planning to get rich from the insurance on everything. Being told Rex and the others escaped southward towards Gormott, he rings up Consul Dughall to head them off, but not before Bana reprimands him for mentioning Core Crystals on an unsecured line, citing the possibility of Indol tapping their communications.

Bana is later seen with Muimui in the Old Factory overseeing the production of Blade bots, which they plan to sell to Torna behind Ardainian senator Roderich's back (Roderich had been helping them acquire materials). Bana's plan includes holding out on Roderich until war breaks out between Uraya and Mor Ardain, so that he pays them more money out of desperation.

After the party defeats Muimui's Tirkin bodyguards, Tatazo reveals to the party that Bana was responsible for the apparent death of Professor Soosoo. Bana then reveals himself to the party, chatising Muimui for luring the party to the factory, but failing to capture them. Bana is delighted that not only that the party brought Poppi to him, but the Aegis Mythra herself, intending to sell both the artifical Blades and Mythra, angering Rex. Nia then correctly guesses that he plans to sell the Blades and Ether Furnaces to Torna before having Lila attack the party, but she manages to break free from Bana's control, prompting him and Muimui to activate Rosa, a colossal version of Lila.

When the party reaches Artificial Blade Adjustment, Bana and Muiui unveils Rosa to the party before attacking them with her. The party had a difficult time, damaging her until Tora and Poppi arrived to unveil her QT mode to the party, shocking the villainous Nopon. With Tora and Poppi's help, the party manages to defeat Rosa, prompting Bana to flee to Bulge Harbor. Cornered, Bana is forced to cease the production of the artificial Blades after Rex threatens him to turn him over to the Ardainian army. Patroka and Mikhail then ambush the party. In the ensuring battle, Bana makes his escape. After the incident, Bana is stripped of his title as Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild, a position filled in as Acting Chairman Niranira.

Bana then plots an assassination attempt on the Urayan and Ardainian leaders Queen Raqura and Emperor Niall at the summit being held in the Ardainian Battleship docked in Indol to make it look like Mor Ardain was responsible to start a war and get back in power in the guild. Acting Chairman Niranira somehow got wind of the plot and warns Mòrag and Brighid of the assassination plot who in turn request the party's assistance to deal with it.

Bana, piloting Giga Rosa hid in a suspiciously large crate until after the party mistakenly defeated a group of Tirkin chefs. Bana then makes his move to assassinate Raqura, and then Niall (who arrived on the scene later) only to be intercepted by the party, prompting Bana to kill everyone present to remove any witnesses, starting with the party before attacking them with Giga Rosa, but is defeated once again. After being defeated, as Mòrag was about to arrest the greedy Nopon, Bana decides to detonate Giga Rosa, in a last ditch effort to kill everyone, but Niall sacrificed himself to save everyone from the explosion.

After his defeat, Niranira completely takes over as Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild and continues to investigate Bana. Bana is last seen running on the Argentum Trade Guild's wheel as punishment for his crimes.


  • Bana's father is Don Dondon.
  • He is very devoted to his parents and finances Don Dondon's Lindwurm organization with Argentum's money.
  • All the letters that he believes he received from his mother were actually written by Zadazan.
  • Bana's Salvager Rank is Rank D, the second lowest rank.
  • He grows very attached to his running on the running wheel, to the point that threatening to dismantle the wheel is one of the ways to interrogate him during Bana's Secret Treasure.
  • According to the letters he received, his mother calls him by the nickname "Banana".

As an NPC[edit]

Bana (XC2) (NPC).png
Location Argentum (Chairman's Room)
Argentum (running wheel room near Goldmouth Flight Deck)
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Time Anytime

At first, Bana can be found in the Chairman's Room in Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild, though he disappears once Chapter 4 begins. After his assassination attempt on Emperor Niall and Queen Raqura at the summit, he can be found running on a running wheel in a room near the entrance of Goldmouth Flight Deck.



Chapter 1[edit]

After Rex accepts the job offered by Bana
Details of job are just as Bana explained.
We ask you to haul in the goods at newly discovered location of Cloud Sea.
What goods are we talking about here?
The goods are the goods! Bana pay you well for this. Kindly keep nose out of business that not concern you!
After Rex tells Gramps about the job he accepted
Bana expect good things from you, Rex.
Just follow instructions from Pupunin and business should be over without pickle, no?
We pay you rest of money when you back from job. Now get going!
After Rex boards the C.S.E.V. Maelstrom
Maelstrom is crane ship that boasts latest technology of Argentum.
Sending Maelstrom out demonstrate just how important mission is.
So Bana expect you to work at maximum efficiency!
After the party defeats the Lethal Lysaat King
Meh? What you doing here?! Bana thought you conducting investigation of ancient vessel!
Hop hop, on the double! Have job to be doing, yes? So go do job!

Chapter 2[edit]

Rex in the lead
Well, well, well! Me pleased to see you have returned. Unharmed, no less!
Me thought you sunk along with ancient vessel, but this very pleasant surprise!
Rex, you have earned Bana's favor. Would be most propitious to have you continue line of work!
Anybody but Rex in the lead
Oh, busy busy Bana... Bana's plans gone a little bit awry... Back to Bana's drawing board!

Chapter 3[edit]

Mehhhh... UN...BE...LIEVABLE! How come everyone around here so incompetent?!
Bana should have known can only trust self to get job done! Everyone else just worthless trash!
What you looking at?! I busy cleaning up after incompetent fools!
Get out of Bana's sight!

Chapter 7[edit]

*pant pant pant* Huff...huff...
How dare you reduce mighty leader of trade guild to hard labor!
You continue to treat me like this and Bana assure you, someone not going to sit idly by...
*pant pant pant* Huff...huff...

Bana's Revenge completed[edit]

Now to generate...power for Argentum...?!
Mehhhh! Best Dadapon ever!!! Mamapon...please come home! *huff* *pant*

As an enemy[edit]


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Bana
Japan flag.svg Japanese バーン Baan, Barn, Burn
France flag.svg French Bana
Germany flag.svg German Bana
Spain flag.svg Spanish Bana
Italy flag.svg Italian Bana
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 巴恩
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 巴恩
South Korea flag.svg Korean