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Aunt Corinne's House

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Aunt Corinne's House
XC2 field icon Inn.png
Shop type Inn
Location Leftheria (Corinne's House)
Short rest cost 0 G
Dev. Level 1 discount 10%
Dev. Level 2 discount 20%
Dev. Level 3 discount 30%
Dev. Level 4 discount 40%
Dev. Level 5 discount 50%
This article is about the inn. For the landmark, see Corinne's House.

Aunt Corinne's House can be used as an inn in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While Corinne officially charges 0 G for its use, Rex presumably refuses to accept this, so the player is charged 1 G instead. Due to rounding, this value is charged at all Leftheria development levels despite the discount.


A list of Heart-to-Hearts which depend on resting at Aunt Corinne's House to be viewed or featuring optional dialogue upon doing so.

Heart-to-Heart Resting is mandatory
By the Graveside Yes
Five Centuries of Memory No
Forward-Looking Woman Yes
Indomitable Will Yes
Patroka's Predilections No
Rough Diamond Yes

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Aunt Corinne's House
Japan flag.svg Japanese コルレルおばさんの家
France flag.svg French Maison de Corinne
Germany flag.svg German Corinnes Haus
Spain flag.svg Spanish Casa de la tía Corinne
Italy flag.svg Italian Casa di zia Corinne
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 柯蕾尔阿姨的家
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 柯蕾兒阿姨的家
South Korea flag.svg Korean 코르렐 아주머니 댁