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Ancient Ship

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Ancient Ship
XC2 Area Icon Ancient Ship.png
Weather Storm
Music The Ancient Vessel

Ancient Ship is the mysterious ship that the C.S.E.V. Maelstrom recovers. It contains technology that shocks the salvagers investigating it.

All fights on this ship (except for the first one against the Lethal Lysaat King, which plays Battle!!) use the Exploration battle track.

Additionally, due to the heavy thunderstorm, the sky is as dark as night in this area, even during the daytime.


As a large formerly underwater ship, the Ancient Ship has one main entrance on its deck. Aside from the ship helm at the top and the engine at the bottom, much of the space in the ship is used to hold cargo. There's a lot of treasure throughout the ship and a large amount of sea creatures have inhabited the area ever since it sunk five hundred years ago and are none too happy about intruders from above the sea.

At the very bottom, past an ether-powered gate, is a Sealed Room containing the target that Malos and Jin are searching for.


List of NPCs in the Ancient Ship. Due to it being a temporary area, all NPCs are temporary.




Normal Enemies[edit]


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Ancient Ship
Japan flag.svg Japanese 古代船 Ancient Ship
France flag.svg French Vaisseau ancien Ancient ship
Germany flag.svg German Uraltes Schiff
Spain flag.svg Spanish Barco ancestral Ancestral ship
Italy flag.svg Italian Nave antica
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 古代船 Ancient Ship
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 古代船 Ancient Ship
South Korea flag.svg Korean 고대선