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Praetor Amalthus in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Species Indoline
Gender Male
Age 500+
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Junichi Suwabe
unknown (Child)
English VA Corey Johnson
Becca Stewart (Child)[1]
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Amalthus (マルベーニ) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is a Quaestor, and later the Praetor, of the Indoline Praetorium.

Appearance and personality[edit]

As Quaestor, Amalthus is a man with white hair and gold eyes. He wears a white cap, purple and white long sleeved shirt, black pants, and black and white boots. As Praetor, Amalthus grew sideburns and a beard, and now wears a large crown and a white collared robe with gold decorations, with wedge-shaped ornaments hanging on the collar.

Amalthus is a friendly man, regretful of awakening Malos and unintentionally unleashing him on Alrest. He is also somewhat melancholy, believing that mankind is taking a step back due to war. Amalthus is also an excellent diplomat, as he was able to order a ceasefire between Mor Ardain and Uraya as the two nations were about to go to war.

Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Amalthus is first seen in a flashback during Pyra's narration of her and Malos's origins as Aegises. He is seen climbing the World Tree in hope of finding Elysium and meeting the Architect. But when he arrived he found it empty, and as proof that he reached Elysium, he brought back two Core Crystals: those of Malos and Mythra. When he returned to Alrest, he awakened Malos, who used his destructive power to lay waste to Alrest without restraint.

Amalthus is later seen praying to an icon of the World Tree in Indol.

In another flashback, Amalthus observes a mural that depicts the creation of Alrest. He then returns to his room to consider his plans, and then climbs the World Tree, as depicted in Pyra's narration. As he explores the caves, he comes across a gate that leads to Elysium. The flashback continues with Amalthus running back with Mythra and Malos's Core Crystals in his satchel. As he makes his way down, he slips and falls, but his fall is caught by a branch. When he returns to Indol he awakens Malos, but the flashback is interrupted by one of the Indoline Monks who notifies him of Rex's arrival.

Amalthus greets Rex as he and his party arrive at the throne room. Amalthus introduces himself, saying that he and Rex are both Aegis drivers and that he considers themselves to be equals. Amalthus then notices Pyra, remarking that she's different. When Rex shows Amalthus Minoth's Gunknife, his warrior monks raise their weapons to defend him, only for the Praetor to signal them to stand down. As Amalthus examines his former Blade's weapon, Rex tells him that he's looking for a way to Elysium, saying that Cole mentioned that Amalthus would know a way. As Amalthus responds, an image of Malos briefly overlaps with Amalthus and it momentarily sounds as though both Amalthus and Malos are speaking together. Amalthus tells the party the reason why he climbed the World Tree, that he found neither Elysium or the Architect, and that he believes himself to have been unworthy. The mirage of Malos fades as Amalthus agrees to help Rex, mentioning that it may be his fate to do so, before asking for Pyra to meet with him alone.

After word is received that one of the excavated Titan weapons excavated in Temperantia (a demilitarized zone between Mor Ardain and Uraya) fired upon the Urayan forces stationed there, Amalthus summons the party to relay the news. Mòrag is angered on the turn of events, saying that her people would never go to war against Niall's will and prompting her to investigate the cause. Amalthus requests the rest of the party to assist Mòrag in her investigation; his Blade, Fan La Norne, volunteers to join.

Although the party is able to stop the Titan weapon in Temperantia (resulting in the death of Fan), the Ardainian and Urayan forces advance regardless, to Mòrag's fury. Before they clash, Amalthus intervenes by flying Indol between the warring nations to prevent further escalation.

Amalthus summons the heads of both nations, Emperor Niall Ardanach of Mor Ardain and Queen Raqura of Uraya, in a Ruler's Congress to discuss the apparent breach of the peace treaty between Mor Ardain and Uraya. Amalthus thanks both heads for agreeing to a ceasefire, but Raqura questions Indol's intervention, citing the Osirian Treaty (signed 350 years prior) stating that the Indoline Praetorium must refrain from intervening in times of war. She supposes that he must have a suitable justification. Amalthus then introduces Niranira and Zeke to take part in the negotiations. Niall states that investigations are ongoing as to the cause of the incidents, which Raqura disbelieves; Amalthus defends Niall's innocence in the matter, noting that there are witnesses to the event, and explains that Torna are at fault. Mythra is summoned, and she reveals that the wounds inflicted on Malos during the Aegis War didn't fully heal. She further believes that Malos's end goal is to reach Elysium to heal until his powers return, and then destroy humanity. Amalthus then laments his role in unleashing Malos, revealing to the Congress that he is in fact his Driver. He cites that his reason to forbid passage to the World Tree had been due to the Aegis War, but noting that the laws of humanity don't apply to Malos, he believes the time has come to lift the ban on travel to the World Tree.

After the meeting, Amalthus thanks Mythra for participating in the Ruler's Congress. Mythra retorts that he didn't earn her trust, but notes that since Rex is going to Elysium, he and Malos might cross paths again. Amalthus is surprised that Mythra is devoted to Rex; Mythra says it's for both of their sakes. In turn, she asks him what he's living for; Amalthus does not answer. He is later seen conducting Fan's funeral outside the Audience Chamber.

Amalthus is later seen cleansing the Core Crystals which the party witnesses. He claims that it increases the resonance success rate with potential Drivers. He further claims that this power was awakened in him when he became Malos's Driver. Rex wonders if he is able to do the same due to being Pyra and Mythra's Driver. Amalthus then shows the party a map of Alrest, pointing out the Great Void which is carved out by Ophion guarding the World Tree. He explains that the only thing that can rescind Ophion's order is the Omega Fetter which can be found in Tantal; he makes Rex a special envoy to Tantal for this reason. Amalthus then warns the party that Torna might seek the Omega Fetter for themselves, and requests the party to inform him about what they find in Elysium.

Amalthus briefly reminisces of him witnessing Malos's awakening. Amalthus learns from Hector that the Aegis has fallen in the hands of Torna, prompting him to start an unknown ceremony.

Amalthus is seen in a flashback where he saves Zeke and Pandoria's lives, surgically infusing a portion of her Core Crystal into Zeke.

When the party and Jin reaches the Tornan titan's matrix in the Land of Morytha, he reveals to the party that Amalthus was responsible for destroying the last remnants of Torna and Lora's death. Jin also reveals Amalthus's true nature and goals of acquiring the Aegis to use it to destroy everything.

When the party reaches the Sky Bridge at the World Tree, Rex wonders why Amalthus hates everything before coming to the conclusion that he wants to destroy the whole world. Meanwhile, while Indol is on its way to World Tree by hiding in the Cloud Sea, Amalthus reminisces of his mother's death as a child in a flashback, after seeing her mother's corpse, he kills her murderers in their sleep with a rock. One of his warrior monks notifies him that they're about to exit the Cloud Sea soon and begin their attack on the Marsanes.

While Indol is battling Torna, Amalthus reminisces of him witnesses Malos's destructive power against a fleet of ships, amazing him. Back in Indol, Malos decides to leave him, much to his shock, claiming that he has full control of his powers. After his departure, Amalthus wonders if someone can control the other Core Crystal and send them after Malos. Back in the present, Amalthus grins malevolently while watching the party's progression on a holographic screen.

As the party ascends the World Tree, they were intercepted by a group of Indoline monks sent by Amalthus, to pass an order to Rex to use Mythra to destroy the Marsanes which he refuses. The monks then retaliated, only for them to be swiftly defeated by the party. Amalthus then makes his move by taking control of the party's Blades as well as Nia, he then projects a hologram of himself to the party, revealing that he absorbed half of Haze's Core Crystal. Amalthus then forces Mythra to command Siren to attack the Marsanes, but Siren misses due to Mythra resisting Amalthus's control. Amalthus then proclaims himself the Master Driver, revealing through Haze's Core Crystal, he has gained control of every Blades, even the Titans. Rex then accuses him of causing the Aegis War, before Amalthus attacks the Marsanes again with Siren, but misses again due to Mythra resisting him before Rex is able to finally break Amalthus's grip on Mythra with his power.

Meanwhile, some Blade Bots manages to destroy one of Indol's amplification towers, weakening Amalthus's power a little bit. In desperation, Amalthus summons Mor Ardain, and then Uraya to attack the World Tree.

In a flashback, Amalthus is seen at a refugee camp, spreading Indol's teachings. He is later helping an injured man, only to find the same man robbing a family's house after murdering its inhabitants. Just as the man was about to stab their baby, Amalthus kills the man and took the baby. He then asks the Architect if this the world as he intended.

In the present, after Mikhail transforms the Marsanes into a battle ready mech, Amalthus is amazed how some of old Torna's technology still works before being hailed by Mikhail. Amalthus then tries to take control of Mikhail but fails due to him to being a Blade Eater. Shocked, knowing that the Blade Eater technology doesn't exist outside Indol until he realizes that he's one of the Tornan refugees he thought he disposed of. Mikhail then continues his assault on Indol (showing anger that Amalthus didn't even bother evacuating the people) until Genbu, (also summoned by Amalthus) ambushes him.

Genbu's arrival stuns the party, realizing the possibility that Amalthus might destroy Alrest before Malos does, Rex and Pneuma with Poppi's assistance destroys the remaining amplification towers, freeing the Titans from Amalthus's grip. In fury Amalthus fires on the party with Indol, only to be saved by Mikhail. After Mikhail sends the party off to confront Jin and Malos one last time, he turns his attention to stopping Amalthus, grabbing Indol and slamming it against the World Tree. Enraged, Amalthus attempts to retaliate only for Mikhail to sacrifice himself to sink Indol, with Amalthus apparently going down with it.

In flashback involving him and Zeke, they discuss about killing and it makes people weak, a trait Amalthus claim before declaring his hatred of the world.

Amalthus unfortunately survived the explosion. With the cores he cleansed, he mutates into a horrible monstrosity with six tentacles on his back. He then catches up to the party at Lv. 4, Megrez by killing Patroka with one of his tentacles and absorbs her Core Crystal. He then claims to be an agent of the Architect's will; Dromarch and Pandoria rebuke his claims. Pneuma realizes that Amalthus's worldview is what caused Malos to be the same way. Akhos tries to attack Amalthus in revenge despite Jin's protests, only to be grabbed by Amalthus, who chastises him for being a mere Blade whose very existence depends on how long the Driver lives. Rex and the rest of the party try to save Akhos but to no avail, with Zeke telling Amalthus that they are all friends with the Blades. Amalthus is angered by the concept and tears out Akhos's Core Crystal, killing him before engaging the party.

Despite his immense power, he is defeated. Refusing to accept defeat, Amalthus fuses with the World Tree to destroy it from within, before he tries to absorb Jin's Core Crystal as well, only for his attack to be blocked by Rex and Pneuma, who then transforms back into Mythra and explains that if he got ahold of Jin's core, Amalthus would be unstoppable. Jin, having a change of heart, tells Rex to stop Malos and tell him the answer he found, as he believes Malos is still searching for his own identity. Jin then confronts Amalthus. Jin uses the last of his power to impale Amalthus with several icicles, killing him. As he is dying, he is greeted by a vision of his mother.

In a flashback between Amalthus and Zeke, he recalls how his rescue of Zeke and Pandoria is similar to his mother's death.

The Architect reveals to the party that he did not intervene in Amalthus's theft of Logos and Pneuma's Cores, believing it to be fate. He also reveals Malos is motivated by Amalthus's despair.

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

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Future Redeemed[edit]

Amalthus is seen in a flashback in Future Redeemed during Shulk and Rex's narration on the origin of the world.

True nature
Amalthus's true nature

Amalthus is a cruel, power-hungry, and hateful man. Motivated by his mother's death and witnessing the worst of humanity first-hand, he hates the entire world, humanity, and even Blades and desires to destroy it all. He has no qualms about experimenting upon and even killing innocent people, as seen when he experimented on several Tornan refugees after the Kingdom of Torna's fall, as well as his invasion of Spessia. He also has a god complex, believing himself to be the agent of the Architect's will just as he believes Malos to be the mouthpiece. Amalthus has also shown a degree of sadism, as seen after he assassinated Baltrich (indirectly), and Rhadallis, as well as trying to force Mythra to destroy Torna with Siren. Amalthus is so cruel that he didn't even bother evacuating the people living on Indol during the fighting at the World Tree.

Amalthus views Blades (besides the Aegises) as "mere tools" and treats them accordingly. He holds a deep reverence for the Architect, which results in his opposition of Torna despite their shared goal of destroying Alrest.

Because of his machinations that resulted in the Aegis War, the coup d’état against Rhadallis, his role in the destruction of Tornan people, Lora's death, Jin and Torna's dangerous mission to destroy the world, and his attempt to use the Aegis to destroy everything, Amalthus is the central antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Amalthus's monstrous form

After Indol sinks, Amalthus absorbs the Core Crystals that he cleansed and mutated into a large armored monstrosity with six tentacles on his back in addition to his eyes turning red.


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As an NPC[edit]

Praetor Amalthus
Location Indol
Species Indoline
Gender Male
Time Anytime
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As a boss

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Amalthus appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit.


  • Amalthus shares similarities to other characters within the Xeno series; see Thematic parallels for details.
  • In Japanese, Amalthus is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who also voices Umon.
  • In English, young Amalthus is voiced by Becca Stewart, who also voices Pandoria.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Praetor Amalthus
Japan flag.svg Japanese マルベーニ
France flag.svg French Préteur Amalthus
Germany flag.svg German Praetor Amalthus
Spain flag.svg Spanish Pretor Amalthus Praetor Amalthus
Italy flag.svg Italian Pretore Amalthus
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 麦佩尼
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 馬爾貝尼
South Korea flag.svg Korean 마르베니




Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]