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Gender Male
Japanese VA Shizuma Hodoshima
English VA Blake Ritson
Appearances Future Redeemed

Alpha is the primary antagonist of Future Redeemed. He is an instantiation of Ontos.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Alpha looks similar to his Homs form, albeit with pale skin, his hair is slightly longer, his shirt is now a gold hue, and has Zanza-like wings sprouting from his back. He wields the standard Monado, and is often seen behind an orange rift. After A separates from him, Alpha only has the right half of his wings. When confronted for the final time after being defeated in his Homs form, Alpha transforms into a colossal angelic being with red Monado ring-like decorations on his back. In this form, Alpha wields an enlarged Monado and his voice becomes demonic.

Without Logos or Pneuma, Alpha is a machine. Similar to Zanza, he has a nihilistic view on old life from Bionis and Alrest and desires to wipe them out, believing that life born from the City are the future. Alpha is also manipulative; preying on Na'el's weakness and emotions, allowing her to be possessed by him. Alpha's core philosophy is "Let us away, towards a new world. Out with the old, and in once more with the new".

Story arc[edit]

Ten years prior to the events of the story, Alpha took control of Origin from Moebius with the intent of gathering the people of the City, using Origin as an Ark to find a new world and destroy the "old humanity". He is first seen confronting Shulk, Rex, and Z, (the former addresses him as Alvis) in the prologue before he unleashes a powerful attack.

A decade later, Na'el finds Ontos's core on the Corne Island, located in Erythia Sea, and she becomes possessed by Alpha, due to her Agnian ancestry. Now, in Na'el conscience, Alpha starts taking citizens from the City while it is being destroyed by N. In the process, when N attacked Alpha, a fragment of him was released; that fragment contained Alvis' conscience and memories, named A was born. Later the Alpha possessed Na'el and some Fogbeasts kills a group of City refugees while fleeing from a group of Kevesi soldiers. It is revealed that that Alvis was originally created by Klaus to shoulder humanity's regret as he was born on Bionis. But with Logos and Pneuma gone, he became a soulless machine, taking on the moniker, "Alpha".

The Alpha possessed Na'el later attacks the party at Raguel Lake, only for N to interrupt their battle with the intent of killing Alpha, and by extension, killing Na'el. Matthew then tries to attack N one-on-one but is defeated, injuring Matthew and Na'el and damaging the core on her chest. Either acting or genuinely attempting to break free from Alpha's control, Na'el weakly calls out to Matthew for help. Just as N was about to kill the possessed Na'el, Matthew protects her and attempts to kill N, only for A to stop him, revealing that N is Matthew's great-grandfather before Alpha teleported away. He then uses Prison Island's defense mechanism, to unveil Origin. Shulk reveals Alpha's plan is to ship off the humans from the City, with Origin as an Ark to search for a new world after he destroys the current one.

Alpha then seemingly vaporizes N after his defeat at the Prison Terrace by the party before he summons the party within Origin, but not before showing them a vision of Klaus's world in the past. The illusion dissipates when he abducts Na'el. When the party came too, they come face-to-face with Alpha. Alpha claims he safeguards the world by removing the "timeworn", chastising A for siding with the "old humans", with A telling him that A is his conscience. Alpha brushes off A's words, saying that A has no place in the Trinity Processor. Rex then rebukes that Klaus entrusted them the future, to atone for his sins, with Alpha rebuking that Klaus's conscience had led him to tear the world in two in the first place. He then exclaims that all "old" life is meaningless, but Matthew retorts that he is meaningless and obsolete and that life is on their side, the final battle between the party and Alpha then begins.

Alpha then tries to possess Matthew, urging him to leave behind the old humans, but he refuses. N then saves Matthew from Alpha, freeing Na'el from his grasp. When N and the party team up, Alpha laments that Matthew could've "celebrate the day of departure together" before declaring his intent of erasing all old humans, disappearing into the rift before transforming Origin into a floating platform above a planet. Alpha then takes the form a colossal angelic being before reengaging the party, despite this, he is defeated. N then transfers a portion of his sword's power to Matthew's gauntlet to allow the party to Interlink and deliver the finishing blow to Alpha. After his defeat, Alpha asks Matthew if had now regret for the uncertain future he carves out. Matthews answers that he wants to move forward. Matthew then said farewell to Alpha as he fades away with a smile. After his death, A, Shulk, and Rex depart Aionios.


  • Alpha has the ability to possess people similar to Zanza and Meyneth. Unlike those two, Alpha can seemingly exist without a physical body for any period of time.

As a boss[edit]

Alpha is fought twice, first while possessing Na'el and as the final boss of Future Redeemed.


  • Alpha's ability to possess and overwrite people's personalities is similar to Miang's ability to possess people in Xenogears.
  • Alpha's final form resembles Deus' and Zarathustra's final forms from Xenogears and Xenosaga Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra respectively. The white humanoid mask that serves as Alpha's "head" in this form also resembles Deus' face from its first form.
  • Alpha's nature is similar to U-DO from the Xenosaga trilogy.
    • Both Alpha and U-DO are malevolent god-like entities connected to a gold monolith, the Conduit for Alpha and the Zohar for U-DO.
  • Alpha's right wing and A's left wing may be a reference to the angel statues in the Nisan Cathedral in Xenogears.

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