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Albedo Piazzolla

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Albedo Piazzolla
Albedo XS1.jpg
Albedo in Episode I
Species U.R.T.V.
Gender Male
Age 26
27 (Episode III)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga: The Animation

Albedo Piazzolla (アルベド・ピアソラ) is a major antagonist of the Xenosaga series.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

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Episode I


BORN: T.C. 4741
AGE: 26 years old

Albedo Piasora

In Psychology and Alchemy (1944), C.G. Jung refers to albedo, or "whitening", as one stage in the process of human individuation as symbolized in alchemic terms.

A nickname for U.R.T.V. Unit #667, in reference to his milky-white hair.

Episode III

Albedo Piazzolla

Named after the alchemical process of whitening as put forth in C.G. Jungs's "Psychology and Alchemy." URTV unit number 667, is a variant with milky white hair.

A bring with recuperative abilities that surpass even nanomachines in rebuilding speed, he is practically immortal.

Like Jr., he is a survivor of the URTV (U-DO Retro Virus) force that was artificially created to opose U-DO. He developed a mental instability as a result of U-DO waveform contamination during the Miltian Conflict and destroyed the URTV force to which he belonged.

Born as conjoined twins with Jr., the two strongly felt like they were a part of each other's body even after they were separated.

His U-DO contamination was the result of the collapse of that psychic bond, caused when Jr. (Rubedo) shut his mind out in fear of U-DO going out of control. Albedo consequently felt that he had been betrayed and abandoned his other half--his own brother. His obsessive manner when dealing with Jr. was a result of the psychological shockhe had received at that time.

His half-mad personality was the result of U-DO contamination, but even before that incident he was unable to understand the fear of injury or death experienced by others due to his immortal condition. Perhaps as a reaction to this, he developed an acute fear of rejection and solitude, and was pathologically obsessed with forming relationships with others.

After the Miltian Conflict, he was found lying onconscious under the central shaft of the Song of Nephilim by Sellers, who had attempted to escape from Miltia by forcing the Song to surface.

At this time, Albedo was half-dead, presumably as a result of being hit by waveforms which had been released by Nigredo, the URTVs' failsafe and acting executioner.

Once he finally recovered from the attack of his would-be executioner, Albedo turned to the U-TIC Organization and Ormus. He joined forces with Margulis and Sellers to obtain the Y-data which Joachim Mizrahi had left, although Albedo's true objective was a complete link with U-DO (which is the only possible way of granting his desire for oblivion.) Together with Margulis, he doggedly pursued MOMO, Mizrahi's final creation, in rder to revive the Zohar that slept on Miltia.

His unnatural fixation on MOMO was the result not only of is desire to seize the Y-Data, but also of the relationship shared between Jr. and the girl on whom MOMO had been modeled, Sakura Mizrahi.

Sakura and Jr.'s friendly behavior caused Albedo t feel lonely and excluded, eventually leading him to enviously wonder how he might interact with others in the same fashion. However, being unable to understand others' pain, and consequently unable to touch their hearts, he could only express his emotions in a twisted manner.

His seemingly cruel behavior towards not only MOMO, but the Kirschwassers as well, was another warped reflection of his envious feelings towards such unity and emotional communication.

Having obtained the Y-Data, revived Miltia, and finally linked again with U-DO, Albedo was assimilated into U-DO, becoming onewith its waveforms and awaited oblivion at the hands of Jr.'s anti-waveforms.

While Albedo's true desire was unity with Jr., his choice of death was the only means of escaping from the impossibility of that reality--motivated by the thought that, if unity is impossible, oblivion is the next best thing.

He achieved oblivion at Jr.'s hands by accepting U-DO's characteristics into a part of himself--in his mind, this must have been the best way to get close to Jr. His choice to rely on Jr., even though he could have used his URTV ability to cause a mutual annihilation effect with U-DO on his own, is further proof of this notion.

While oblivion did grant a portion of his wish, it was also undeniably an effort to escape the reality he faced.

Wilhelm negotiated with Albedo, proposing to unify him with Jr. Albedo recognized his true desire and was reborn as a Testament. Albedo initially attempted to fill his role as a Testament, but instead chose to perish with Dmitri, who had merged with U-DO through Omega.

He attempted to use the power of the Testament to perish with Dmitri, in order to protect Jr.; however , Gaignun took his place at the last minute, effectively fulfilling Albedo's true desire--achieving a true psychic union with Jr.

Testament [White]

A white-cloaked follower of Wilhelm.
He was made a Testament by Wilhelm after the space-time anomaly in Miltian space.

The details surrounding this are unknown.

Albedo Piazzolla's Testament form. See Albedo Piazzolla.




Albedo Piazzolla

Born in T.C. 4741. 26 years old. He is U.R.T.V. #667. During the Miltian Conflict 14 years ago, Jr. cancelled the psychic bond because he shut his heart in fear U-DO might get out of control. Albedo, his very dark side, then tried to leave Jr. behind. He is an immortal man, able to heal his wounds with Nanomachines in impossible speeds. He is trying to enter MOMO's deep consciousness (Reverse psychic link) and obtain the "key" to Miltia. The dawn he obtains this "key", he plans to awaken U-DO to create a complete link between it and himself.