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Alba Cavanich

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Alba Cavanich
Alba Cavanich Far View.jpg
Location Empire of Mor Ardain
Connects to Hardhaigh Palace
Lower Level
Upper Level
Music Alba Cavanich
Alba Cavanich/Night

Alba Cavanich is a town in Mor Ardain in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the capital of the Empire of Mor Ardain.


The city of Alba Cavanich is the capital of the Empire. As such, it sits at the foot of Hardhaigh Palace, on the left shoulder of the Ardainian Titan. It is considered to be the most technologically advanced city in Alrest, mainly built from salvaged goods and processed ores and minerals. It is densely populated, to the point of houses having been built on its outer wall.

The city mostly consists of three main districts, a bridge and a gate, leading to both the Upper Level and the Lower Level of the Titan, and a plaza that borders the imperial residence.

The Midorl Bridge is the main way to get into the capital from the upper level of the Titan. Due to the threats the monsters found around the area can pose, it is heavily guarded by Titan Weapons, such as Archelon, and Ardainian soldiers at all times. The Kedeigh Gate serves as the main entrance into the capital from the bridge, with lifts coming from the Cargo Transportation Zone ending up there too.

The Ayvill Shopping District could be considered the "main street" of the city, located at its center and lined with shops with either housings in their back or on their upper floors. A small plaza can be found right next to Kedeigh Gate, with a restaurant and a small library in the middle. The street ultimately leads to Nharil Central Plaza.

The Beraf Industry Ward is contiguous to the Ayvill Shopping District, with an alley connecting both, is the industrial heart of the city. Therefore, the Smùide Plant exploits the geothermal energy coming from the mountain it is leaning against, Smùide Mountain, to produce energy for the capital's needs. An inn can be found next to the plant, Jakolo's Inn, with the Smùide Hot Spring right behind being heated directly by the mountain's geothermal activity where many Ardainians go to relax. A few houses can be found on the shopping district's side. The industry ward, much like the shopping district, ends at Nharil Central Plaza.

The Admar Storage Zone functions much the same as the Ayvill Shopping District, with warehouses on its buildings' lowest floors and housings on its upper floors. An outdoor storage area can be found near Kedeigh Gate, separated from it by a gate of its own that rarely opens. Moreover, near the end of this storage area is where Cargo Tranportation Zone's the industrial lift ends up. Much like the other two districts, the storage zone ends at the central plaza.

The Admar wall, while not a proper district, is located against the outer wall of the capital, next to the Admar Storage Zone. It houses many Gormotti due to property being cheap next to all the warehouses and the danger of falling, along with Gormotti generally liking to stick together. At the tail end of the wall, an hideout can be found underneath the storage zone.

The Nharil Central Plaza is, as its name clues in, the central plaza of the city, where all three of its districts lead and the only way to enter Hardhaigh Palace from the city. The plaza sports a gigantic street lamp at its center, with benches around it. Along one of the buildings bordering the plaza is a notice board where requests are posted. During the day, many children can be found playing in the plaza while many tourists can found in awe of the city's illumination at night.

In the outer part of the city, on a rocky spire rooted in the Titan's lower level, is Bathein Watchtower which is only accessible by crossing the Hardhaigh Palace's second wing area, Grian. The watchtower is named after a famous Ardainian army sniper and guards the capital's west flank.


List of NPCs in Alba Cavanich. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression. Missable means that this particular NPC can be missed or move to another location depending on choices during quests.








  1. New Game Plus exclusive.


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  • Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland. As nations in the English version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have their own accents, this is in accordance with Ardainians having a Scottish accent.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Alba Cavanich
Japan flag.svg Japanese 帝都アルバ・マーゲン Imperial Capital Alba Magen
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 帝都阿尔巴马格
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 帝都阿魯巴馬格
South Korea flag.svg Korean 제도 알바 마겐